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Friday, August 23, 2013

Land of the lost mind... radical feminists always refer to abusers as men...why not women? or individuals?

I  tried to read the whole page, but I have to admit I could not, after reading part of it I realized that the post was comparing abusers to all men, pointing out men and fathers. Forgetting for a moment, that well above 90% of fathers are good providers and loving fathers. They also try their best to demonize men's site, again forgetting or not recognizing that father have feelings and are treated by courts and social programs as expendable trash to be crapped on anytime someone does something wrong, as if we all do it...Men's site are the answer to feminism and their manginas, by constantly attacking fathers as if we are nothing more than animals, they created the movement, they are responsible for it's existence as the lanark county Ontario feminists are responsible for this one, because they actually believed we would sit by and do nothing while they put our families in danger.
I experienced this kind of radical stupidity myself, here in lanark county Ontario, I realize this was so entrenched in the system that the protection of children took second stage to their policy of demonizing anything male, and the manginas, bowing to the demands of their masters in fear like pussies are just going along with it. And who suffers in this screwed up part of Ontario, children, also treating them as expendable to their goals.
Majority of abusers in families are not men, since the majority of men are at work, it is "fact" that children are more abused by bad mothers than bad fathers. Though these kind of statistics are hard to come by in canada, because they are hidden as so not to offend their feminist masters, you can be sure, since the society of both countries parallel each other that the numbers are close to the same.
 The "individual" that fails their own children are the bad part of family life, but the worse are those who skip this issue and put these children in danger by not recognizing the problem.
 All studies points the benefits to children of having Dad in the picture on a regular basis, if they cared more about children and family rights instead of a political ploy to advance feminism then this issue would be looked at better than it is, but since it would advance paternal importance, feminists and their manginas do not want to talk about it, hence putting children at risk.
Feminism is a tool, the fool always gets used for a more sinister end, what the end is, who knows, right now i would guess it is for getting more people to work, more tax collection, more profits...again at the expense of families.

Anyway, here is why the link above pissed me off....Abusers tend to be extremely manipulative and they have had great success in misleading the courts, legislatures and media.  The men who control “fathers’ rights groups are extremists whose goals include eliminating child support, repealing domestic violence laws and in some cases permitting sex between adults and children.  Obviously, if they said this to courts, they would get nowhere.  Instead they disguise their goals by seeking seemingly fair objectives like “shared custody” “friendly parent” protections and equal treatment of parents.  Who could object to such reasonable requests?
Male supremacist groups often refer to sexual abuse allegations as the “atomic bomb” of child custody.  In reality when sexual abuse is alleged, even when strong evidence supports the allegation, the alleged abuser usually wins custody.  In research unrelated to custody, it is well established that by the time children reach the age of 18, one-third of the girls and one-sixth of the boys have been sexually abused.  Although the stereotypical rapist is a stranger in a raincoat, most rape and sexual abuse is committed by someone the victim knows, often the father.

Men are compared to abusers, "father's group rights wants of all things, to permit sex between children and adults???..." Are they fu...ng crazy???
-That in itself does not come from the mrm, mra's or father's rights group, it come from feminism, and anyone who has those kind of thoughts are perverse themselves...
-As for men's rights, they are fathers' right, family rights, and since daughters are involved in our families as do our sons, we want them to live free to be who the want to be, the total opposite of feminist ideology...
-We do not disguise what we will achieve and it is "inevitably"' the destruction of feminism and their manginas..
-Shared custody is not only the right of the parent but of the child.
-There is no male supremacist groups in the mra's, well not here anyway, that would mean i want my daughters in the kitchen washing dishes, barefoot and pregnant....
-As for false accusations, it's real and a danger not only to good men and fathers, but for the child, since they will be alienated and eventually despise the mother for doing it...knowing anger instead of parental love.
-Other stupidity, "the abuser gets custody?"
-And finally, one third of girls get sexually abused, that is bullshit, especially the part where "most of the abuse is committed often by the father". Here is a reality check for this "idiot" put an "individual" who has done this in a cage with a father or a man and sit back as see what happens.

Sex abuse does happen, I don't think you will find no respectable mra out there denying it, what we are saying is it is performed by "individuals" of both gender, and if it is not recognize then there will be more and more victims who go unnoticed.
Mra's are the real men who are trying in their own way, without political support, to change the path this society has taken, we understand it is going in the wrong direction, that one cannot be safe if only one group is promoted over the other, it will eventually engulfed all of us in the long term. Also, speaking only for myself, defending the family at all cost is what we have done since the beginning of time, and we will continue to eradicate those who threatens them, it is the way of things.

The only way to stop any kind of abuse on any person, is for men and women, mothers and fathers, to get together and do it ourselves, if we depend on others the way we have for the past decades, things are going to get worse. The feminist and the mangina had their chances and look what they did with it...
blaming the very group that can prevent this in the first place...


Jackson said...

How long till manhood is declared illegal.

BlackWolf said...

Really, give it time.

Anonymous said...

I thought being a man was already punishable?