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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The debate over the MRM and MRA's. Is it what feminists say it is?

The broken dialogue on men’s rights - By Cathy Young July 31, 2013

To many, the very notion of “men’s issues” or men’s rights seems laughable. But consider: If women were dying in 90 percent of workplace fatalities and three out of four suicides, would we not see such numbers as troubling—and as legitimate women’s issues? Yet, reversed, the disparities go unnoticed.

 Many feminists (of both sexes) claim the answer to men’s issues is feminism. (not fu,,,ing likely)
(To a feminist) Supporting paternity leave is one thing; supporting equal parental rights after divorce is another.

"When the campaign for tough domestic violence policies netted more female perpetrators, women’s groups pressed for anti-male double standards, promoting the myth that nearly all female violence is in self-defense. Meanwhile, laudable feminist efforts to secure justice for rape victims have often turned into calls for a presumption of "male guilt."

Is a men’s rights movement the answer? Advocates of men’s causes such as author Warren Farrell have made needed contributions to the understanding of gender issues. Unfortunately, any movement championing one gender seems doomed to devolve into victim politics and demonization of the other sex. 
Some leading men’s rights websites such as A Voice for Men offer a steady diet of vulgar woman-bashing that discredits any valid points they may make.

Perhaps what the 21st century needs is not a women’s movement (which was once essential to secure basic rights) or a men’s movement, but a gender equality movement.

Cathy Young is a columnist at Newsday and RealClearPolitics.com.

Are some in the mrm making the same mistakes as the feminists, instead of debating equal rights for all, promoting rights for one side?
The thing I noticed is, feminists actually believe they speak for all women, this is delusional, I have more than once showed that the majority of women, especially the younger generation adamantly oppose feminism, because of their bashing of men. Even were I live, in lanark county Ontario, one local feminist expressed her views on this web site as, "we know his views on women". This is dumb as hell, since I have daughters,and I have expressed myself clearly that there is a big difference between feminism and women. But again, because this "feminist" believes she represents all women in lanark county, when someone talks about them, she defends her movement by saying an attack on feminists is an attack on all women.(B.S)
That said, does the author of the above post (a woman), have a point when she says some mra's are going over the top. I don't think so, I would like to see how she reacts if she would be demonized everyday, her kids taken away, salaries confiscated, seeing kids under supervision because of false accusation made during custody. 
Notice the propaganda, it's all men's fault...again...Nothing about the hatred thrown at us everyday by her feminist friends.
I personaly try not to go over the top, since I only print the truth, personal experiences and always put link to what I write, and neither does most of the mra's out there. 
Since avfm is the most active in the mrm, they will be attacked more often than others. Do I believe they promote one side over the other, no, they do have a tendency to create controversy by in your face arguments, and I think they use the word "women" instead of feminists too many times, but they do it for a reason, to cause debate.
Lastly, about the author above, I do not trust the word of someone who cannot admit that it was not a woman's movement that secured basic human rights, (that is the voice of a feminist, divide and conquer, or so they wish), it was a gender equal movement,  men and women, fought for the right to vote, to get boys out of mines and girls out of manufacturing plants.
I am not a in your face blogger, I leave this to others, I like the idea of some sites been more conservative in their viewpoints like men's right help, that point out the attacks on men, (fathers, sons and husbands) is an attack on all of us.

It is important to us to fight for all sides, and not fall into the trap been set up by feminism to describe us as only a men's right movement, because that is not who we are.
As fathers, sons and husbands it would be stupid for anyone to believe men do not care about the rights of the women in their lives...
The right to vote, was fought and won over not by feminism, but by both gender, the fight to take our kids out of mines and manufacturing plants at the start of the last century was fought by both mom's and dad's and the fight for equal pay for "equal work", was fought by men and women... I negotiated labor contracts in the 80's, equal pay did not mean equal because of gender,  it meant for equal work...Should a waitress make the same as a female welder building a skyscraper, hundreds of feet above the ground, so why do feminists argue for it, if it is a man doing the work?
Together we achieve more than fighting for one side over the other...
Of course, some of us are pissed at the way we are been portrayed, me included, we don't rape women, we don't beat our wives, and we certainly do not want our daughters in the kitchen, washing dishes, barefoot and pregnant...those who do harm to others are doing it as individuals, not as a group of men or women...
If I see a post on some woman having raped or beaten a child, I do not for one minute believe all women are like that, but identify it as the act of a single bad individual.
The mrm was created by feminism, they are responsible for the watering down of family rights because of their hatred of men, because of this we now have a lost generation.
Feminism should be identified for what they are, a self serving, low self-esteem, an inferiority complex with a chip on their shoulder hate group, who have no one but their cats to go home too. 

So what is feminism, well, its the female equivalent to...chauvinism...Ironic isn't it?

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