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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Napanee woman assaulted in her home. By 2 women. Not a word from local feminists.

Woman assaulted in her home.
Officers with the Napanee OPP received a report of an assault that took place at a residence on Meadow Lane in Greater Napanee on Sunday, July 28th at 4 a.m.

The victim, a woman, reported two women entered her bedroom and assaulted her. 

The victim was threatened not to call the police.

The suspects are described as follows:

#1 - short, chunky build, wearing baseball hat backwards.

#2 - 5'9", long dark hair and had small purse made from some kind of soft fabric, wearing one orange shoe and one white shoe

Anyone with information in relation to this assault is asked to contact the Napanee OPP or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or anonymously online at tipsubmit.com
As bad as this is, and it is, any kind of violence against another human being is unacceptable, especially in someones own home where they should feel safe.
Also, in researching this story, I found that the details of what happen to this victim is non existent, yet if it would of been 2 males...look out... the details.....we would of been told how many spots they have on their asses....

But while I was reading this, I was wondering about this monument to women who experienced violence, the local feminists are pushing to be built in Perth on.
Are they going to put in detail (and it isn't just women; children and men have also experienced violence in lanark county), that these acts of violence on women was committed by individuals of "both gender"?
Or are they planing to use victims in order to gather at this "monument" to accuse, bash and demonize men only...?
I dare to answer....
The local feminists, aka cat lovers, will use this monument to demonize men only. Most of these monuments are used to bring up marc lepine and ecole polytechnic in Montreal, as if it was the only issue out there.
Lanark's feminists have never had an opposition to what they say, they could always say stupid things like we watch sports, buy beer and beat our women and the LCBO co-operates with this, or men hold power through rape and sexual harassment, and other really idiotic things and no one had the balls to call them up on it...till now.
When the say ridiculous things now, their faces, position, name, web sites, all end up on...this blog.
They talk about victims, what about their victims, after all, they control all social programs, open doors, child protection i.e. c.a.s., shelters, welfare, housing, legal clinics, just to name a few, they promote welfare as if it is a way of life, and when parents tell them to stay out of their families affair, they defend themselves by sending their feminist supporters from the local police...(not all support them anymore by the way)

They have been known to "coach" teen girls to use the word abuse against parents who would not sign for their kids to be on welfare, you seek help from places like open doors, a teen help nightmarish place, and the ones who get blamed is the parents, making things even worse. 

All this makes victims of the younger generation, because they know nothing of respect, and working hard for what you want. Hence local feminists are responsible for drug abuse, welfare dependency, alcoholism, lack of self respect and teen pregnancy, all issues best thought to kids by the parents.
Not to mention all the male victims of false accusations for financial gains, (done through the criminal injury compensation board with the help of the local legal clinic in Perth, on.), custody of the kids, to be put on the emergency list in order to get housing faster. 
So, in my opinion, there are more victims of radical greedy radical feminism with a political ideal based on hate, shouldn't we have a monument that exposes this crap....
As we can see, violence is not performed by individual males only, it is also done by, individual women. 
Monuments to victims, I am all for it, monuments to women only, will be used as a political tool...and that is disgusting.


Mike said...

"Monuments to victims, I am all for it, monuments to women only, will be used as a political tool."
Totally agree,thats what they use it for all the time.

Anonymous said...

These Feminist's are givng Lepine EXACTLY what he wanted-immortality.

Why do they never mention that Lepine was raised by a single mother?


BlackWolf said...

because they follow the bible of propaganda written by josef goebells, "use the moment to your advantage", he said this after the burning of the reichstag in 1933. Nobody called him up on it and the rest is history.