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Friday, August 2, 2013

Decisions, decisions, a hairy feminist or a confident good looking clean woman?

So I was on facetime with my sister… This was pretty much her view. She couldn’t stop telling me off about how I should shave my beard because it “makes me look like a boy." My response was “So?" I had to hang up on her.

WANG opposes the prohibitive and narrow beauty standards imposed on women that reflect racist, heteronormative, capitalist, sexist, ageist, cissexist and ableist ideologies. Women everywhere are expected to conform: removing their body hair, hiding their faces under make-up, dieting, and wearing restrictive clothing in order to be considered acceptable, respectable and feminine. If you support women's choice to refuse these regulatory practices, then join WANG!
When you go to this website, this picture has this under it:
So I was on facetime with my sister… This was pretty much her view. She couldn't stop telling me off about how I should shave my beard because it “makes me look like a boy." My response was “So?"I had to hang up on her.

So, I am guessing this is a woman? I think !

I have no problem with those who want to express themselves in their own way. As long as my opinions are also respected.

That said, here is my opinion:
If women want to look like this to "feel liberated" hey all the power to you, but be ready to live single for the rest of your life. It's not that we are judgmental, it's just that women have been "rightfully so" offering themselves to men, so they can attract them, with hairless, clean bodies since forever. Men have responded in kind, taking care of ourselves. (well most of us anyway)
Showing up on a date looking clean, shaven, will also be more attractive to a women, than someone who smells funny and has a 5 o'clock shadow. It is not been superficial, it is the mating ritual.
We are use to good looking women who are confident about their femininity, we did not "impose" this on any of them, they have chosen on their own to present themselves as such. One cannot change this "evolution" overnight and expect us to accept what is basically ugly.
Women have made us this way with their action, and personally I have no problem with seeing a women with a clean shaven body, a strong personality to go with it, oozing confidence as a female of the species.
So, if some women want to change, to undue the non-existent shackles, and become hairy feminists, go right ahead, because as I said, you are the ones who offered yourselves a certain way, we are not forcing you to do it, you are free to be who you want to be, but please be advised;  to change this will give you a single life of loneliness and a cat to go home to.
Best of luck....

If given the choice, between that above or this:
Who do you think will get our attention and who will go home to a cat?

To be fair, the same for the ladies, if given a choice, this?
or this....
Who the hell do you think is gonna get the attention?

Again, is this superficial? Not at all, you don't have to look like a model to attract the opposite sex, you just have to be confident and not conceal yourself behind a fake persona to hide ones insecurities, and in my opinion, feminism and it's ridiculous notion that men oppress them is an identity that borders on an inferiority complex.

If the hairy ugly feminist is beautiful concept continue and takes off, we are gonna see more of these..
Not that there's anything wrong with that!


Allison said...

lol, I love reading ur page

Karen said...

Same here, love 2 read.

Konwakeri said...

shit, thats got to be a man in drags.

Atonwa said...

I really hope your right Kon,I would hate to think women are starting to look like that.lol

Mike said...

No,women dont look like that, only feminists do.

Konwakeri said...

well there goes the last remnant of my feminist thoughts.

Allison said...

That reminds me, i have to shave my legs. haha!

Karen said...

lol @ allison

BlackWolf said...

It is funny if we think about it, most people don't really know the stupidity surrounding what feminism has become,and when we show people what they really are, the usual response is, "I didn't know that".