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Monday, August 26, 2013

Feminists vs the Simpsons

By bowing to one group we are damaging others, especially in schools.
Though this is considered comedy, the message is proper, they have divided the education system so much that the results are, learning is secondary to political grouping the future generation. So far in history, this is new, usually it starts within the political system, but in this case, they went after school children first, so when they grow up, all the crap they were fed will filter into society. The division they were thought will not bode well for the future.
Children should  never be used for political purposes, yet they openly do it, even to a point of trying to advance one group over the other, boys vs girls, and since the feminists are involved, boys are always the ones to suffer, so much for equality.  Now that we know what they stand for, why are some still listening to this hate group?
If the producers of the simpsons have noticed it, why  haven't the politicians?

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