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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beware of a man (mangina) who claims to be a feminist.

Many things have been written about hugo schwyzer, the proverbial mangina of the internet, trying to tell men how to behave, while his private life was nothing more that perverse itself. (according to what I read; even feminist sites have bashes him and rightly so.)
He use to be the mangina of the feminist world a while back, but his admission that he basically used feminism to get woopy has landed him in trouble so much that "he is quitting the web"..lol...(ya ok hugo, your not quitting, you were exposed,big difference)
Sites such as feminspire, xojane, jezebel, so on, who once touted him as the example of what a man should be, have now thrown him under the bus...
This is a lesson to the feminists out there, if someone claiming to be a man, also claims to be a feminist, he is a manginist, this is totally opposite of what a man is and you know it, you should look at who he really is before raising your hands in the air and claiming another victory.
You see, a "real man" cannot be a feminist, just as you cannot be a masculist, when a man claims to be a feminist, it is as "stupid" as a woman claiming to be a chauvinist.
I know some of you want a world rule by women only, but that's fantasy, it will never happen, your wasting your time, better served by been realistic. Like promoting a world without violence, hunger, disease, respect, for all human beings. Take the time to look at the world, it's not safe out there, weaken your little piece of land you live on and someone might come over seeing it as a weaken area ripe for the picking.
We have already seen the backlash feminism created against itself by putting stupid remarks like
"men hold power through rape and sexual harassment",
"Every woman's son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman.".
Considering the majority of men are raised by their mothers I would say that this is a direct insult to women who do not tow the feminist line.
This world you live in, depends on men which people like you and your allies such as schwyzer criticizes, if it was not for them you would not have the right to say the idiotic things you say. Freedom to express ones self does not depend on a state, but on those who are willing to die to make sure it is respected.
As long as you side with mangina's like schwyzer, demonize, disrespect the very people who assures your freedom, you will be seen as a comedy act, a tool for some, and a pain in the ... to others.
So the next time a man claims to be a feminist, look at why he is doing it, what is his real reason, because a manginist is a hypocrite, using him to benefit your cause always comes back to cause more damages that it is worth.
Feminism has alienated so many women, that some who use to call themselves that, have now changed to "humanist", because as they say, "I don't want to be seen as a bitch who hates men", as some actresses have claimed lately.
if I know my feminist, to dumb to see reality, to stubborn to change... All the power to you, if it makes you happy to live this way, to be used and seen as a clown, then hey, who am I to criticize...
Thank God you won`t change, If you would become understanding of the real world, I wouldn't have anything to write about....

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