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Friday, August 30, 2013

KFC takes down “Hot Shot” ads.

(Washington D.C. August, 28 2013)  Stop Violent and Abusive Environments (SAVE)  announced today that Kentucky Fried Chicken has ceased their “Hot Shot Bites” Youtube ad campaign.  While KFC has made no official statement regarding the ads, it appears that they took them down in response to a swell of outcry concerning their capricious depiction of violence directed at men.  SAVE is taking credit for the development.
The ads, depicting a woman slapping a man in the face and then taking his “Hot Shot Bites,” which were introduced several months ago, sparked outrage in the men’s rights community.  SAVE responded with a petition as well as sending activists to KFC restaurants to complain. Facebook ads were placed in and around Louisville  KY., the location of KFC Headquarters, and several radio interviews with SAVE operatives were held concerning the ad campaign.  An email sent to SAVE supporters stated “the horrible ads were removed due to the efforts of thousands of individuals” and that the “removal occurred right after a week of intensive publicity and advocacy efforts, including radio interviews, emails, and restaurant visits around the country.”
First, it's important to note, even if kfc repeatedly defended the adds as fun and non violent, the point was, which they took their time to understand,  "what if it was the other way around", a man slapping a woman for fun and non violent.
Nonetheless, the important factor is, the men's right movement is here and powerful enough to make a world wide corporation fear it enough to figure out they will loose profits. And make no mistake, they did not pull the adds out of respect for men, but for lost of profitability, it's all about the money.

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