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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another, let's bash men rant, using a victim to do it.

Lock up men to keep women safe at night
Wait a minute, this is what the feminists have been doing for a while, locking up men's protective character, identifying it as a bad thing, aka patriarchy, and the only ones left on the streets at night are the pervs.
Because of feminism, men are "afraid" to protect someone in need, if we beat up someone who is trying to inflict violence on a woman, instead of calling 911 and waiting for the police to arrive while the crime is been committed, we go to jail for assault, and risk been sued by the individual we just gave an ass kicking too, for assaulting a woman.
As we read on in the rant of this feminist, it is not an individual that comited this crime, but men, men this, men that.
So, to this feminist, I say this, men do not rape, men do not kill, it is not men that did this, it is the act of a twisted individual. If I bring up individuals of the female persuasion who have raped children, do I blame all women, does the men's rights site you portray as a hate group(Cowardly sexist bastards feel free to spout hate-speech in anonymity on social media.) blame all women? No. So why are you doing it?

Instead of spewing your hate against men, why don't you defend men who protect a woman's right to walk the streets safely, by kicking the ass of someone that wanted to assault her. Make sure he is not charged with assault for it, dragged through the courts, going broke because he had to hire a lawyer.
You want to ensure the safety of women, great, then accept the fact that without men, (which you and your kind keep on bashing every chance you get) you can't assure the safety of women on your own. Let men be men, stop demonizing us as bad, return to us what is ours, and we will take care of these pervs.
We will put them on the run, make them hide in the hole they came out of, sure we can't stop them all, but we can make one hell of a dent.

We have tried your way, there are laws after laws to prevent this and it has not stopped, obviously it hasn't worked. That is because one little aspect is missing, a man's character to get involved and protect the rights of those who cannot always protect themselves.
No woman deserves to die because she was walking alone, no woman deserves to live in fear, we want our women to feel safe, and to be who they want to be, after all some of us have daughters. But if men cannot be men, if a man's protective side is made out to be a bad thing, then no one is safe.


Anonymous said...

yaaaaa what you said,well put.

Jenny said...

that is why things are going so bad, weirdos are roaming freely while real men are prevented from being who they are because of those crazy feminist. Attacking a man for being a man is like doing this to women just because they are women.I always thought feminists wanted to treat everyone equally, but I see that to them a man is an enemy.

Anonymous said...

Feminists fear the word's

"True Equality"