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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Witch Hunt. The Salem ideology of today's feminism.

This is an interesting point, a radical feminist is in an elevator talking to a man, he asks her to go for a coffee and it's referred to as sexualizing women, even rape...
It is the radical feminist who sexualized the man by suggesting that any offer to coffee is a sexual act...
Many points are well made here, in one, it is compared to a time when, if a black man would address a white woman without her talking to him first, he would risk a beating or even worse, lynching.
Though I am not saying it is as bad today, we can see the comparison, in this elevator, the man was not allowed to ask this crazy feminist to go for a coffee, he had to wait for her to mention it first? And since he did not, then it is referred to as rape and the man is tagged instantly, according to the word of a feminist with an inferiority complex.
It is not that women want to be treated this way, women in general do want to be treated with respect by men, they are attracted to chivalry, respect, strength, on an equal basis. They do not want that equality to be recognized as men, nor do they like the idea of men behaving like women, as I have said before, we are different side of the same coin. This is how life offers balance, one strengthens the other with their individual gifts.

This feminist world they have been  trying to create has started to cause major problems in the countries they control, like sweden for instance. The birth rate has gone down in every western country, so much so, that they have been increasing immigration to up the population and workforce. This in itself has also started to cause it's own problems, the values of the respective countries is not exactly the same values of the new immigrants. We seen conflicts of values in all these countries, even in feminists utopia, sweden.

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