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Friday, August 16, 2013

Study shows false feminist statistics on dating violence

Girls commit dating violence as often as boys, studies show

Coming from nbc, I am surprise, they are known to be pro feminist and a left wing news media outlet...
this study pretty well exposes the feminists statistics of dating violence as exaggerated and false, and their bs that it is always boys fault...
"More girls – 43 percent – than boys – 28 percent – reported committing an act of physical dating violence, said researchers who are presenting their findings beginning Wednesday at the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting. Slightly more boys – 23 percent – than girls – 18 percent – reported perpetrating at least one act of sexual violence."
Not exactly the statistics offered by the feminists web sites is it? 
Considering forced kissing has been put into this survey, and that this act has been around forever, even in my grandparents time, is it an act of violence or a passage? Trying to get a kiss from a girl was in the past a reason for dad to "explain" to the boy that if he did it again, he would understand the meaning of "don't make me he-bitch man slap you" lol....so is it sexual violence, mmm....debatable. Take that away and the 23% goes down even further.

"31 percent of all study participants admitted deliberately doing something to make a partner angry, and 26 percent used a hostile tone. Physical and sexual violence were less common in the group studied with 10 percent saying they had hit or slapped a dating partner, 11 percent saying they’d bit a partner, and 6 percent saying they had forced a partner to kiss." 
This percentage refers to both boys and girls....

"2.1 percent of boys admitted perpetrating an act of sexual coercion compared to 0.4 percent of girls. Girls were more likely than boys to engage in any instance of physical or psychological dating violence."
2.1%???? But according to feminists statistics, sexual violence is 25% some sites even puts it higher...
Wait, whats this? Girls are more likely to engage in dating violence? 
But according to feminists, it's all boys fault.

"Other studies have shown that severe, injury-causing violence is more often male perpetrated, and that girls typically have a greater fear of injury from dating violence."
Yep! Those are the feminists statistics they are talking about, the exaggerated ones.

"We anticipated that family bonds and support would help prevent both delinquency and dating violence. But “I was a little surprised… We thought it would be helpful, but it turned out to be very helpful in decreasing all forms of violence we measured, and all forms of delinquency.”
As I have promoted on this site, "family" is the answer to raising children, not feminist controlled social programs, or teen help organisations like open doors in smiths falls on. (personal experience, go there as a parent, you will be told it's your fault)
Mom and Dad know better the inner workings of their kids, not some feminist or mangina who took anti male, anti family women's studies.

"“We think family education is one of the real gateways for intervention and prevention, If you are able to educate families and parents around these issues, it provides the first line of defense for helping kids avoid getting into these kinds of behaviors.”
I take issue with this statement, we parents already know what the problem is, we do not need to be educated, we just need for nosy busybodies to stay out of our families affairs, we know best.
In lanark county were I live, we are blasted all the time with, "it is all mens fault, dating violence is boys fault, send your kids to us and we will educate them in how to behave", and yet, things are getting worse because of meddling in families responsibilities. 
I remember reading one of their studies on their site, it dated back to 1999, and it is all men's fault...it's 2013
"Although we recognize that men can be victims of sexual violence and in certain cases women can perpetrate sexual violence(well isn't that nice of them to think of us), there is a clear gender difference when it comes to who is most likely to rape and who is most likely to be raped.  85% of victims of sexual violence are girls and women, and 98% of sex offenders are men. (Statistics Canada, “Sex offenders,” Juristat (March 1999)".
If we compare this, to the study above, we can clearly see an exaggeration of the truth and 1999 was 14 years ago.
We see a lot of "manipulation of the truth, here is an example:
"Only 8% of sexual assaults are reported to police. While the rates of sexual assaults have not dropped, reports to police have decreased by 36% between 1993 and 2002"
Maybe the police report have dropped, because there are less of them????? Where do they get, "rate of sexual assault have not dropped"? What? Were supposed to take their word for it? Or is it, if they manipulate words, they keep their self importance? Don't forget, trying to get a kiss is a form of abuse to them.

Local shelters director, goes to schools, preaches how dating violence is all boys fault, their you tube site, all boys fault, or it hints that way...
In this presentation at a local school, the same thing, boys are bad...

Were the hell is the balance offered by nbc and the study they reported on, if we have no balance in all this, the problem will never go away, if girls, as we see above, perform violence as often or more than boys, and it is not confronted, then it just will not stop. 
If, we as parents do not take responsibility for our kids behavior and willfully depend on those who make us believe they know better, yet offer false statistic on the problem, it is only going to get worse.

This study specifically shows that since the second unelected government, (bureaucracy, i.e., social programs, totally controlled by left wing feminists) has gotten involved in families affairs, thing have gone down ward, crime, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, homelessness, lack of self respect, welfare dependency has gone up. And will only get worse because they created generational welfare and all the kids who grew up on welfare are coming of age.
Putting up dubious statistic to manipulate one side against the other, has done nothing but damage our society. 
Boys will be boys, girls will be girls, teenagers will be teenagers and if they do not have the guidance from mom and dad, we loose them, we can't depend on those who have a degree in women's studies and have never been in our home to tell us what to do.
After all, their salaries, jobs and self worth all depend on keeping the statistics high, showing the problem gets worse if they are not there, and how important they are, "in their own minds".

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