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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The young ladies say...I don't need feminism because...

That pretty well eliminate the normal female generation of today into the rank of old hags and their manginas who have an inferiority complex, a chip on their shoulder and lonely because the only thing they go home to is a cat..
Now let eradicate this infestation of our society that demonizes anything male at the expense of the traditional family, and rebuild what was once a great western society which all the world wanted to emulate...till now.

Failing grade as human beings....mounting abuse of children shows the real direction of those in power.

Mean Woman Steals Foul Ball Right Out of Little Girl's Hands (VIDEO)

Parents Don't Call Police After 10-Year-Old Daughter is Shot; Their Excuse is Totally Bizarre

Restaurant Calls Cops on Toddlers for Acting Like ... Toddlers

Teenager Who Shot Baby in Front of Mom Wants Sympathy for His Own Abusive Childhood

Boy, 3, among 13 injured in Chicago park shooting

A little girl confined to a windowless, dark basement room with just a small blanket.
She was denied the use of a toilet and rarely bathed or fed.

Ontario allowed decades of child abuse

And let's not forget the copabiancos and their lawyers, their friends and backers, jessica munday, anderson cooper, dr phil, the vengeful biological mother and all those who consider money more important than a child's love for her father and her emotional stability. Not exactly the best of humanity...

As human being, we exist for one reason only, and it is not for personal benefits, we live to care for the young first, even if none exists in our homes. We are all keepers of children's health and welfare.
When we forfeit that responsibility the abusers and the fools run rampant as we can see in our society today.
If a father goes after the abusers of his family and children, whether they be "male or female", because gender does not count if one is an abuser of kids, then he risks, no, he faces criminal changes because the state tells him to stop been a man, and bow to them as the ultimate power.
(Not fu.. likely)

Well, when one has ultimate unchecked power, one also has ultimate corruption...and as for me, I strongly believe man has to wake up, (and no, not by putting women back in the kitchen, in case my lanark county hags accuse me of meaning that, you know "we all know his views on women" statement made recently), but because the fools are in change of keeping our kids safe. I could put statistics after statistics to show it is getting worse, victims afraid to come forward because of the increase of false accusations causing doubt in any real claim, rapists and abusers of kids getting a few years in jail, doing it over and over, lack of justice, so on....
Those who do these evil of all acts, preying on the weak are not animals, since animals do not do this, they are not part of the human race, therefore should not have human rights, and those defending these acts should be tagged as such.

The ultimate justice against such crimes is the family, dad, fathers, men of the affected family, the feud against the ones that cause and create these horrid crimes, including holding the perps own family responsible for not keeping control over them....
The price of looking the other way or letting "others" take care of it is to high, they failed, we must take back what belongs to us...at any cost...

Letting the fools who are causing and even responsible for child abuse is like putting a wolf in change of a sheep's safety, not a good idea, we have seen many kids abused or failed by the state and it's proxies, social programs like children's aid on many occasion, yet still these same people continue to be the primary "protectors" of our kids????
Ontario's Children's Aid Societies to launch Child Abuse Prevention Month on October 1

There is other kind of abuse lately, generational welfare, creating more and more poor to reduce wages, increase taxes on families yet less services and increase salaries for the second unelected government, (bureaucracy) and now the third, identified as large business corporations, false accusations against good men, for custody,revenge, to be put on the emergency list for housing, women's shelters creating more victims for increase funding at the cost of "real victims", greedy staff who collect inflated salaries, child protection going after mainly single teen moms to increase their work force....but the worse has to be those who claim individuals who harm children have rights.
With these type of policies, we invite predators and sub intellectuals into our mist, the result been insensitivity because it is all around us.

Well, we have noticed, we see what happens when we forfeited our responsibilities to "the betas", increase poverty, crime, disrespect for others and ones self, forgotten children and abandoned Elders....
Bitching on the Internet in not enough.....
The "alphas" must now take action, The "real victims" are been victimized by a system supposed to protect them, our Elders are pushed aside in some uncaring community for profit homes, our kids are running unguided, abused and used for financial advancement.
Some have to be recognized as unfit to be in the position they are in, putting anyone in power or giving them power has caused massive damages, some of us, men and women are better suited to run thing than others, that is the nature of things, the alphas and betas, the man and the mangina, the feminist and the woman, it is the difference between a sick society and a healthy one, the alphas must care for the betas, without giving then a position in power, we see the results in nature and we have to admit the same with human kind.
Because the price of looking the other way is giving all of us a failing grade as human beings.

This might be a radical way of looking at things to some, but those should get their heads out of the sand and look deeper, the future is looking dim...if we continue on this path.
In my opinion those who complain about this reality are the "betas", they are after all extremely insecure part of our population and insecurity breeds insecure policies.

Rape, female individuals get free passes, boys get tossed.

Babysitter Gets No Jail Time for Having Sex With Boy She Was Hired to Watch
A woman who pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment after she was arrested for having sex with two underage boys will receive no jail time -- after one of the boy's families agreed to the no jail sentence. The woman, Loni Bouchard, was 19 years old at the time she allegedly had sex with a 14-year-old she had been hired to babysit. She was sentenced to three years in prison -- but received a suspended sentence and probation. Why no jail time? Reportedly, the judge was impressed with her "greater level of maturity" (she is now 21) and the family of the teen supported her lighter sentence.
At the time, Loni professed to be in love with the teen and wrote in her journal that she didn't agree with statutory rape laws. She reportedly wrote:
I don't care about the law. I just want to be with him and not have to hide it. How can the law tell us who to fall for, who to like and who to love and especially who to date? I thought America was a free country.
The boy's mother found text messages between Loni and the teen, which made it clear they had a sexual relationship, and called police.
Although Loni was only 19 at the time -- making a five-year age gap -- the reality is this is a million years in maturity level. Additionally, she was hired to babysit the teen, not have sex with him.
Loni's mother was also arrested for supplying the teen boy with marijuana and alcohol. And Loni had apparently been involved with another 14-year-old boy -- but those parents did not speak to investigators.
There seems to be a real double standard when it comes to statutory rape -- in fact, I don't even see the word "rape" in the news stories about this. She pleaded to lesser charges so I won't use that word either -- but you can be sure it's a word we would see if this was an older man and a younger female victim.
The fact is that a 14-year-old boy deserves to be protected from sexual predators every bit as much as young girls do. And just because you are "in love" doesn't mean you're not a predator.
Do you think this sentence was fair?

The most beautifull thing in the world...a child laugh while sleeping.

One Wrong Move at Fukushima Could Unleash a Nuclear Disaster Equivalent to 85 Chernobyls

More than two years after a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, the Fukushima power plant sits in ruins, leaking 300 tons of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean every day. But that’s small potatoes compared to what might happen in November.

In what could be humankind’s most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis

We’re talking more than 15,000 times as much radiation as was released during the bombing of Hiroshima in WWII. That’s the equivalent of 85 Chernobyl disasters.

Remember. They did this all for us, the people, not for profits...ya right...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Capobianco; Adoptees Express Anguish Through Poetry Over Veronica’s Separation

I find this to be disgusting, what these 2 did to this baby, she could not of remembered them since she was under 2 y old when she went back to her dad. And to have payed for propaganda to make them look good on tv, which the brown family could not afford, was also disgusting. And to have greasy anderson cooper, dr phil and company promoting the "injustice" to the child shows rating are more important than the emotional stability of children.
As for those who call themselves "family courts" they should change their name parallel to those who use to sell people before the civil war ended it..that's where they belong, certainly not in anyone's family, these courts main mandate it to keep families together, not give children to the highest bidder.
As for these buyers of kids the capobiancos, they have no understabding of children feelings, there are so many who need families out there, instead they decided to "DIVIDE" a loving father and his daughter...the tag they now enjoy on the web as americas most hated couple fits them to a tee....
When one puts their own money and feeling before a child then they are child abusers...

I and others on the web offer all our support to the Brown family and the Cherokee nation, to many of our children go lost, this one was found and then stolen by the same forces who have taken so much for 500 years.

Three adult adoptees, all non-Indian, have turned to poetry to share their overwhelming grief for Veronica Brown’s inevitable separation anxiety; for Dusten Brown’s loss of his child; and for the Cherokee Nation’s heartache over the removal of an Indian child who should be raised among her family and tribal community, immersed in her culture.
They tell us this has nothing to do with us.
They say we aren't you.
But we know better.

We are experiencing our own separation all over again.
We are both inside and outside our own bodies.

Projection, they say.
Reaction, I say.

It is happening again.
It is happening to you.
It is happening to us.

The only difference is that this time
We have not only our cries but also
Our voices.

Veronica, We Bear Witness.

Rebecca Hawkes is a reunited adult adoptee and a mother to a daughter by birth and a daughter by open adoption from foster care. She lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband and daughters and is a co-founder of ashleysmoms.com. You can read her writings on adoption, family and identity at her blog Sea Glass & Other Fragments.
Hawkes’ poem was originally published by thelostdaughters.com.

"Equality" by Rosita (she requested ICTMN use only her first name)
Her cries are real, and his too. There is anguish in the eyes of a small four-year-old.
Baby Veronica is now in the arms of her adopted parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco. Yet, whose arms are now empty?
A man. A father. Dusten Brown weeps for his daughter as she does for him. Here is where our system has failed. A man who desperately wants to be a father was denied the right. He was overlooked in the process.
As a feminist, I should make clear that I believe in the true definition of feminism … “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” But this assumes that men have rights.
In the case of Baby Veronica, her father did not have the rights that her birth mother did. He was misled. Birth fathers should have equal rights and protections, especially in the welfare of their children.
If a birth mother decides she cannot parent her child, and the birth father wants to raise his child, he should be given the opportunity to do so. No other adult should be given that right unless both birth parents have relinquished it.
Dusten Brown has proven that he loves his daughter. He has provided for her, cared for her, cuddled her and nurtured her for almost two years.
Baby Veronica knows he loves her, and she wants to stay with him. Her right in all this is paramount. She deserves the love of her birth father, the man she will never forget.
Rosita is a transracial, Korean-American adoptee. She is married to a Brit who refers to himself as an Anglo-American and is a mother to two Hapa children. Adopted in 1968 at the age of one, Rosita has not searched for her biological family. Her road has been speckled with Puerto Rican and Appalachian relatives and her biracial sister. While quite content with her role as a “Tennerican,” her curiosity has grown recently as her children explore their own ethnic identities. She considers herself a lost daughter, not because of the loss of her birth family, but more because of the loss of her adopted mother, who died in 2001 as Rosita became a first time mother. When she is not supporting her children on their individual paths, Rosita spends her time as an art educator and an art photographer. She also shares her adventures as an adoptee and parent on her blog, mothermade.
Rosita’s poem was originally published by thelostdaughters.com.

Baby Veronica by Mary Oishi
23, 24 & 25 September 2013

this day is begging for a poem
this day is running crazy down an oklahoma street, screaming
chasing carloads of federal marshalls and one little girl
who wants grandparents and cousins
a clan, a community, a daddy who looks like her

this day is chasing those marshalls, wailing

the cavalry of marshalls disappears from sight.

(Is this 1813 or 2013?)

this day falls in a heap exhausted
exhaling sobs
knowing the system always favors
wasichu values: more money.
greed washed righteous by “respectability”
flawless hygiene to cover a hollow life
numb with ritalin and prozac
its sterile feet squeezed into gold prada heels
parading as success

oh yeah, this day is begging for a poem
not a sonnet, not an ode, not some couplet
contrived behind ivyed walls
this day begs a poem, no, a prayer, forgotten prayer
rising slowly like a feather on the wind
joined by an eagle's call, a wolf’s, a bear’s
then ten thousand buffalo
thundering on ancient graves
a prayer that wakes the ancestors from
their too soon sleep from long walks and long rifles
until they rise up and follow Baby Veronica
walk beside her every step in the white man's world
whisper comfort so her Cherokee heart stays warm
in the strange cold heat of south carolina

Mary Oishi, a Japanese American woman adopted and raised in the Appalachians, is a performance poet and activist who now resides in New Mexico. Her first published book of poetry is Spirit Birds They Told Me (January 2011).

The war on boys been boys continue and getting ridiculous.

Boys punished for firing airsoft guns

Has zero tolerance gone too far?

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) - To view Reporter Andy Fox's follow-up report on this story, click here.
Three Virginia Beach seventh graders learned their fates Tuesday morning when they were suspended for shooting airsoft guns.
During a hearing with a disciplinary committee Tuesday morning, Aidan Clark, Khalid Caraballo and a third friend were given long-term suspensions in a unanimous vote. The suspensions will last until June, but a hearing will be held January 27 to determine if they will be allowed back in school sooner.
The students' parents initially told WAVY News' Andy Fox their children were expelled, but when Fox looked at the official letter from the school, he found they were long-term suspensions and not expulsions, as was recommended by the school's principal. Their parents still feel as though their children were expelled.
Document: Letter from school officials to boys' parents

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Capobiancos can smile all they want, it's not over yet, support for Dusten Brown and his daughter mounting.

Story from Indian country
After a nearly four-year legal battle through the Supreme Court and beyond, on September 23, white South Carolina couple Matt and Melanie Capobianco removed Veronica, 4, from her biological father Dusten Brown, a Cherokee, with whom she has lived with in Nowata, Oklahoma, for the past two-and-a-half years.
Sorrow echoed throughout Indian country for the loss that has devastated a loving father and his tribe, and over what will surely cause Veronica to suffer from homesickness and trauma, child experts say.

Throughout the trials the Capobiancos, the pre-adoptive couple, have relied on a high-profile public relations firm to exploit the media to support their fight for Veronica. Camera crews swarmed the initial handoff of Veronica to her father in December 2011. The Capobiancos then turned to TV stars like Dr. Phil and Troy Dunn to sway public opinion.

Boycott the Anti-Native American Dr. Phil Show
Even this past Monday morning before the Capobiancos took Veronica from her father, the couple went on another media charade that began with a live interview on CNN. Dusten Brown, on the contrary, has done his best to shield his daughter from the cameras and ensuing media war. Nor does he have the means to hire a public relations firm to promote his right to raise his daughter, and the Cherokee Nation’s right to keep its citizens’ families intact whenever possible.
Support for Dusten Brown has emerged through grassroots efforts, like a Facebook page, Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown, and the website KeepVeronicaHome.com. The Facebook page has more than 12,000 followers and growing, but more support is needed for Brown, who is now being sued by the Capobiancos’ attorneys for nearly half a million in fees. 
On the Facebook page Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown, there is an outpouring of support for the Brown family and words of encouragement offered to Veronica, who has been removed a loving home surrounded by family and extended relatives immersed in their Cherokee culture. On KeepVeronicaHome.com, Dusten Brown expressed the following in happier times:
“My daughter Veronica is a happy, bouncy, joyful and much-loved child. She is not a baby anymore. She's a little girl who looks forward to running to greet me when I get home from work, riding with her papa on his tractor and eating her grandmother's good cooking. She has a big sister she looks up to and adores.”

Visit KeepVeronicaHome.com and like the Facebook page Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown to voice your support, and contact your local, state and federal representatives:
Oklahoma Attorney General
313 NE 21st Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
OKC 405.521.3921| Tulsa 918.581.2885 |
Find Your Oklahoma Legislator
US House of Representatives
US Senate


I will say this, if the copabiancos and their "supporters" really cared about this child, they would have done this differently, in my honest opinion, the way they behaved with the support of idiots like anderson cooper, dr phil, troy dunn, and cnn, they were more interested in "winning" this argument than doing what is right...which, with this behaviour as any child expert will tell you is traumatizing child abuse to this baby, since she was with her dad longer than the ones who "bought" her from a for profit corrupt adoption agency with the help of the vengeful mother.
And to rub salt in the wound, they are suing Dusten Brown, and this is not lawyers or the state, they could put an end to it by demouncing it publicly, which they have not done...so we know the true nature of their character, I would not want any of my kids anywere neer people such as this.
She remembers her dad and anyone who say's she remembered these copabianco when she was given back to them as a trophy are lying, no one remember under 2 years old.
Please do everything you can to support Veronica and her father, she was ripped from her families loving arms, by those who bought and paid for her and behave as if money is the law of the land.
To many of our kids are sold as a product to unscrupulous people who think buying kids is normal.
As for the capobianco and their supporters here is their site if you want to tell them what you think of them and their supporters...
jessica munday, public mouthpeice for these people...
the capobianco propaganda page
their facebook page...here you can see their attempt at legalizing what they did by saying the "mother" is with them, as for the mother, if she did care for this child she would of admitted that maybe she made a mistake and since her daughter has been with her biological family, this is where she belongs, but I guess vengeful thought are still with her.

Beautiful and sad song by native youths...Dani and Lizzy, Dancing in the sky.

What struck me is,even if the radicals have been trying their best to destroy spirituality, respect for ones self, promote promiscuity and drugs as an every day life event amongst the young, it is reassuring to see their message has not stuck with some youths, and maybe their outlook on life will help others of their age to realize that clean living is always preferable or a alternative way to self destruction...
or just enjoy the song, it is about the lost of a loved one...
Either way, for one to write such a beautiful song one has to have the belief...

What does it look like in heaven?
Is it peaceful? Is it free like they say?
Does the sun shine bright forever
Have your fears and your pain gone away?
'Cause here on Earth it feels like everything good is missing since you left
And here on Earth everything's different, there's an emptiness
Oh I, I hope you're dancing in the sky
And I hope you're singing in the angels's choir
I hope the angels know what they have
I bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived
So tell me what, do you do up in heaven?
Are your days filled with love and light?
is there music? Is there art and invention?
Tell me are you happy, are you more alive?
'Cause here on Earth it feels like everything good is missing since you left
And here on Earth everything's different, there's an emptiness
Oh I, I hope you're dancing in the sky
And I hope you're singing in the angels's choir
I hope the angels, know what they have
I bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Capobianco, their true faces.

Capobiancos Sue Dusten Brown for Nearly Half a Million in Fees
As Matt and Melanie Capobianco took possession of Veronica Brown on Monday night, another court action was brewing behind the scenes. Today, their lawyers in South Carolina are in court seeking fines, attorneys' fees and expenses totaling approximately $500,000 from Dusten Brown.
“They just took the most precious thing in his life, and now here they are trying to take what's left,” says Shannon Jones, Brown's South Carolina attorney. “Let me tell you, he is devastated right now. He just lost his daughter—probably for good. And here they are kicking this man while he is down. They're not only kicking him, they're trying to destroy his life.”

The true nature of these people is exposed,it's not enough they stole a child but now greed sets in, it shows their true nature... and puts Veronica in danger because money was always the primary reason for all this, not her....
This is...monstrous....
How can anyone call anyone believe anything they have done to Veronica and her family is okay? Half a million dollars for taking his daughter? 

Baby Veronica's Birth Mom Speaks Out

Remember she got money for giving her own daughter away....let the anti native propaganda begin...dr phil style.

The cries of baby Veronica Brown....the shame of the CAPOBIANCO, their supporters jessica munday and illegal adoption.

Her cries are real, and his too. There is anguish in the eyes of a small four-year-old.

Baby Veronica is now in the arms of her adopted parents, (those who bought her) Matt and Melanie Capobianco. Yet, whose arms are now empty?

A man. A father. Dusten Brown weeps for his daughter as she does for him. Here is where our system has failed. A man who desperately wants to be a father was denied the right. He was overlooked in the process.

As a feminist, I should make clear that I believe in the true definition of feminism … “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” But this assumes that men have rights.

In the case of Baby Veronica, her father did not have the rights that her birth mother did. He was misled. Birth fathers should have equal rights and protections, especially in the welfare of their children.

If a birth mother decides she cannot parent her child, and the birth father wants to raise his child, he should be given the opportunity to do so. No other adult should be given that right unless both birth parents have relinquished it.

Dusten Brown has proven that he loves his daughter. He has provided for her, cared for her, cuddled her and nurtured her for almost two years.

Baby Veronica knows he loves her, and she wants to stay with him. Her right in all this is paramount. She deserves the love of her birth father, the man she will never forget.
This has a lot to do with him been a man, a dad, the mother sold her so dad has no right, the feminist installed this law, and now some are realizing this has greatly diminished their support, so some sites are actually supporting the father.... not all, most feminist sites still side with the thieves, those who buy children from adoption centers who are there for profits...
I don't know what to think but if this feminist site and other fight for the rights of father and child as hard as the rights of women and mothers, maybe things are heading in the right direction...small but a step none the less...this site would support any feminist sites that openly fight for the right of the child to be with their father, not holding my breath on that one, will be watching...

As you probably noticed I am pretty disgusted by all this, why???
Because I went through the same thing and realized at the end, bigotry and racism was involved....
when I went for my daughter after they claimed her as a crown ward ship, i was told "what would a man want with a little girl", the worker tried to make it into a fight between me and her instead of family reunion, and I had to put up with "fuc..ing Indians, the only thing they do is collect welfare, get drunk and cause trouble" from one of the staff of this children's aid society...
And as you noticed, the bigotry did not end when I got my daughter back. it continues to this day with personal attacks...even from my own.....
But that's ok....at least I know what reality is and where we stand....with the system...

Congressman Sean Roberts: Keep Baby Veronica in Oklahoma

Sean Roberts is a Republican member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

I rarely get involved in pending court cases - and never publicly - but after reviewing the facts of the case, it is clear that Veronica Brown should be solely placed with her father, Dusten Brown, in Oklahoma.

The jurisdiction of this case should be in Oklahoma and the adoption appears to be illegal. Veronica Brown is a born citizen of Oklahoma and the Cherokee Nation.

How can the failure to properly notify the Cherokee Nation with the correct name and birthday be justified? This adoption process is laying the ground work for evading an Amber Alert, since so many laws were violated to lead to the adoption.

My mother, having adopted my older brother and sister, realizes the importance of the heritage that she could not give them during adolescent years when they are trying to find their identities.

She recently said that as an adoptive parent she "could not imagine putting a child and a birth parent through this."

Many times she described how biological parents must have loved their children unselfishly to give them up when they could not care for them. But this is not the case, as Brown did not give up his rights in accordance with the law and has proven his ability to raise his child.

It is important to maintain the heritage and culture of a child if possible. There are many children without any parents who are looking for a loving family and home.

I'm sure the adoptive parents love Veronica, but the natural father loves her also and has the legal right to the child. I can't believe the adoptive parents are doing everything in their power to terminate the parental rights of the father.

I wonder what she will think of them when she is old enough to understand what they did?

There are some who believe it is in the best interest of the child to be with the couple from South Carolina. We are on a slippery slope when we begin discussing the best interests of a child in a case like this.

What is next, taking children away from single parents or from a low-income family or veterans on deployment to place the child with two rich parents because they can provide more and pay for it in court?

It is always in the best interest of a child to be with a biological parent who wants them.

I agree with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who dissented in the Supreme Court opinion. He said biological parents have legal rights and there is no reason in law or policy to dilute those rights.

Federal law was clearly ignored in this case. The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 provides that to relinquish parental rights an Indian parent must do so in writing, do so before a judge who must certify that the parent understood his or her actions, and a relinquishment may not be executed prior to 10 days after the child's birth.

The Indian parent also may withdraw the consent to an adoption at any time prior to a final order or within two years of the final order if their consent was obtained by fraud or duress.

According to South Carolina Supreme Court, the adoptive couple made no efforts to comply with these requirements of federal law.

Under the Indian Child Welfare Act, Justice Sonia Sotomayor states that there is nothing to prevent the grandparents, Tommy and Alice Brown, from filing for adoption to adopt the child. This might be the best choice of action to keep the child with her Oklahoma family.

I will continue to review the case to improve our laws to further protect parental rights and the rights of children to stay with their God-given parents.

I will do everything to protect the rights of parents, preserve the culture and rights of children, preserve the adoption process for children that need a home, honor the Indian Child Welfare Act and fight for veterans who fight for us.
What is really disturbing about cases like this is, the bought and payed for adoption of these children policy is taken into account by the so call justices of the supreme court. The idea that the birth mother was "paid" to give up her child without the fathers consent is sick, never should anyone be given money for a human being, as a matter of fact that is called....
A civil war was fought over the idea that buying and selling of humans is one of the most evil of all human acts, so the supreme court who gave this child back to the two clowns (the capobianco) who bought her just enforced a slavery law....

I did not put a link to the story above because of the comments, most were bigoted against native people...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Still in the 21 century, native child bought and stolen from her biological family.

Cherokee Nation Mourns as Veronica Is Returned to Adoptive Family
Even cnn and the one sided reporting anderson cooper is well known for, supported the theft of this native child.
We always hear the good will of those who claim to know what is good for native people, but when it comes to taking action against unscrupulous people such as the cappobiancos, it always comes down to money, not what is good for the child, where is the disgust in this theft?
The child's father did everything to get a decent deal, yet his military career and his pension was threatened, he tried to get written promises to get visitation rights but it was denied.
I am a little pissed that the Cherokee nation did not stand their ground more than they did, it is fine to follow righteous laws but not those that are based on how much money one has or what race they are, I have no doubt that this had some racist overtone.
The self centered capobianco where more interested in what there feelings were than the child, under those circumstances alone this child should be taken from them and return to her biological family.
On their site, these 2 do not allow any comments other than support....
making everyone falsely believe all supports them, that is their place in all this...lies and deceit...


If these Capobiancos really cared they would have made a decent arrangement with the biological family, they only cared about themselves, this is a theft, it has happened before and will continue till we stand our ground once and for all.
I hope the Cherokee nation and the Brown family continues their battle with those who think children can be bought. Because this child now remembers her biological family, she was to young to remember those who bought her through a corrupt adoption industry.
The real family of Veronica...Father Dusten Brown.

Outside of what was said on cnn, pro capobiancos, the real story is explained in the link above, and it was a theft done by the corrupt family law and adoption industry.

"Although the Capobiancos may not want to hear this, Ronnie Brown will never be their daughter as long as Dusten Brown is alive. Too much time has passed from when they called Baby Veronica their own and when they were forced to give her up. Today, the bond between Ronnie and her father is probably far too great to break, and anyone who believes that bond should be broken should be ashamed of themselves. When it comes down to it, Ronnie Brown is not a cause; Baby Veronica is. The flesh and blood Ronnie Brown is a child, and Dusten Brown is her flesh and blood father — and by all accounts, he loves her."
I totally agree....

Show support for baby Ronny, here is the facebook page...

web page....

As for you know who....cappobiancos,

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Female Firefighter in Action, putting life at risk for gender equality.

I have nothing against female firefighters, if they can carry a 200 250 pound man on their shoulder while going down a ladder, then they should pass, if they can't then they are not only putting civilian lives in danger but also their co-workers. A person should never be put in this type of work simply because they are of a certain gender...but because they are qualified to do the work. It is a matter of safety.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Never give up on you kids...the price is to high if you do.

Child abuse comes in many forms, feminist ideology, "man all bad" is one of them when it comes to our kids...
We, fathers, me included know how hard it is to deal with family courts, revenge minded ex's, man hating feminist controlled child protection, lies, and the bullshit that comes with the territory of been a man and father, but in the long term, your kids will remember the sacrifice you made to at least try...and they will come back to you, fight back and remember who you are doing it for, and who loves ya...

Feminist ideology always say they can do better...Really?

When Christine Lagarde was appointed new head of the IMF, Feminists hailed the appointment as a victory for Women's Rights and claimed that the IMF now had integrity of leadership. On May 23 Christine Lagarde was formally charged with embezzlement and fraud.
So much for that ideology.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Erin lee todd's defenders, Lanark county interval house staff defending their director with personal attacks.

I don't usually respond to radical feminist comment, especially from Lanark county, because they are always personal and irrational, and their response usually border on trying to pamper their inferiority complex towards men.
But hey, since I had nothing to do today, I thought...why not. Notice they do not have the courage to put their names, nonetheless, anonymous is better than nothing, you know you're doing OK when their attacks are personal and venomous. They can't debate because they have no point of reference on reality or truth for that matter. It is always, you're an idiot, you're an abuser, or you're a bad parent, male privilege, so on. I'm surprise the word patriarchy didn't make it's way in there.

Defenders of the director of lanark county interval house (erin lee todd)....This is the best they could do...
Anonymous said;
Native Canadian - you are a fucking idiot! Obviously you are trying to get out of being labelled as the abuser that you are! Ah male privilege! I know Erin and there is nothing about her that you've said that is true. She did indeed have a friend that was murdered. Just because YOUR searches didn't find it doesn't mean jack shit beyond the fact that YOU couldn't find it. Erin is a very caring woman, and not a man hater at all. She helps so many people - especially kids. She in NO WAY puts ideas into their heads about abuse! She doesn't "target" teens - but she does speak to them in a real way and honors their words and feelings. oh, and you fucking idiot, she is not Native! Get your facts straight. You may have contacted politicians, the media and whoever else, but tell me, how did that go for you? Do you have any proof that "they know what she stands for"? Let's see it. Because every sane person who knows Erin, including politicians and the media, respect her, value her and like her...a lot! Even when they disagree with priorities around funding etc.
YOU have created your own problems with your stupidity, ignorance and sense of entitlement. Take some responsibility for your own poor parenting, your bad choices, and your abuse. Its the only way things will get better for you. Your anger towards Erin is misdirected - I'd take a look WAY closer to home - like in the bathroom mirror!
OH, and lets see how YOU like the criticism - you too may decide to review comments prior to them being posted. I'll end as I began - you are a fucking idiot!

Lol..fucking idiot? 3 times? stupidity, ignorance and sense of entitlement, abuser, male privilege, is that the best you could do?
"I'm trying tp get away from been called the abuser?" MMM! who have you been talking to, and how is that working out for you and your sense of revenge, don't make me explain that one also, helping someone who is still associating with people she claims assaulted her in order to get money designated for real victims.....
tssk tssk...

What sense of entitlement are you talking about here??? I asked this director of yours, for help and I got cops at my door, I surely did not feel entitled there…if you read my post I never used such descriptions on any of you, obviously with your comment of me been an "abuser" shows your opinions on the subjects, “all men bad, make false accusations and they will shut up? RIGHT?
“Ah! We are so Privileged???” where is my male privilege when you put my “underage” daughter on welfare, after I “begged for help” but thanks anyway, it shows who and what you are...
As for me liking or not, criticism, hey I welcome it, why the hell do you think this blog exists??? And as you see, "I do not review comments first, all are welcomed to post it".
Next...I said "I am not saying it’s not true" to describe her "story" about her friend so read carefully, before you write....
Next; “Erin is a very caring woman, and not a man hater at all”, really???
I sent her emails “begging” for her to help, explaining my daughters difficult birth and her medical condition.  My kid has a loving parent, me, and a good home with a promising future in art…in return I got the visit of multiple police, threatened and according to the report, there was a “fake” lock down saying I was coming over to this shelter to be violent or something to that matter(the person that claimed this is the same person you are using right now)…Now tell me, if I would have been a woman, would this of happened? NO!
I am a man, so what do you call that? Not a Man hater??? I'll let others decide.
And for your info I am not the only one this shelter has tried to demonize...seems to me someone likes to use the "he locked me up" a little to much.

Next: “She doesn't "target" teens?” Oh really? what do you call what this shelter did??? My daughter was a teen…or do you think she doesn't count?
"She helps so many people - especially kids." Who gave her the right to talk or help kids without parental consent??? From my point of view she did not help anyone I know, on the contrary.
As for not putting things in their heads, “there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter this much” (pervs) what do you call that..??? Now again read carefully, I never said she did it, I said staff. But she is the director and she is responsible...
And please explain to me this, welfare called me, asked me if I wanted to sign for my daughter to be on welfare, her been underage, I said no, she is having a teen moment, and this while she was at your shelter, so, how did you put her on the system and housing? The only way you could, is by coaching her to say she was abused, and this info came from...politicians….I am a “respected” parent in Lanark county with a multitude of people “women” who would come forward to say I was a good father and my kid was “never” abused. So try something else.

Also, when my daughter was at this shelter she bragged online she was drinking alcohol, been "underage" I asked "erin lee todd" if she could look into it, she sent her girlfriends from the local opp at my door, does that sound like she cares about teens to you, because from my perspective, she surely doesn't, the only thing she had to say is "I will look into it".
"Erin is a very caring woman, and not a man hater at all." Oh really, ok, but tell me, how do you explain this?
And don't try to say she has nothing to do with this page...
"Erin Lee-Todd, an Ottawa area Step it Up Campaign organizer."
Launching the step it up campaign with a message like :recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment". Not sure but doesn't that show an anti male agenda???? Please explain...

When she decided to look the other way, tried to demonize me, and believed she could do anything she well please, this blog was born. She and you are the ones responsible for it's existence...live with it.

Next, she is not native, could have fooled me but if you want to make that claim…so be it. You do have 2 other native individuals working there; don't you…my guess that would include you? Why did you all put another native girl on welfare against parental wishes, wasn't there enough meddling in our families in the past? Isn't there enough of our people dependent on the state??? Or is there a new breed of "army scouts" helping to rain in those bad savages?

Next…My discussions with politicians, it went “very” well thank you…Do I have any proof, were do you think I got the info on the funding and other? As for them liking her, keep on telling yourself that...........
hey, all the best to all those involved, I am not here to turn opinions, just to write about my experiences.

Next; “YOU have created your own problems with your stupidity, ignorance and sense of entitlement”, as your statement shows, I ran into these problems because I am the father, a man, after all I am stupid, ignorant and I have a sense of entitlement???? I have never felt “entitled”, and I do not think anyone who was demonized the way I was would feel a bit entitled. So what you're saying is; I created my own problems with all this by trying to avoid my kid been put on welfare??? Is that it??? So, I should've let you do whatever you want and look the other way? Is that it? Dream on, you took on the wrong "man".

Next’ “poor parenting?” My daughter had a job, an honor student, a scholarship for an art college in Montreal, and even an offer from a reputable modeling agency and I had put savings away, scratching and sacrificing for her future…as a matter of fact, if I was to say I made poor decision it would be, I made the mistake of getting her anything she asked for, spoiling her was a bad idea, but then you know, “daddy’s girl” thing, not that you are capable of understanding this part…Not exactly "poor parenting" is it.

Finally; I am not angry at erin lee todd, she is not that important in the grand scheme of thing, (well maybe in her own mind) but she is in charge, I am upset over what this shelter did, and her indifference to it, “because of me been a dad, a man”, I am upset because I politely and diplomatically “begged” for her help, and instead of cooperating with the parent, she sent the cops at my door, which even they had to admit my emails were…polite.
She had no right to do this, she has a responsibility as does all social programs in this province to work with parents, families, it is their primary mandate, (again this info comes from politicians I have talk too) it is not to have a policy to entice teens to be on welfare or use them as statistics. Or give them to a local woman in Smiths falls so she can grab their welfare check to pay for her mortgage...

Now, admittedly, I was still heartbroken at the time I released this specific post, what parent wouldn't be, but as you can see, unlike your name calling comments, I stayed polite, which kind of destroys your attitude towards men that we are all violent when we are upset. Everything I said has a link and a reference somewhere, unlike you. And that really pisses you off doesn't it, you "expected" me to have a violent reaction.
So, little girl, the next time you make a comment, don’t make it out of anger, but polite debate, like I did, “a man”. You didn't see me “a man” respond to you in anger.

Erin can contact me, we can talk, and resolve our differences as adults, buuuut….
Me been “a man”,she will not…hell will freeze over first...lol

As for me liking the criticism, hey I am not here for my good looks, I openly welcome criticism, even yours, and open debate on the issue, and I promise, “me been an idiotic stupid entitled man and all” that I will always stay…polite.
I promise I will not call you a “fucking idiot”.lol.
Thank you for the comment..lol

The next comment…
Anonymous said
I agree with the long comment above. Native Canadian - You are an idiot who is promoting HATE. I know Erin - well and she is noe of the things you describe her as.
I am Anishnawbe Kwe and Erin is NOT. Check you facts. My teachings do NOT promote this type of gossip, slander or hatred. I suggest you look in the mirror and look to your Elders and Creator and ask forgivness and guidance.

How am I promoting hate????? By the way "promoting hate"??? That expression is the last argument of someone who has no viable response. I put links and references to what I write, hence nothing here about gossip, slander or hatred….(who is slandering whom? I suggest you and the comment above seriously read what you wrote) you and her just do not like or accept an opposition, criticism, you are so used to having a free hand, having people fear you; exposing what the interval house (shelters) of Lanark county really stand for, offends you, but it is called...free speech.
I have looked in the mirror, strange you use that analogy, this is one thing I usually say to people, "if you look in the mirror every night before bed and see what you like then you did good, if you do not like it, then get up the next day and try to fix it and make it a better day"…since I know personally some of you over there, I am guessing we have talked before right? Lol.
I never said she was “Ojibwe or Odawa, or any part of the Algonquin people” I don’t know what nation she is, I said she was native…
The ones that should ask forgiveness and guidance are those who go out of their way to destroy our way of life, which is our families, for profits, power, false statistics and inflated salaries, as if there is not enough of our people dependent and on welfare already…have we not gone through enough in our history? I have put my life on the line for our people, defended our rights to peace for our families and the respect of sacred lands, where were you back then? Watching it on TV? Still in diapers??? I am not perfect but I do listen to the wind, the running rivers, the wisdom of the Elders, and speak to the Great Spirit, Creator of all things every day. Do you?
I burn sweet grass, sage, tobacco, and cedar, in my prayers. You can try this type of personal feminist attack, but please, do it in a well inform position. I suggest you check your facts, because your teaching are definitely not from around here...
This “idiot” thanks you for your comment.
And by the way, Criticize all you want, IF you were native (especially Mohawk) you would not say the things you said or let them do what they did.
The true nature of the women of Turtle Island is to look after the moral values of the people, to keep the land safe, to defend the words of the Elders, and most importantly, to teach the children...So please...try harder or go sit down and pet your cat, before you hurt yourself.
Here is something that might help in your path.

If I may put it in my own words;
let me see if I get this right, you claim to be native, and you let them put another young native girl on welfare and housing? You took their words against your own people? You let them use her for money? You let them take her away from an educated future, which her "traditional father" worked so hard, sacrifice so much, you let them say "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter"(pervs)? You did nothing when I complained she was starting to drink alcohol while at your house of horrors?
Is that what your telling me, another one of our children used for statistics and funding?
And you "claim to be native"???

My personal opinion on these comments:
First, like I said they do not enjoy opposition, and when it does happen, they freak out and attack. Name calling, false accusations..Usual favorites like "promoting hate" when they are on the defensive. Typical
This shows a few things, first the comments are from the staff of this shelter and  were we “men” can be polite, and try to resolve conflict through diplomatic means, they do not, obviously, those who are in the shelter industry are radical feminists who believe all men are bad first, abusers, nasty tree dwelling trogs, to be demonized, nothing we say makes a difference to them, so do not try. The only thing we can do, is expose their dislike for men, name calling, and “false accusations”. When I realized they came after me because I was “man” this was unacceptable. They might promote the victim for life issue to those who go to them for help, but I plan to “explain” to them that when they go after some of us, we do fight back, we are not their victims and we can do it politely, well researched and diplomatically, and unlike what they preach, do it in a non-violent way, or childish name calling, which as one can see from above, really confused the crap out of them to a point where they will make all kinds of “false” accusations to try to defend their actions.
Again...I enjoy all comments....Thank you.

Any attacks on men is an attack on all fathers.

In my opinion if we can be realistic and expose these offensive inaccurate pictures for just one minute..
I see some women's study student holding a sign that says "No victim is to blame". Well to this little girl and those like her who don't tell the real story, where the hell did you ever hear anyone blaming a victim of a crime...OK, there might be a few "people" who blame victims, but 99.9% of "people" do not, why not express that truth???

And to the next one, please, 99.9% of men have always been men of quality, that's why we put our lives on the line against those who would take your equality, freedoms and rights away, to make such one sided statements...If it wasn't for men of quality you would not have equality...
It might be hard for feminists to accept this but here is a little secret, we men are also fathers who want our daughters, to be the best they want to be, we look after their rights to be free and also pay for their education, so how can you say this of your fathers......if it was not for men of quality you would be answering to others...and believe me, they would not be as accommodating...

Fortunately, not all women think this way, more and more are turning their back on such disgusting attitude towards their fathers. Every time someone spits out venom at a man, that man is a little girls daddy,and recognize that Daddy is not always going to be here...So never let people with an inferiority complex(feminists) dictate how you should see Daddy, because as you know, you will always be daddy's little girl.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Attraction -Britain's Got Talent...Heart warming performance.

I know I have posted this before, but it is so beautiful that I had to do it again...
A mother lovingly places her baby son into a cradle. The scene blends into the boy taking his first steps, stumbling into the arms of his mother where she is there to catch him. The young man, now graduated from college, meets a woman. They dance, fall in love, and marry.

The man receives a tragic phone call. He rushes to the bedside of his sick mother where she dies in his arms. Her soul ascends above.

The man sinks into grief and sadness. In this darkest moment, his wife approaches him with outstretched arm. She draws him close to her blossoming pregnant belly. He leans close to hear the “thump-thp’…thump-thp’…thump-thp’…” of a strong and steady heartbeat. The curtains close with the man listening intently to the heartbeat.
To me and those of us who have been hurt by radical feminism and their "HATRED", this shows that their message, their attempt at changing and manipulating opinions, their constant propaganda that women are all abused and men are the ones doing it, their pro abortion stance, their dehumanization of men and stay at home moms, all in order to change the world and nature itself has failed...their world does not exist...and never will...
This pro- family and pro life message has been seen, supported and appreciated by millions and we can see that family life will and always will be the primary reason for our existence....
Let's recognize those who are the destroyer of life, family, parenthood, and throw them in the trash heap of history, point them out as "haters" and lets all live life according to natural laws....
We do not abuse each other, we love life and one another, feminism is about hate and division, low self esteem and inferiority complex, let them have their little corner of a non existent world and the rest of us can continue to build the world we want, not the one they are trying to create.

This little video perfectly shows where peoples hearts really are....and it is not with old hags who dislike even themselves.

College life...sex, booze and study...it's called been young.

This is what the women's study radical version try to promote, "all college boys bad"....
girls are victims everyday,

and then there is reality....
uni 2

There is always a difference between what those who thrive on exaggeration and what is real, there might be some problems caused by individuals on campuses, but for the majority, week ends are for parties, with all the fun and sexual advances, and then there is the week days...women's studies, low self esteem professors who preach their views of their world, the ones that follow this crap and the majority who do not...
Girls on campuses can be sexually expressive just like anyone else...
I think there is a little bit of both in college, time to study and time to have fun, then there are those who are just jealous they do not have the balls or the looks to do both and lash back with useless statistics....
According to them, college life is dangerous for girls, according to the girls, it's bullshit... low cut shirt, exposed wet breasts, sexually expressive...
They do this for one reason, to attract....which is something the ones that complain usually do not have the power to do...
It's all jealousy....
So, someone who does go to college in Ottawa told me, she said girls are as sexually demanding as boys are and those who complain are usually single and homely...her words not mine...
and according to research college girls do not consider themselves sexually picked on, on the contrary... they do love to show it all.
Everyone loves college girls....

Are recent policies forcing people to accept without the freedom to critisize or express causing hate and divisions?

 Pope Francis: A society that fails to protect young and old ‘has no future’

ROME, September 13, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – “A population that does not take care of the elderly and of children and the young has no future, because it abuses both its memory and its promise,” Pope Francis said on Friday.

In an address to Italian Catholics gathered this week in Turin for the 47th annual Social Service Week, the pope said that societies survive through caring for young people and handing “faith, love, and fundamental moral values” through the generations.

The Church, the pope said, offers the world a vision of the family, founded in the Scriptures, that presents “unity in the difference between man and woman, and the fruitfulness of this complementarity, and we recognize it as an asset for all, as the first natural society.”

“The family understood in this way remains the first and principle building block of society and of an economy on a human scale,” he said. He added that the “consequences” of family policy and breakdown “touch upon the various areas of the life of a society and a country.”

The pope’s message comes as the Italian parliament prepares to reconvene and resume discussion of the proposed “anti-homophobia” law that critics have said is meant as a wedge to create “social space” for “gay marriage.”

The Italian Bishops’ Conference has repeatedly warned that the law could result in prosecutions of priests and others who denounce homosexual behavior or who might in the future refuse to support “gay marriage” proposals or participate in civil union ceremonies. 
Personally, I believe everyone has the right to be free and feel safe in life, not to be persecuted. But I do not believe that one lifestyle should be thought in schools or be openly promoted at the expense of the other points of views. I remember reading about books in schools, my two dads or my two moms... nothing about my mom and my dad, in fear it might upset minorities????
And if they have the right to teach their ways, then we have the right to teach ours, you can't have acceptance without criticism, it produces resentment and eventually hate. Legislating people beliefs is not an accepted path to take, we seen where that goes when this is done without allowing the other side a say...eventually someone is blamed for the fall of society and one person comes out and offers to fix it all...
Morality must go hand in hand with behavior, whether one is gay or heterosexual. Why is there a gay pride parade? Why is there not a hetero-pride parade? It does look like one is promoted over the other, and if one even dares to criticize, he or she is simply called names in order to shut them up...and again that causes resentment. I have never been to a pride parade, but from what I have seen online, it does seem to be a little on the immoral side....a bunch of people who enjoy exhibitionism...if they really want to be accepted why not parade family life, healthy living, and show that even gay families have morality instead of these parades been overly sexual in nature?
Many are now openly against this tyoe of sexually explicit parades which does not refect family life.
Homosexuals angered as cops crack down on lewdness and nudity at Dallas gay pride parade
Parades have featured bare-breasted women and men in tight, wet underwear with visible genitalia.
City officials, along with the event’s organizers, said they want the pride parade to be more “family friendly.”

Same thing with slut walks and femen's bare breast useless demonstrations that achieve nothing but laughter and ridicule.
Anyway, all this seems to be headed in one direction, changing society or changing the way people think, and that is extremely dangerous if we look at it from an historical standpoint.
The Pope, whether on is religion or not, has a point, how long till priest and ministers are put in jail for their beliefs and when that happens, and it looks like it will, then it's all done, we will fall into such division that I doubt our society will be able to survive it.
The simple life and respect for one another opinion seem to be taking the wrong turn, if one is a man, he has to endure hate speeches, if one is a stay at home mom, she is criticized, yet no one is allowed to criticize them, doesn't seem right.
Feminists are allowed this crap, and no one says anything against this hate speech...and it is a hate speech, change the "male" for someone else, blacks, jews, gays, women, and it becomes against the laws and your charged with a hate crime...yet...for some reason, the male group in our society is blackened by haters??? and it's allowed???
If one dares to object to the other side, he or she is homophobic and other things....I don't give one shit who you are, just don't shove it in my face, force it upon me, kids in school and say opposite opinions is wrong if hate is not promoted, free expression ensures that no one gets angry and from anger comes hate and hate breads violence.
I do not agree with the gay lifestyle, never will, but I do agree they have the right to peace and not to be put in danger because of their beliefs and choices, I expect the same respect in return. I was once told that there are women with the essence of a man and men with the essence of women, that is true, and the way of things, doesn't mean they need to be destroyed or put down, it just mean nature has a way of doing things I might not agree with but do accept.
Forcing an opinion on the population as a whole is always dangerous, it points out those who are different in the wrong way, I agree some might have the best of intentions, but it never goes the way it is expected...
Why is there more dislikes of minorities these days than before?
Because before we had live and let live, in my generation anyway, today its..."you must love them, you have no choice".
When choice is taken away, what's left...."resentment".
Open hate messages are everywhere, against men....and when one group is attacked in this way, it creates others...why is the radical feminist "allowed" to exists? How come they are not put in jail where they belong for promoting said hate, according to what we are told by these well meaning politicians, this is illegal, yet....

This way of thinking irritates the crap out of me, why am I so bad? according to cat lovers.
It's not right to demean minorities, so I am told, but to demean men is ok????
They are, for the moment, a bunch of old hags who have a dislike for the male gender, some border on the hatred, but if it is pushed to far, are they powerfull enough to prevent us from changing it? 
Not in a million years, if we get pissed, their ways are done, simple as that.
Question is, when society falls and it will fall throught the greed and overspending by corperations and governments, who else will fall with them.
I studied history and especially revolutions, in the chaos of it's aftermath, minorities are always the ones to suffer....and the radiacals considered to be to dangerous are put up against a wall and shot...
I am not saying it will happen soon, but the danger is there....
Governing is like walking a tight rope, yes minorities must be protected, but with a view on how others will react, force it down their throats is not governing but imposing.
Why not take those who promote one lifestyle vs the other and try to explain that family life and showing the respect as one nation is preferable to hate against one group(men) or sexually exposing oneself publicly as gay pride parades do?
They have their supporters but it is never the majority, and the majority are the ones who keep a nation stable or make it fall...
and this is my opinion, might not be popular, but I am pro family, and been pro family is pro children.
Promoting hate against one group (men) invite hate against others.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

TVO's the Agenda at it again, Rape Chant Controversy, must mean rape culture???

I thought the Agenda on TVO were, maybe, just maybe, changing their tune to "all men bad, all women victims, so say radical feminists" reporting, but just when hope was in the air, this crap comes out..."rape culture in Canada" because of a bad taste chant at universities frosh week
The Agenda with steve paikin is a pro radical feminist tv show, who pander to radical feminism opinions of men, men keep and spend their money on themselves...

so again here is my response to their "rape culture" attitude towards the male population of Ontario...

The only "controversy" was the one created by the media, or those looking for a cookie from radical feminists, since the Agenda is known to be pro feminist in its reporting, with a few scraps from the table towards men, this must be why you keep on inviting those involved in women’s studies without someone to debate them, as you did not too long ago with the one that said, “women spend their money on children, men spend it on themselves”.  As if...
As for this frosh week activity, true it was of poor taste, but so is saying men spend their money on themselves.  There is no increase in rapes after frosh week, no increase in disrespect for women, so on, after this event...why should there be, since girls were involved also... we had school official playing to the media looking surprised it happened, yet this is been going on for decades, are they telling us they don’t know what is going on at their own university?
Instead of playing to these radical feminists opinion of men, investigate, see if there was an increase in rapes after this event...which there wasn’t, it was just poor taste...
Another thing, this reference to the rape culture, the war on women, and all this....this is an “invention” of feminists, there is no friging rape culture in Canada, could you please stop saying that, men do not rape, women do not rape, bad individuals do, and usually end up been circumcised by society when they do...if there was a rape culture, as your guest undoubtedly teaches to her students, then it would be mothers who teaches this to their sons, since the majority of men are raised by them, is that what you’re saying? The gender differences is thought by mothers, not fathers...always has, always will...
Why is it, every time you have a radical “men are all bad” feminist on your show, there is no one to debate their vile opinions of men...we are husbands, sons, brothers, we protect, provide and love our families, we do not sign up to this rape culture crap, it does not exist, to pander to feminism these days would be like accepting male chauvinism, there is no difference between the two...feminism is the parallel to chauvinism.
Personally, I have just about had enough of feminism and their beta males manginas, attacking anything and every thing men do and are responsible for...
Let's look at what we did or freedom of the individual....
We fought against boys in mines and girls in manufacturing plants at the turn of the last century, to put them in schools instead of at work, we fought for decent wages for families against cooperate greed, we fought alongside our women for them to be recognized as persons and be given all the rights that goes with it....we fought for equal pay with them....
But most impotently we fought against three totalitarian regimes, imperial in the first world war, dictatorship in the second and communism in korea...
Did men start these wars as radical feminism always say, yes...(Nazism and Communism also had their female supporters by the way....), but...it took the majority of good decent men to put their lives on the line, like my grandfather (Jean Paul Charron) to put a stop to them...without the majority of decent men, were would these feminists be today, maybe saying heil, or comrade??? Where would freedom of the press at tvo's the agenda be without the sacrifice of good decent men????
The rape culture????bullshit, it does not exist, why would we fight and die for our families to be free and at the same time, take it away from them?
The shame belongs to those who insults men and women in order to support an idealism that smacks of totalitarian rule, feminism is on the decline because of their views, and shows like tvo's the agenda now only depends on universities who preaches radical transformation of nature itself. That is the extent of their viewers...
Men do not have a feminine side and women do not have a masculine side....
Yet both are important to each others existence as individuals with individual gifts....one enhances the others life....
And that is what nature demands...respect for one another.

Friday, September 13, 2013

No matter what the feminist tells you, women like men to be men...with all their faults.

Househusband backlash as high-flying wives ditch men they wanted to stay at home

At the time it seemed like a good idea. After all, Richard Dean told himself, he was earning less than his wife Louise, a high-flying marketing executive. And did it really matter who was at home to look after their children?

With that in mind, it was not such a difficult decision for him to give up his career as a manager in the manufacturing industry to look after their ten-month-old son, Jack.

He hoped it would bring them closer together as a family. In reality, it sounded the death knell for their marriage.
"I sensed that Louise was becoming more detached and less interested in me sexually within a year of becoming a househusband," says Richard, 50. "She was always picking on me for silly little things she said I hadn't done, like the washing up or not tidying away the toys.

"It was as if she was losing all respect for me, just because I was the one at home, doing the domesworktic duties. Then, one day two years ago, she announced she was leaving me - and taking the children with her. She told me she was going to go and live with her mother 20 miles away. To say I was devastated does not do my feelings justice. It was as if the bottom had fallen out of my world."

For five years Richard, from Watford, Herts, had worked hard to become a perfect "mother" to their sons, Jack, who is now nine, and Edward, seven. But from the moment he gave up his job, Richard says Louise, 47, failed to see him as a "man".

The phenomenon of the househusband is an increasingly popular one. The number of men deciding to become househusbands has increased by a staggering 83per cent since 1993. According to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics, there are more than 200,000 fathers in the UK choosing to give up their careers and raise their children at home.

But are the couples who go down this domestic route sowing the seeds of marital disharmony? It seems that in many cases the rise of modern career women has had an unexpected - and disastrous - knock-on effect on many husbands who assume the traditionally 'female' role.

In short, having a man whose primary function is not as alpha male breadwinner, but domestic drudge just ain't sexy.

Lesson here...women do not like beta males, they are as always, since the beginning of time itself, attracted to that enemy of feminists....real men...
Don't be a mangina, women will put up with it for so long then your history...
Problem solved, feminists are nuts with a nutty idealism that woman do not agree with...in other words, deep down inside, nature cannot be changed....

Lanark county report...Instaling cameras, the death of freedoms, one step at a time.

 Perth to look at installing security cameras downtown
 We have all seen the bit by bit erosion of freedom lately, compared to my time, freedoms today is given away at a whim, people scared of their own shadows have demanded the state protect them at any cost. The media is complacent in this, instead of fighting the slow destruction of democracy, they tell sheoples this is necessary...be afraid be very afraid, the vandals are coming, we need cameras, our police can't do their job, the vandals are to advanced, oh and by the way, once we catch the vandals, the cameras will stay for your own protection...
And the local media, not surprisingly, are always telling us how bad we are as men, or that the population is in so much danger, (in this case vandals) that we need to give up our freedoms...

So I responded to their complacent reporting.....
Are you kidding me.....and your ok with this??? Let me remind you what our generation went through...we had our terrorists, there was the red army, the bieder meinhoff gang, the sla, even here we had the FLQ here in Canada and lets not forget the baddest of them all, the PLO...
we also had the lone wolf terrorists who highjacked planes to Cuba...It was nasty...
But here is the difference between our generation and yours....we rebelled against any invasion into our private lives, any watering down of our freedoms to accommodate the few, we were willing to pay with our lives if need be to keep our freedoms in place...cops respected the people, instead of total control they have now, we could walk the streets without i.d. because we were free men. Try to do that today....we said no to cameras, to militarization of our police departments, and any policies that would take away said freedoms and politicians agreed...as a matter of fact they would say out loud..."they(terrorists) want us to be afraid, they want us to have cops with machine guns at every corner, cameras on every street, they want us to give away what we cherish the most, freedoms, and I'll be damn if we give in to them...."
So, why did your generation give in so easily?
There is now two type of people in the western world today, citizen and sheoples...the citizen, now in fewer numbers than the past believes freedom is not free, it costs, sometimes in blood, the sheople on the other hand will go to the wolf, ask for protection, the wolf will invite him to his cave, promising to protect him against other wolves....since it worked once the wolf will keep on inviting more and more of them to his cave until it becomes the norm...why should the wolf changes his behavior if the sheep keeps on feeding him...with his freedom...and the media, unlike the ones of the past is just going along for the ride....
So, congratulations, what it took us generations to achieve, yours gave up in only one....
We have a saying, those who live today will never know the freedoms we had in the 70's.
How many freedoms did you easily give up after 9/11?
You're the media, you not only report invasions of privacy which ensures freedoms, you are supposed to be it's protectors....
The elite are no different than anyone else, you give in on one, they will take another...
until someday you will wake up and find you live in the same society we once fought against...
Population control belongs to the fascists and communists, not free people...
Here is a suggestion, instead of cameras, which will stay long after the vandalism is gone, trust the capability of the police to do their jobs, or ask the surrounding people to keep an eye out, eventually those who cause "vandalism" will get caught, we might have to pay for the repairs, but its a hell of a lot better than been watched 24/7...
Your generation is so afraid of everything your willing to give up you God given right to live as free men, or people...who made you this way? Those who are now advocating the use of cameras, and your just going along with it.....
Your Grandfathers would be ashamed, they fought for you and you let them down.