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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who is responsible for the evil some women do?

I really don't know what the hell happened to the human race anymore, I have to admit I do not feel a kinship with what is left.
If women cannot bring themselves to behave in a respectable manner according to their gender and find themselves more important than the life of others, then the human race is done.
Men will put their lives on the line against anyone who endangers the freedom of the individual, this has always been, but the individual does not represent only women, it encompasses men, women and children.
The idea is that feminism and their manginas with all it's evil policies as of late, seem to believe only women count, and when this is acted upon as a "it's done and it's over policy", some will take it to account as if it is the way of things, well it isn't.
We, men will not defend a system that puts adults ahead of children, we will certainly not war against those who threaten freedom if freedom is not given to all...
More and more we see this shit, more and more we die a little as a race everyday...

Mom charged with homicide after giving birth in sports bar bathroom, dumping baby in toilet before returning to watch wrestling match

I hold feminism and manginism responsible for this, because they do not have a balance in their message, which is "all women victims" all men and children do not count. You never see them condemn such  behavior.Go back to your cats you old hags, the world is about to change because we have had just about enough of your crap.

When this blog speaks of women doing wrong, it is pointed at the story of the post, not at all women. We do not believe the majority of women, mothers, subscribe to this type of behavior and as do men, are disgusted at such ideology.
We as adults are here for one reason, to give, with our hard work and moral values, a better life to the next generation than we had...when we fail this we fail life itself, life cannot continue by pandering only to one group.


Karen said...

That is some sick puppy.

Nizhoni said...

Yes,we are all responsible for our actions.Even women.