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Monday, August 12, 2013

Ywca teaches it's staff about male privilege...what male privilege?

Male Privilege according to the ywca
Male privilege is the belief that men are entitled to certain privileges that women are not, simply because they are men.
Another organisation "infested" with the parasite of the twisted radical anti male feminist doctrine.

WE are sooooo privileged !!!!
Don't you feel privileged as a man to die for freedom, to provide a good life for family, so that twisted feminists can dish out trash in order to promote themselves as...important?

How is male privilege used as a form of control?
Men traditionally have dominated the family, politics, law, finance, education, the police, the military, and more. They have the power to gain and maintain control
55% of voters were women, yet if there is more men in politics it is because women voted for them, so b.s. on that one.
How does male privilege support domestic violence?
It fosters the belief that women are weak, dependent, and not capable of making life choices for themselves and that men have the authority to make those decisions for them. When this authority is challenged, abusive men react by using controlling and abusive behaviors, including violence, in order to maintain control and retain the privileges they believe they are entitled to..
Men have daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, Why would we support domestic violence??? We "encourage our daughters" to achieve the best they can be, no father promotes the idea that they should be in the kitchen washing dishes, barefoot and pregnant.
More b.s.

What is the impact of men abusing their male privilege?
On their partners?
It devalues her worth as a human being and her abilities. It fosters an unhealthy dependence and self-doubt. It destroys self-esteem. She may feel trapped, angry, powerless, unfulfilled, resentful, and worthless. She learns to be manipulative in order to get what she wants.
How the fu.... can we devalue the people we love and die for????
On their children?
Same as above as well as “this is how it is in the real world.” Girls learn submission; boys learn aggression. Both learn it’s okay to be abusive, controlling, and violent. Both learn that violence is the way that a person gets what they want. The cycle continues.
Sooo! According to these cat lovers, we teach our daughters to be submissive???? And since mothers in general raise kids, (boys) they teach them to be aggressive???
On their relationships?
Healthy relationships are based on mutual caring, understanding, respect, and equality. Male privilege by its very nature destroys the qualities of a healthy relationship.
Now, remind me who destroys the value of healthy relationships again, please?  Feminists, as we can plainly see, will lie and bullshit their way into the family in order to demonize both gender, the man, and the stay at home mom...
On their selves?
By abusing their privilege, these men will never become fully functioning human beings because, emotionally, they will never grow up. They never learn what a caring, mutually respectful relationship is all about.
Look a the pictures above, does it look like we abuse our places in society??? It is not men who do not know about respect...useless cat loving clowns...The only partial truth is, some men will never grow up to old age, they died protecting the rights to freedom of others...
On society in general? 
Male privilege fosters a system of inequality in which no two people are equal. They may have power over some but there will always be someone more powerful than them. The name of the game then becomes “pass on the pain.”
Excuse me???? Maybe they would rather have these guys rule over them? 
This way they would "experience real pain".

Their is a point of reason here to say that some in our society abuse their freedoms, and it is "not" men, whenever a group attacks another, simply to benefit themselves, this group must and will be eradicated.
They pose a real and dangerous threat to our families and our children.

The pain society is experiencing today is not imposed by men, but by feminist clowns, which their right to crap shit out of their mouths is protected by an overwhelming majority of ....men...


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were is my privilege?