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Friday, August 16, 2013

SCUM...Society for Crazy Underachieving Morons.

I know there has been a lot of redirection towards this video, made by supporters of valerie solanas, so I thought I would put in my 2 cents.
First of all, it would be the day I am offended by a video and a manifesto made by a Society for Crazy Underachieving Morons, because it perfectly shows, to me anyway, which direction feminism has taken, since this was made. 
Some say it is not important, that it was made as a joke, whatever the reason, it goes to say that if the gender were reversed, you would have feminists fainting(pretend), loose their large panties in public, froth at the mouth and screech misogynists like banshees with a touch of rabies.
And if it was from a racial standpoint, well, the words klu klux klan, nazis, supremacist, race crime would be yelled out from the tallest building. 
So, as a joke why is it OK, if it is a man been shot in the head twice, then crazy morons licking the blood and dancing over his body????

The majority of the young ladies today do no subscribe to feminism because of the crazies out there who have gone out of their way to demonize the very existence of men, fathers, sons, husbands, brothers. Last time I checked, polls, which are always all over the place, averages feminist support between 20 to 30% of women, and 10 to 15% of manginas. 
"According to a 1986 Gallup poll, 56 percent of U.S. women considered themselves feminists. By 1992, a Time/CNN poll found that only 29 percent were willing to call themselves feminists, and that figure was even lower among young women." from JANET K. BOLES
And it is even lower today, we don't have to have manipulated polls to figure that one out.
The best poll out there that explains the irrationality of feminism is the one done by...ms magazine, it is so contradictory, that I laughed when I saw it. Bragged by and according to feministing.com 55% of women voters in the last election considered themselves feminists. 
I am not going to dissect the crap they put on their site, but I am going to point out the contradiction.
Now, they say 55% of women voters identify themselves as feminists? then they nag us that not enough women are in power? so there is more men in power because...women, feminists, voted for them?
They had a choice to vote for the party candidates, women and men, who went through the process, yet, men got elected by a majority of...women.
I just don't see 55% of feminists voting on mass for a man, do you? so their poll must be...exaggerated.

There is also a feminist civil war going on, thanks to hugo schwyzer, white feminists vs women of color and other women who consider themselves feminists. 

This is explained in the recent battle at #solidarityisforwhitewomen

As long as we will have things like s.c.u.m. society for crazy underachieving morons, or expressions like "all men are rapists" or "all men achieve power through rape" then more and more "people" will walk away from such a destructive ideal. 
Freedom to be who we want to be should never depend on one group, but on all of us, women and men, working together for the benefit of the next generation. Feminism is divisive, some even hateful, and those who believe they are doing good are overshadowed by those who take this and believe it is their own property, while refusing any dissent or criticism.
"Tow the line or else"

I personally have no problem with who I am, it will be the day, someone with an inferiority complex makes me feel small because of it. As a man, I know full well, that these morons would not have the right to freely say or do without me and all the brothers out there. 
Men and women for that matter should always hold their head high, true these "morons" are a pain in the ass, but remember this, without man, the mortal enemy of the radical moron, oops! I mean feminists, they would not have the right to crap out of their mouth the shit they spew out there.
That's why I always refer them as clowns of society, if you really think about it, they demonize, or try too, the very gender that ensures their right to speak freely and they know it, so going against men who are the guarantors of their freedom makes them a comedic act.
And anyway, since we have mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, we certainly do not sign up the the idea that women should be in the kitchen washing dishes serving beer and a sandwich at a man's calling.
If they want to be working women or stay at home moms, so be it, neither belittles us, nor do we feel threatened by it.
The worse thing we can do, and history has shown, is to join or support individual divisive groups, we argue and achieve very little and it takes more time than it should, and no one can tell me that some do not profit for this battle of genders. 


Anonymous said...

Society for Crazy Underachieving Morons.scum
lol, thats a good one, do u mind if I use it.

BlackWolf said...

Not at all.