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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why women's shelters should never be used as a tool by those with an inferiority complex.

Some of us have been in a situation where we had to either defend someone or make someone feel better about themselves. We don't go out and look for such situation, some of us are no longer white knights, but we all get into a circle sometimes where we realize someone need a pep talk about their importance in the world. To tell them...they matter.
That said...
I was talking to a friend the other day, she is single, raised her 2 boys on her own and now finds herself alone with a few dogs for company, always waiting for her boys to visit.
This person explained to me she was abused as a child, (by a bad individual) and never felt adequate to anyone, that her life amounted to nothing...
We have tea together and we chat about the world and our kids, one day, I explained to her how all of us are important in the circle of life, we make a difference even if we do not realize it, we might not see it in our lifetime, but it is there. We either make a difference ourselves, or it might be through our kids, if not them, grandchildren, so on. We might have to wait a few generations to have made an impact on the world but we do make an impact personally.
It might be something we said, something we did, or the way our children perceived us, the way we raised them, or a well placed word.
Our strength when we go through adversity might be a point of discussion, like; "I remember my mother, she went through hell but always believed in herself and helped me to understand life, to stand up for myself and never depend on anyone but family".
Or we might make an impact through someone generations from now, who finds a cure, creates peace, or saves a person in danger...The difference you made for that life was to have raised kids, and if you did not exist, then that person also would have never existed.

A while later she came to me, and said...
"I never though much of myself until I talked to you, I never felt important to anyone, or felt like I will ever made a difference. Now I feel better about myself and look at life in a whole different way".
You will never find a shelter worker with the brains to explain, life is on an individual basis, we are all responsible for our action, what one does, does not mean all are responsible.... and in this "one" case, this woman who had gone through the woman’s shelter system (Carleton place Ontario) to seek help, never made her feel important, or try to give her back her dignity, instead they made her believe she will always be a victim, always picked on because she is a woman, that she has to be fearful of men...
it took a "man" to give her back her strength...
If a woman goes to a shelter, counseled by those (feminists) who preach hate, permanent victimization, then that person cannot regain her strength, she will feel victimized for the rest of her life, on the defensive and will never achieve her full potential. Simply because she is been used for political purpose, as a statistic and told she will always be someones victim. If we realistically look at what we went through as the human race, we might be a lot of things, but we are not permanent victims.

Feminists are the last people who should be staffing a woman's shelter, they are hateful, resentful, and cannot bring themselves to recognize most men are good men, that the path to redemption and strength is through understanding the "real world" not the world created by cat lovers, (feminists who have no one but their cats to go home too) who dislike themselves and live with an inferiority complex.
Such staff further victimize a person to believe they are not important enough to change the world, and when this happens, we lost another potential Albert Einstein, or Gandhi, because she will pass on her fears imposed on her by an "individual" and the staff of a woman's shelter.

With messages such as that one, promoted by a local and supported by "all" shelters in Ontario, how can any woman regain their self confidence when they are told half the population of the world or in this case Ontario, are nothing but rapist, will look at her as a sex toy, treat her like a disposable rag, remember, if you look deeply at the message they give out, on their own web site, this is "their message" not our, not men, or other women for that matter, since most men are raised by their...mothers.

If we look at who staffs a women's shelter, we can see individuals who themselves have been victimized by bad individuals, (or so some claim), instead of learning the whole story behind what happened to them, that there are and always will be bad individuals, (of both gender) this does not encompass the whole, they bring their hate, and that hate is aimed at those who they believe are responsible, mainly men. That is not an experienced person who should staff and help those in need, since she is in need of help herself.
90% of men do not hold power through rape, that message is nothing other than a hate message directed at part of our community, most men are supportive of the independence and hard work their women do, whether at home, or at the work place, but when these "people" blame all, then they leave out those who could help out and give back a woman the strength she needs to understand that not all men are bad.
 I am not saying only men could do better at a women's shelter, I am saying that men of strong values, (not manginas since these fools also need real men to protect them), and women together can give back a person the reason to believe that the world will not constantly pic on her, but live with her.
And that is something a staff member at a women's shelter could never understand because they are more interested in passing on their hate, their miserably life, and their inferiority complex to others, also, if a person keeps on coming back then she can be added to the statistics year after year.,..

The, "it's all men's fault" is getting old, more and more are realizing that this message is nothing other than personal attacks by those who dislike even themselves. By blaming half the population, when it is the act of only a few, and by the way individuals of both gender can be nasty, (of course shelters will never admit this) then we are limiting the healing and condemning victims to a life of fear...
And that is wrong.  

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