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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I don't care if you agree with someone of not, feminism is on the defensive and now been helped by google which owns youtube...
Therefore, I will no longer use you tube, and stay on my own web page...
This is why I don't use facebook also.
As for censorship, if we look at history, anyone who has ever resorted to censorship was either because they wanted to keep their population under control, or tell them what to think, as in nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea, Viet Nam, just to name a few.
When some organization is desperate and they know they are in trouble, they usually resort to unusual acts, like in this case, taking out what they consider an opposite opinion and since they own the web site they can claim property rights, therefore can do anything We have seen this with Facebook also. As long as one does not pay for the site, if it is free, then technically they can do whatever they want with that which we considered ours.
It shows the old adage, if its free there must be something wrong with it...now we know.
Even here in lanark county, they tried almost every thing to shut me up, hasn't worked so far, but their latest attempt shall we say was originally idiotic, they should of looked into it, maybe they would not of ended up with their foot in their mouth, but revenge always is done on the fly and usually backfires.

Any kind of censorship by anyone is a failure of democracy, and that is an extremely dark road to take, it usually does not go the way of those who censor...


Anonymous said...

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The Native Canadian said...

youtube and facebook have to sit down and decide if the sites they offer for free belongs to the one that owns it, or them. If they behave like bullies and censor whatever they think is inappropriate, opposing views, then they claim all of the sites as their own, therefore it is no longer viable to use them to have a free voice. Like I said, I don't use facebook for that reason, they actually believe what is on my site is theirs to do with as they want, and that is censorship of the worse kind.I oppose feminism and all it's destructive ideology, not out of hate, or sexism, but because of what they did, so out of experience, and if youtube and facebook supports a corrupt and anti family anti men ideal, then they also must go.

Allison said...

I don't use facebook anymore since they have to much control over peoples pages,and youtube can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

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