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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Petition to end Women's Suffrage, man exposes women studies for what it is.

One would think, at a university, at the department of women's studies, all feminists would know what women's suffrage meant...but...if you pass a petition to end women's right to vote, the next generation of feminists will sign it...
If this wasn't so sad, I would be laughing my ass off.
This pretty well says it all, women's studies is not about learning women history, it is about bashing men...at the expense of....women in history.
Can we blame those who signed the petition to end women's vote? Of course not, these little girls are there to learn, to absorb knowledge. The ones that are to blame are the rancid man hating old hags of the feminist conviction,who call themselves teachers, professors, or whatever... they are to blame.
We see now what women's studies really is, a place for old hags with no men in their lives, because of their dark self impose inferiority complex, jealous as hell, who have nothing to go home too after their day of passing on their hate, but their cats.
They are no longer much of a threat, if this continues, the passage of radical feminism into the graveyard of history will be fairly easy. And then maybe we can work together for the next generation the way our grandparents did, the way it has been since the dawn of time. We have a saying; we do not own anything, but borrow from our children. We are supposed to pass on what we have learned, and women's studies is obviously passing on useless rhetoric at the expense of knowledge, and without knowledge, there is no advancement.

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John said...

lol,now thats funny.Gonna put that on my page.