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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is feminism becoming a dinosaur around women's neck?

At the weekend, various cities around Britain hosted demonstrations by thousands of young women dressed, or to be more accurate, half-dressed as sex objects, all supposedly in the cause  of ‘feminism’.
Hold on a minute, wasn't feminism supposed to be a revolt against treating women as sex objects?
Indeed, but the ostensible aim of these ‘Slut Walks’ was to negate the impact of any judgments upon women for how they may flaunt their bodies in public, by deliberately dressing in the most sexually provocative manner possible.

These in-your-face parades started in response to a Canadian police officer who, in a talk about public safety, suggested that if women didn't want to invite sexual assaults they should avoid dressing like ‘sluts’.
Cue a tsunami of ludicrously over-the-top protests that this officer had effectively blamed women for their own rapes.
Such an inflation of well-meaning, if incautious, advice into a thought-crime against half the human race triggered an international explosion of self-indulgent and absurd posturing.
Dozens of Slut Walks have now taken place, of which the weekend marches around Britain were but the latest example.
These narcissistic stunts are yet another frivolous distraction by those who take advantage of the unprecedented freedoms won by others as they wrap themselves in the mantle of victim.

It’s absurd that they cannot see the contradictions in what they are doing. For even though they demand that women should not be judged by what they are wearing, such a judgment is precisely what dressing as ‘sluts’ requires the watching world to make.
And the absurdity is deepened by their insistence that clothing, or its absence, has no effect on other people.

Daddy would be proud wouldn't he? Oh wait! Dad is a man.....So, dad bad...

Increasingly irrelevant: Germaine Greer and her fellow feminists have little influence over women's lives in the 21st centuryIncreasingly irrelevant: Germaine Greer and her fellow feminists have little influence over women's lives in the 21st century

On BBC1’s Question Time, Germaine Greer turned stomachs with her remark that little girls flirt with their fathers when kissing them goodnight.

And lets not forget the latest insult to fathers, mothers spend money on their kids, fathers on themselves.

Feminism has become such a problem in society that, men don't have to explain in detail what they represent, we just have to point it out...
Here in lanark we have one dumb comment after another from local feminists..."when we watch the super bowl, or the stanley cup, or the grey cup, we buy beer and beat our women"...dumbest comment ever made....
erin lee todd
“You can tell it’s the Super Bowl because it’s busy at the liquor store,”Erin Lee-Todd, director of the local woman's shelter said. The LCBO knows this as well, which is why, like with the Christmas rush, they often have extra staff on game days like the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup finals. While the rush of the big game can be intoxicating to sports fans, the rush of emotions, coupled with alcohol itself, can fuel domestic violence after the game as well. Lee-Todd noted that the levels of domestic abuse rise after big sporting events like the Super Bowl.
 (Is she trying to say the LCBO promotes the beating of women????)

How the hell does someone like that ever make it in the media, most of them depend on the "big games" for revenue. Isn't there men journalists or are they all manginas, what about the women, don't they have men in their lives. When someone makes such disturbing comments, girls flirt with daddy, we watch sports, buy beer and beat our women, you call them up on it, tell them to either retract such an idiotic comment or tell them to be quiet....  If anything daddy offers security to his children and the big game brings excitement, not violence...silly feminists.

Like I said, point out what they say about their husbands, son, and fathers and let the ladies make up their own minds...
Feminism, feminazis, cat lovers, tamponistas, hags, hagasaurus pet-a-catosaurus, lol (Love that one), whatever you want to identify them as, have become as irrelevant as someone who would ask for special rights for chauvinism...
After all, feminism is comparable to chauvinism, the 2 walk hand in hand...
To say feminism speaks for women is like saying chauvinism speaks for men...it's ridiculous.
And for those politicians who still pander to these dinos, we are watching...if you like your jobs, you better change your attitude.
Lanark county Ontario is falling apart at the seams, families are divided, children on welfare, babies having babies, father's alienated, drug abuse on the rise, crime, the list goes on, and those who caused this, are still around?


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