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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Are politicians starting to realize, in order to keep a nation strong, protect the rights of the family?

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Aims to Secure Parent Rights
The reason western society is going down the crapper is some in politics have listened to the wrong groups.
Atheists, feminists, radicals, so on, have all contributed to the weakening of our respective nations.
Been spiritual, religious, christian, or any other denomination, promotes healthy family living and kids depending on their skills given to them by their parents, to have a good future.
Even if one is not religious, promoting a healthy family, considering them the primary entity that ensures a healthy society should be on anyone's agenda if they had any degree of intelligence.
The state on the other hand, through it's social programs have intervene into the family unit creating a dependent generation, putting an extreme strain on the tax payer and the finances of the local governments.
None of the dept of the nations of the western world is been payed down, as a matter of fact, it is increasing. Here in Ontario, the liberals have continued on spending money to benefit themselves in the next election, knowing full well, the province is teetering on bankruptcy.
But hey, power is more important than the health of the people or their money...
We now see the results in the constant "attacks" on men, fathers, husbands, or the watering down of family rights. It is right in front of our eyes every spring, when children having baby's come out pushing strollers.

Teenage pregnancies, teen crime, drug abuse, alcoholism, welfare dependency, generational welfare, it's all there in front of us. Yet politicians do nothing, in fear of offending, radicals, feminists, atheists???
One would figure after trying their way for the past 40 years or so, they would have seen it does not work.

I have promoted the idea of introducing family rights in the charter here in Canada, or a constitutional amendment in the U.S..
To "explain" to these politicians, they have listened to the wrong groups, or to replace them if they continue.
We have to make them understand, there is more of a benefit to them keeping their jobs in siding with families, stopping the demonization of fathers, men, husbands, stay at home mom, so on...

So, as we read above, are some politicians realizing that there is more votes in defending families, than promoting the divisions the other groups have done in the past.  Have they realized that to be patriotic and protecting a nations strength is done through a strong family...
Are kids better off been raised by over glorified babysitters aka state sponsored child care, because mom and dad are at work trying to make ends meet? How the hell did we do it before??? When a parent stayed at home while the other went to work I wonder. And no. I am not promoting women stay at home washing the dishes, so please.
Are kids better off, after been indoctrinated in child care, been further indoctrinated in another glorified baby sitting group known as jr kindergarten?
How about learning sex ed in kindergarten and grade one...is that beneficial? In the past, when mom and dad had the responsibility of bringing up the birds and the bees at the right time, there was a hell of a lot less teen pregnancy, welfare, drugs or alcohol abuse or crimes.

The respect of families is the answer to all our woes we are experiencing at the moment. To enforce the rights of mom and dad been the first and last word, instead of some left wing teacher who just came out of women's studies, is the way to go.
The education system must be answerable to parents, not the other way around and when we go back to this respect we once had for the hard work parents did to ensure kids had the right kind of education and a good start in life, then and only then will our society have a chance to survive.
The way it is set up now, it is inevitable that it will fall...
Question is, who will pick up the pieces? If we remember anything from the past....

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Konwakeri said...

no,they will never change,we have to replace them,or see our families ripped apart.They did it to us,now they are doing it to themselves.