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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Left wing radical feminism and their manginas...tear down what is good, elevate what is evil.

Once upon a time, a man, father, who loved his daughter very much, did everything to make her happy, sacrificed all his dreams for hers. As time went by, she grew to be a very intelligent and beautiful young lady.
But just like all teenagers, she experienced a time of rebellion,  her father, knowing full well this would pass, gave her time and space to evolve outside this passage of life.
All was set, all was ready for her future, an honor student, months away from college, scholarship, offer of employment from a modeling agency, things did indeed look good for this beloved daughter of a simple man.
Then, out of the dark, evil made itself known in this little family, in the form of...radical left wing feminism.

This story is now the story of many families, the attacks we are experiencing can be pointed at the feminist movement of today. They tear down what is good, families, and elevate what is evil, greed, lust, dependency, alcoholism, drug abuse, immorality, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, disrespect, crime, dependency on others, instead of one's inner strength.
Movies, television shows, hollywood, news media, schools, the second government (aka the bureaucracy, social program, so on) which in itself is unelected and stinking of left wing radicalism, are all responsible for the degradation of our families, a lost generation, hence Canadian and western society.
You don't have to go far to see how funny immorality and decadence is, take one tv show, the family guy, bestiality, pedophilia, violence against women, violence against men, violence against children, drug abuse, crime, adultery, murders, all what was considered to be immoral acts are now open comedy, to be laughed at and made to be normal. And that's just one show.
When we do not speak up against immorality, or take it as harmless comedy, we get desensitized to it, and when it does happen all around us, it is easier to accept, that is how the radical left and it's feminists tool are doing it, desensitize and simply say it's normal.
Is it normal to depend on welfare, is it normal to have kids at 16 years old, is it normal to say pedophiles have rights, is it normal to do drugs or have sex with multiple partners at a very young age, instead of waiting to be with someone you love. Well. according to left wing radical feminism, this is all normal and openly promoted.
See, the more the world is fuc..ed up, the more they will have people depend on them, shelters, welfare, and everything in between, they don't care about us, they only care about what they want, and to think otherwise is to fall in their web, and we all know what happens when we get caught in the spider's web.
None of us are promoting a puritan lifestyle, everyone should have fun, life is too difficult to be caught up in one extreme to the other, but there has to be personal control, self imposed limits, to be aware of what is destructive, and who is watching our every move.


Anonymous said...

I would like to put a good comment about feminists,but I cant anymore.

Marie said...

I hate family guy.