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Monday, August 12, 2013

Man vs mangina series...Parasites.

I wonder who is more attractive to the ladies, a conservative male who works hard, provides, protect and comes home to wife and kids, the old traditional way.
Or a mangina who supports abortions because it provides him with more sex and basically thinks of women as sex objects? Remember, the mangina is the ally of the feminist.
Ahh! the world feminist and manginas created, doesn't it make you feel all warm insinde...
and were the bad guys?
No wonder women are running away from these fools...

Parasitism; an organism that benefits at the expense of others.


outdoors said...

I pulled a parasite(tick) off my dog the other day,now it's infected.
Better off to rid the planet of parasite's before they infect everything.Even when gone,the damage remains.


BlackWolf said...

True, but we have to clean now in order to save for the furture