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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cry havoc and release the dogs of war.

Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria 

Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad)

Is It Possible The Syrian Rebels (Not Assad) Used Chemical Weapons?

Russia: No Proof Syrian Government Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

STOCKPILING WMD'S Syrian Rebel Chemical Lab Uncovered Near Capital Damascus

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Russia and Iran Warn Against Intervention in Syria

Syria: The predictable and false "chemical" attack

 Syria's rebels: 'Enemies of Allah will die like rabbits'
UN'S Carla Del Ponte 'stupefied by Syrian opposition sarin gas use'

Stand down: The United States has no place in Syria's civil war

 UN Official,Syrian Rebels Used Sarin Nerve Gas, Not Assad’s Army

Not taking sides but been informed about the realities of what is going on might prevent war...and if we do go to a final confrontation, because the next world war will be just that, final, then let's do it for the real reason, not invented propaganda pushed by a subservient media.
I don't like dabbling into international affairs, because the propaganda for war is so obvious that it would take a sheeple not to figure it out.
We now see how far they are willing to go, there is plenty of evidence that this has a lot to do with pipelines from the middle east going to India and China and to avoid at all cost the building of said pipelines.
Our illustrious leaders even here in Canada, (where is Chretien when you need him) are thumping the war drums even when there is no proof of who used these chemical weapons, none whatsoever as of yet. What were supposed to believe the same intelligence that said Saddam had wmd's??? Are we that dumb?
Why not leave the U.N. do their work first and let's see where it goes. We know through videos the rebels have used them in demonstrations on rabbits.Even Carla Del Ponte, who is not known to side with dictatorship has admitted the rebels have used them.
Did the other side use them, who knows, but I know this and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out, after Iraq, Libya, why would Syria openly use said weapons on the civilian population and have dozens of dead children plastered all over youtube?
After all, they are winning the civil war, the rebels (alqaida) are on the run and the use of chemical weapons would invite nato to take the rebel sides.I don't thin Assad is that stupid.
It is amazing, when we claim to be so advance that sheeples, sorry, people, are still capable of been stirred into a frenzy of war with only a few b.s. words from anyone who simply say "these are my words and you must believe ".
Do we have a free press, even here in Canada, you be the judge and listen to see if the other side is given a chance?
I am not taking sides, don't care, both sides in the Syrian civil war are nuts, but when it comes to war, where allies and enemies are facing each other and putting lines in the sands, then this is getting a bit to dangerous.
They are by-passing the security council, because of Russia and China, nato seen to have taken it's place, and when you replace a civilian body with a military, well...
Are the Russians and Chinese going to back down again, will Iran go home with their tails between their legs, or will the leaders of the western world go to far, just like past wars...
It did happen before...the Rhineland, Austria, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, then one step too far, Poland..the rest is history.
Ever noticed those who beat the drums of war are those who will never participate in it?
I  have seen what war really is and it is not as clean as an Xbox game, not as heroic as Rambo.
Who dictates policy when it comes to war, we now have the internet, so we can be more informed that we used to be, no excuse there, is there two entity in a nation, with different paths? Governments who see's their own road and the people who are told to follow?
What the hell happened? We seem to be lacking true leaders in the western world, they call france poodles, what does that make us in Canada when even the media is dancing to the tune of war drums without looking for the truth.
So far we have been "lucky" Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, now Syria?? Some of these were allies to Russia and China, thank God they backed down on  the defense treaties they had with these countries, but will they always?
We are siding with people who seems to have used wmd themselves, who have openly called for the rape of women and children,  who have cannibalized the bodies of their enemies, eaten the liver of dead soldiers, whose "religious leaders" have said that raping the enemies females is ok according to sharia laws or whatever it's called, do we really want to side with elements of alqaida? I also would rather have Assad in control of Syrian chemical weapons instead of terrorists. Or are we willing to give up a few thousand citizen to an attack just to get rid of him? If the terrorist win this war, they will control these weapons.
As I said, those who are beating their chest for war are not the ones who will volunteer to fight it...
Smells like a false flag operation to me...


Anonymous said...

The beginning of the end of times as we know it.


BlackWolf said...

ya sure looks that way, who knew it would be brought on by stupidity...and sheeples.