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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This is s good exposer on what is left of feminism ...idiots & clowns..

There are many disturbing point of conversation in this video that exposes the reality of the sub-intellect of what is left of the so call feminist movement. If the next representatives all think this way, those of us who do fight this stupidity have already won the argument.
For one, according to them, 55% does not constitute a majority, when the discussion goes in that direction, that 55% of voters are women, therefore they must be happy with those they vote for and put in power, it is no, 55 is not a majority. There is not enough women in power, but nothing about the majority of provincial premiers are, yes, women.
It goes on exposing the rampant non debatable stupidity at Toronto universities, where mental abilities have taken a pass...
Then a few frothing comments with red, who lives with her panties always so tight that she cannot speak in a normal manner...she is funny as a clown that one, she is the perfect example of a woman who lost control and reverts to screeching when things don't go her way, an identity most women try to avoid. And this thing, claims to speak for women? You show her videos and ask women if she does speak for them and the first response is always no, because the way she react to controversy is exactly what women want to eliminate, the idea that when women are confronted they go into a tirade.
If this is the next generation of leaders, we are fu...ed.
But in reality, majority of women and men do not subscribe to this rhetoric and idealism, so if we "control" such stupidity to a bare minimum we will do just fine. We just have to show people what they say, and continue to fight them until they are eradicated for existence.
They are extremely dangerous for the safety of our society, (obviously), especially the sons of "women", and if we let them continue without exposure they can screw things up tremendously.
But don't take it from me, just watch the video....the word "clowns" will come to mind a few times...

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