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Thursday, November 14, 2013

What a feminist say a man is, vs what a man really is...

This is what the hags want you to believe we are...

This is who we really are.....

So, if you "claim" to be a feminists, do these ....... speak for you?
Because they claim to speak for you !

When you look at your fathers, husbands, sons, do you agree with these....feminists?


Zorro said...

Feminism is a hate movement, no different than Naziism or the Klan.

conan the barbarian said...

lol conan,maybe we should act that way after all thats the way we are been portraid.

Anonymous said...

Women have always been seen as the spoils of war since history began.

This is why women have always depended on men to protect them.

Then along come people like the Lanark County and Dryden Feminista's
who chastize and shame men into submission.

Who will protect these type of women now?


BlackWolf said...

Thats what I always wonder...the fantasy world they live in is non existent,we all want to live in a circle holding hands and singing kumbaya, but unfortunetly this world does not exist, without us, all hell would break loose, yet we are the bad guys???
""Who will protect these type of women now?""
It will be a cold day in hell I defend their rights to make me out to be the bad guy.