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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dr Phil and the Feminist Inquisition

Anyone they fell is a threat, they attack. No reason is given, they do it just because it's a man...or a stay at home mom, or...well, the list is too high to list it all.
Which is fine, because the more they do it, the more they feel embolden, and the more stupid they get...
The more people they attack the more people fight back.
Feminists want to be popular, in the limelight, chasing arguments that usually would not make sense to anyone with the smallest of education. We know now that they have no interest in really helping anyone unless it promotes their idealism, whatever that may be, their self importance, and to hide their self impose inferiority complex they have vs men...They feel so inadequate against the rest of the population that the only thing they have left is attacking anyone they "chose" as an enemy.
So far we know the feminists enemy is anyone, male or females, who are not feminists or manginas, that is what is left of their arguments.
So, I say let's give them what they want, they want to be popular, let's make them popular....
Every time they open their mouths, let's inform people what they say....
 Daddy must be proud his money went to educate his little girl in women's studies...and this is what he got.

This is above is definitely one of my favorites; "in co-operation with the liquor control board of Ontario, when the big game arrives, we drink beer and beat our women"....Lanark county rational feminism...lmao.

Now let's continue....

Hear no opposing views, see no opposing views and speak no opposing views.

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