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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are false accusations against men for revenge or financial gains starting to be noticed?

Ontario sisters must pay uncle $125K for false sex abuse claims
Making false accusations is beginning to get some attention, not enough for my taste, but it is a start...
Anyone making false accusations, whoever it would be, or those supporting false accusations even when they know it not to be true should start to get a bit nervous...that would include the unscrupulous who see this as a chance to make money...or increase their statistics for funding purposes, specifically women's shelters.
This is good news for fathers, husbands, men who have always been at the proverbial end of some revenge minded individual female who thinks she can get way with it, and it is also good news for the real victims, how can you believe instantly such a crime, when so many are using it for financial gains and vengeance purposes.
In my opinion, the crime of false accusations can not only destroys a man reputation, but what about the name, the family, the people around him, i.e. his kids, what the future holds, and lets not forget in this crazy society, putting into consideration the medias propaganda against men who are falsely accused, his name plastered all over the left wing ass kissing pro feminist pages. Once that is done, half will believe, half will not. Because this is so rampant, no one's name should be published until it is definite that they have been found guilty without a doubt, that includes appeals.
More stricter laws should be in place giving the ones who have been falsely accused the chance to sue the ass off of anyone and everyone involved, no one should be immune. Especially not any feminist organization who is behind this type of attacks.
Original story found on legally kidnapped.

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Anonymous said...

According to some comments on CBC,these sister's are preventing other's from making false accusation's.This is apparently not fair and the man should be held responsible for the simple reason of being "accused".