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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Agenda Insight: Goodbye to Good Men. A change in attitude towards men?

I have been critical of the agenda, especially not to long ago when they "allowed" a statement by an old manless hag to say women spend their money on kids but men spend it on themselves...as if...men have never done this from the beginning of time, we have and always will take care of our families first, to make such a statement or to allow it points to the hate of man and plain dumb stupidity.
Feminists deal with life on one single issue...negativity...they find what is bad and go with only that small group to advance their personal power, inflated salaries and to try to ignore their inferiority complex of inadequacies....
It is nice to see, pro feminist programs such as the agenda with steve paikin have realize that going only one way, without offering the other side of the story gives you terrible negative ratings....and from now on, we will watch and get involved with those who see men as expendable garbage to be demonized because of the action of a few...
Feminists have realized they went to far, hence some of their sites trying hard to change their tunes and say  "feminists love men", of this I say, bullshit...sorry you old haggish cat lovers...we will not fall for it.

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