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Monday, August 19, 2013

More male bashing coming to an Ontario high school near you.

Feminists paint women as infantile, weak, permanent victims.
I guess students have to learn how.
Anti male courses comes to Ontario high schools,

Whatever happened to human studies, how to get along with the many diversity of the human race, instead of spitting out how bad men are or how we all go around picturing women at Tupperware parties in their underwear having a tickle fight.

What a waste of time and funds, just like the crap these low lives are doing in universities, not allowing opposing views, they want to do this in high school. Well I say they are to late, the anti feminist movement has taken root and this is just a sorry useless attempt to increase their numbers.
They are so desperate that they will try anything.
So be it,  you can't hide, we will follow them there also...

1 comment:

Harry said...

Oh no,u mean to tell me they dont have tickle parties,awww.lol