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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

obama won't go to Russia because of snowden, are you kidding me?

A return to the cold war?

Are they serious? Is the american government so heart up for another enemy that they makes this up as they go along...
 I usually stay away from international affairs, but this one is so ridiculous that I could not resist.
Putin is in his right to give Snowden political asylum, after all, if we look at how many asked america for political asylum, and giving away secrets from their country, we can see many have betrayed their country, according to the same rules the obama administration is claiming.
The last one been Sergei Tretyakov from Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service in 2000, he revealed many political and intelligence secrets from Russia. Same thing they are accusing Snowden of doing.
As for Snowden, whether he did the same thing is debatable, if The Soviets had no right to spy on their population, then why is the obama administration allowed to spy on theirs.
Let's face it, western government spy on their population, and the american government got caught with their pants down...There was a time governments had respect for the people and would not spy on them and if they dared, the media would make them pay for it, but since we no longer have a free media, they can get away with it?
Here is a list of defectors to america, by their countries laws, traitors themselves and all of them gave away secrets. Something the western media seems to have forgotten to point out, or is it we have the right to do it but they don't beliefs.
All of them, as obama said lawbreakers, so, what is the difference?
Sure our side was better according to us....but to the Russians, their system was not the evil empire.
The obama administration should loosen their panties a bit, and stop the silly bullshit.
I do believe any country is allowed to give political asylum to anyone who claims to be in danger in his country of birth...
As for the recent alqaida threat, when you get caught with your hands in the cookie jars, spying on your own population, invent a danger, and people will say, Oh well, maybe it's ok if they spy, after all they have to catch the bad guys...
Interesting isn't it that this alqaida thing comes out just in time to take our minds of the idea that we are supposed to live in a free society...

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