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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another really stupid argument by an "influential" feminists, we "men" are going extinct?

Now keep in mind her argument will not be proven for another 5 million years, this is how good they are now, they can see into the future...all is settle, feminism will win....lmao.
Professor Graves, one of Australia’s most influential scientists, believes that women will win the battle of the sexes – and in the most definitive way possible.
She says that the inherent fragility of the male sex chromosome, the Y sex chromosome, means that men are sliding towards extinction. (influential scientist????really????cat lover with an inferiority complex more likely) Feminists are getting dumber by the minute.  
Dumb ass feminist professor (and I use that description loosely) described the genes on the Y chromosome as being mostly ‘junk’.
She said: ‘It’s a lovely example of what I call dumb design.
‘It’s an evolutionary accident.’
This has always been one of the really stupid argument of lowly feminists, that males are accidents...it's one of the most sub-intellectual arguments out there based on feminism's inferiority complex, hoping against all odds that men will simply go away by natural means...well I say, good luck with that...not gonna happen.
To this fool using this out of date feminist argument I suggest she opens a real book and look at her history, and the relevance of natural laws attached to it...
Just for the sake of argument, let's take wars, and there has been many, all of them degraded the number of men after each and every one, some of them pretty badly, yet after one or two generations, the numbers return to normal...after the second world for for instance, in Europe the number of men fell drastically, but returned to normal in a very short time, most birth for a while after where majority boys, that is natural laws, life itself balances out....So her argument is flawed..
It's men's chromosome that decides if life is male or female, and that is what they try so hard to by-pass, it really pisses them off...To us it doesn't matter, we do not use that argument to brag, men or women have more to worry about than ridiculous unscientific arguments...

If we were to use her type of bullshit, just for fun and sake of argument for a moment...
Take the bible, man is created first then God creates woman, (which makes these cat lovers faint every time someone uses this,,lol), God takes a bit of man and makes woman, since man has both chromosome to make boy or girl, the x one therefore comes from man, so that one is a genetic copy.....the double x is a clone of the male one....To look at life this way is to demean the natural place of women and we do not use it to lower their standings in our lives, so how come they always say the y one is a mistake of nature...jealousy, low self esteem, so on, that's why, fortunately most women and men do not think this way.

With 46 chromosomes, you more or less randomly inherited 23 of them from your mum and 23 of them from your Dad. This means that you have two copies of most of the chromosomes. But there's one pair of chromosomes, the X chromosome, where, if you're female, you have two 'X' chromosomes. However, if you're male you have one 'X' chromosome, and one 'Y'. That is, if your Dad gave you his 'X' chromosome, you're female, and if your Dad gave you his 'Y' chromosome, you're male.
This eats away at the feminists big time, it's dads chromosome that decides if you male or female...lol
Put that in your hats and live with it...you lowly cat lovers....

Here is one of my "scientific" research, after extensive investigation I deducted that feminist are actually decendants of a group, 250,000 years ago that stayed in the trees with their cats, while others decided to walk away....
This group was known as Hagasaurus Parasiticus Pet-a-cat-Asaurus...Known today as feminists...


TDOM said...

I have found a wonderful quote on feminism and science from a feminist scientist. It is especially apropos to this article because the source is a woman who proclaims herself to be a Darwinian feminist.

“The job of scientists is to find out how things work, to try to be evenhanded with the evidence, and to present their findings in a neutral way — not to embellish their results to make them more politically palatable. Feminism is not a science, so it is not held to these requirements.” – Griet Vandermassen (2008, p. 483) Center for Gender Studies, Ghent University, Belgium.

It seems that feminist scientists do not have to hold themselves to the rigors of scientific standards.

Anonymous said...

@ TDOM The standard's of a female scientist would be how they "feel" about the evidence.