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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Feminist makes an open false accusation against a man, then assaults him.

What can anyone say about this, not exactly the best moment of feminism, but then again, they have not had a good moment for quite a while.
One of the backlash of feminists, even here in lanark county ontario, is their support of anything and everything violence against women whether it's true or not, has created idiots such as the one in this video.
We all know that there is personal violence against men, women and children out there, performed by individuals of "both sexes", no one denies this, but the false accusations are getting so prevalent in today's society, performed by "women" of dubious character, that it is demeaning anything feminists try to do or say.
If they, and I refer to their main power base, women's shelters for one, would weed out the false accusations done for financial benefit, greed, custody of the kids, revenge, to be put on the top of the list for welfare and housing, maybe we would take what they say a little bit seriously. (personally, they have lied and tried to make all men out to be bad guys so much, nothing they say can convince me they have the best interest of real victims anymore)
I do not claim to speak for all, I just write according to my own experiences and those I investigated, or people I have interviewed and talked too. But I did come to a conclusion that false accusations is "not" an invention, false reporting, or a point of contention, it is true, it does exists and to my knowledge it is getting worse and worse. If I was to put a percentage on false allegation I would say it is fast approaching 50% of all accusations of violence made. If not more.
Women's shelters will accept any report of domestic violence whether real or not, this in turn allows them to put these reports, false or otherwise into their statistics, claim violence is on the rise, add all those coming through their doors, and funding for the next year can be increase. Not to mention salaries.
Their "open" argument is, they can't pick and choose who is telling the truth of not, it would limit funding, limit the number of beds, but wait a minute, if the false accusers where not around they would not need more beds, and the ones there would be used for the right reasons...
It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that one lie leads to another, and when they are caught up in these policies, it is difficult to let go. In turn those who suffer are the real victims who eventually are used equally with those who make false accusation. Not differentiating between the two is insulting and destructive to those who do need help and assistance.

Any false accusations, uses funding other than what it is for, it take any real argument they may make away from reality and turns it into something one has to doubt .
The more actions such as the one above, or any false accusation is not exposed by those who call themselves feminists, the more they will be discarded as clowns or simple trouble makers.
This is not the doing of the MRM, or any MRA, this is their own doing, their own responsibility,  and when they complain that we no longer take feminist values seriously, they are right, and how can we under these circumstances.
There is a big difference between a feminist and a women, we, as fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, men and women, take the rights of the individual "very seriously", without the help of those who accept false allegations as fact.
Humanity evolves, human rights go forward, but it stays still if those (feminists) who see themselves as entitled can do anything they wish without repercussion. False accusations and man haters is now tagged to feminism, so much so that public figures are distancing themselves from it, because, as one said recently, "it is less alienating to people who think of feminism as a load of strident bitches", instead calling themselves humanists.
Radical feminists are up in harms, as we can see on the internet, trying to figure out what to do next, when you have highly public figures like ceo's of yahoo, actresses, singers, wives of Presidents, who distance themselves because of the negative tags attached to it, you know something is not kosher in the movement...
False accusations is nothing more than lies, and as the old saying goes, "if one lies, you need another to cover it". And as long as feminism does not admit false accusation is a problem in their ranks, they will loose support to a point of extinction, and to me anyway, that would be good thing for all of us, then maybe we can move on.


Anonymous said...

C'mon now,this man was attempting to spread the word of god.....how dare he do such a thing?

According to the feminist regime,Feminism are the only religion we need to know.

It is obvious the feminista's hate competition.


The Native Canadian said...

ya and the more they keep it up, the more we will make them famous, or infamous...