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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The fall of the western empire, through it's birth rate and feminism.

It's amazing isn't it, I always supported the right of my daughters to be who they want to be, outside the destructive ideal of cat loving feminists with an inferiority complex, but it looks like the ones that tried to say it was all our fault are now responsible for the slow death of western society.
There always has to be a balance when we try to change nature, with feminism there is no balance, only the policy of family destruction, victimization, false accusations, hatred of man, desensitizing young people and promoting lewd behavior. We know how far they will go in promoting lewd behavior with the 18 vaginas on the cover of some magazine, which means there is nothing sacred to them and showing some class for ones self is now also a negative...They want everything that parents, traditional family, mom and dad teach out the window, and to do this they invite confused little girls to expose themselves....
The destruction of society as we know it is their main goal....
Well guess what, it's working, whereas men can claim to have build this world, it seems that men can also put an end to it...not because we want women back in the kitchen, that's bullshit, but because the corrupt system of anti family policies of the western world brought on by hateful feminists and their manginas has actually alienated real men from wanting a family...and can you blame them, who the hell would want to raise kids under these circumstances.
It is now "fact" that western based society, whether in Europe or in the Americas, men are having none of the crap feminist policies and the manginas have installed in order to destroy the traditional family.
They can claim they have put forward daycare, after school programs, over rated babysitting programs like junior kindergarten, so on, to help women, but it has not worked that way. Actually, these programs are there to get more people out in the workforce and to spend, so the few can make more profits. Women, even with the financial intensives like tax break and bonuses has gone the other way, it has provided the reduction of the birth rate.

In europe for instance, men have decided, because of pro feminist policies, to stay single and have no kids, because it is to damn dangerous for their health, or they just had enough of all this shit and are going to put an end to what they fought and died for, western civilization.
Everything is against us, the second government (aka the bureaucracy, )family courts, false accusations, child alienation, the list goes on, the thing is, these idiots, actually believed this would work, that we would accept this with open arms...
So the result is the reduction of the individual countries population.
This is also happening in the Americas, both canada and the u.s. are experiencing a reduction of its european descendent population.
Eventually, this will change the nature of these countries where the new population, middle east, asia, and others do not follow the same values as those in their adopted countries, eventually demanding changes that will conflict with the rest and this will cause major problems down the line...
Some of these countries have had to even adopt such things as sharia law to please some of it's immigrant population, which did not rest well with others and eventually will demand their own laws recognizing their values.. The ontario government actually tried to pass that here also...a few years back.
But all this is political...the point here is men have had just about enough and are rebelling against these policies that have done nothing but demonize them simply for been men.
(no I am not bitching about immigration, just trying to make a point)

In a study of european men, Germany for instance...
If you want to understand how truly deep Germany’s problems run, consider this:
In 2005, Europe did a Population Policy Acceptance Study which looked at a broad range of demographic indicators.
One of these indicators was “ideal fertility”—that is, how many kids an individual thought was the ideal number.
Twenty-three percent of German men—that’s not a typo, 23 percent—said that “zero” was the ideal family size.
And that was in 2005....
A better explanation can be seen here...
Page one
Page two.

A resolution to this problem was offered by Anti-Feminism on facebook..
The only things that would truly increase domestic birth-rates is by making it beneficial enough for men to have a family again.
That would heal the divide between men and women which was created by anti-family feminist policies.

1. This can be done by minimizing the high risks of divorce (lose half your assets, high alimony, child support without seeing your kids).
2. Shared Parenting as default after divorce for good parents.
3. Reform the secret, corrupt family courts.
4. Severely punish false abuse allegations
5. Lower taxes to make it more affordable to raise kids.
6. Send all feminists and manginas to Iran. (ok, that one is mine)

Eventually, the feminists and the mangina will be eradicated, we simply have no choice, they have caused so much trouble that everything is falling apart, so far it's a little at a time, but eventually it will be more apparent in coming generations.
Men's site such as anti feminism, anti-misandry, men's rights help, avfm, and so many many others that are created each day are not promoting the return of women to the kitchen as lowly cat petting feminists told you, on the contrary, they are promoting "real" equality without the demonization of other groups. This site for instance, always differentiates between a woman and a feminist or feminist supporters, there is one hell of a difference between women and feminists.  Secure women speak for themselves, understand men, and want their kids to have the best, without blaming other groups. Feminists on the other hand have the audacity to believe their speak for all women. Case in point, A local feminist lawyer referred to this site as "we know what he thinks of women", believing when I point out feminist wrongdoings I point out all women, which I do nothing of the sort. She believes feminism speaks for all women of lanark county, ... and that is arrogance in itself and it shows someone who is out of touch with reality.
What do men's site really want, well some of us are really pissed off, me for one because of what the local woman's shelter did or tried to identify me as something I was not, tried to use my kids against me, lied, abused their position and used fund dedicated to victims to do it.
What we want is stability in our families, for them not to be used by this group to attack us at every turn, we want to eradication of feminism and manginism, we want equality for all, so that it will be passed on to the next generation. We do not want "boys are born potential abusers" as a point of reference to identify all men...What if we would say: "all girls are born potential false accusers".
We will not put up with those who have an inferiority complex to dictate what is ours and always will be, our rights, to protect and provide for our families, we will never accept the state and its second unelected government, (bureaucracy, social programs, family courts) to re-organize families according to their left wing radical views, we want our women to be who they want to be, not what feminists dictate they should be....

If feminism thinks we will roll over and play dead, they are sorely mistaken and have missed the lessons of history, as they have realized and complained about lately, men's sites are overtaking theirs, supported by women's sites on youtube and others.
Even this site, the native canadian, has overtaken all feminist site in lanark county and most of Ontario in ranking. I was looking it up last night and I was terribly pleased with what I saw. We are even higher in ranking than their main anti male site...that describe all men in ontario as power hungry rapists..
All men's site in Ontario are more popular that theirs...especially those I mentioned above...Noted, this site is not up there with them, nor do I stride to be.
It simply means they are loosing the battle, a long way to go, but eventually, politically it will be more advantageous for politicians to look at what we are saying instead of cat lovers if they want to keep their jobs.

Finally, and without adieu...
I do believe it is time for "some women" to chose, which most have already done....
it's feminism or us, you can no longer have it both ways....
Otherwise, those who do support those cat lovers will realize, unlike popular belief, we can go it alone if this continues....

The character of a man is to care for his woman, and I do believe women in general enjoy this and expect it...
Ours is not to control, or to use but to love, protect and provide...

Women simply have to decide for themselves what they really want, a feminists view of a man...
Or the love of a real man....with all it's faults.

We do not stride to demean anyone, if this site has offended anyone, (other than cat lovers) I can assure you it was not our intention. What we do "recognize" is this, men and women are two different sides of the same coin, what we have to do is support each other, as we have always done. Majority of us anyway.
One bad apple does not mean the whole basket is rotten, if we look at life that ways then we throw out the good ones because of one bad....
And that is ridiculous and a lost for all.

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