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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why we do, what we do !

What we do today must never be for ourselves, but for them...


Atonwa said...

simple but beautiful.

Tá wit said...

never for ourselves, if only the white man would live by those rules

Anonymous said...

@Ta wit

Some of us do.

Shameful that you are trying to tie this blog into a racist thing.

There is no colour or race in fatherhood or manhood,we are all the same.

Hopefully we don't see many more of the these types of comments on here.


Atonwa said...

he didnt make a racist remark,be put on a reservation c what u think of those who dont do things for others but only 4 themselves.Take a look around you in ur cities,does it look like the white man does things for other.When we refer to the white man it means those in power.It just sound bad cause u didnt know.

Anonymous said...

@Atonwa,yes it does sound bad.

My brother(adopted at 6 months of age) is a full fledge treaty 3.

I have seen how he is and has been treated because of who he is.

I have many,many friend's who are also first nation's that live on or do not live on the reserve's.

I apologize for my misunderstanding.

Thanks for clarifying.


Anonymous said...

BTW,my bro could use a prayer at the moment. He has been diagnosed with advanced stage 4 tongue cancer and is going for surgery on monday to have his tongue and lower jaw removed.

He really has nobody to help him or for support as he will be in Winnipeg. I would really like to know if there is any way someone could help him get in touch with his spirituality as he has never had the opportunity growing up in the white man's world.

I believe he truly needs it.



Atonwa said...

Glad the misunderstanding is over.As for your friend,there is many ways to get in touch with native spirituality,a medicine man would be one,clan mother,or an elder.Get in touch with a local reservation council office,they will be best able to help you and your friend.Remember,sweet grass,sage,cedar and tobacco are 4 sacred herbs,a little smudging,some in the room,can't hurt.One does not need a church to be spiritual,the Creator found time for us individually,we must find the time for him on an individual basis.There is many places online you can go,but some are studies done through the white mans eyes and religion and they never get it right,try to find some that are explained or promoted by natives themselves.If there is anything else we can help you with don't be afraid to ask,this would be the place to do it.
My prayers for you and your friend.

Anonymous said...

Not only is he my friend,he is my brother.We grew up together since we were baby's in the same family.

Thanks for the info and help,I will go to the native friendship centre and maybe they can point me in the right direction.

My brother is in surgery right at this moment and I am waiting to hear word of his well-being.

The surgery is going to take at least ten hour's.