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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The equality of genders. We are doing just fine, always will. It's feminism that has the problem.

One of the idiotic points feminists try to make (aka;hagasoraus paraciticus pet-a-catosaurus)  is that there is a big difference between men and women, women inequality is their primary argument, their raison d'etre if you will, outside of that, well they would have nothing. Personally, I look at it in a different way, men and woman are after all, the same f...ing race, humans, both capable of the same behavior, and the same wants. It's like both side of a coin, the genders are different but it's still the same coin.
If men want the good things in life, guess what, so do women, and so they should. Having daughters just like so many other fathers, I certainly do not want them in the kitchen washing dishes, barefoot and pregnant.
It would be like saying women want men to wear pink shirts, bow to their will, give them all the money and never speak unless spoken to...
I mean, isn't that what the few feminists left in this world want.

Go ahead and behave that way in front of women, your not going to go far with then, women simply do not like manginas.
Now, we know in every society, whether be humans, animals, insect, there are "individuals" who are bad, but they do not represent the whole frigging basket. Not all animals will kill, not all insect sting, most have other things to do that to judge you to be a threat, doesn't mean the honey is bad because one bee stings us.
It's the same things with humans, most are good people who will help you when you need help, will cry with you when your heartbroken, defend your right to be free. We are, just like all life on Mother Earth, emotional beings. 
So why the hell is there one group (feminists) who keeps on saying the act of an individual represents the identity of all...If we would say that about a certain color, we would be racists, so why are they any different attacking all men?

History shows many things if we bother to look for ourselves instead of sinning up to the words of the few.
Wife beating for one was never an acceptable behavior, those who did it in the past, before the 1960's burn the bra moment, were chastised for it. Was it patriarchy, I hope so, after all, patriarchy, has a different meaning than what little girls were told in women's studies.
Patriarchy goes hand in hand with matriarchy, it means those who have wisdom and defend the honor and respect of the family. The people in the family you go to for advice.
This is what it really means.
When uninformed little girls screech about the non existent evils of patriarchy and again let's not forget the word goes with matriarchy, can't have one without the other, this is who they insult...

History also shows some women were very capable of doing the most dastardly of deeds, just like anyone else, should we judge all women to be the same, of course not, so why are we letting a very small group (feminists) dictate bullshit and lies about the character of men? They don't even speak for the majority of women...

Are all women killers because of the act of a few individuals? Are all women rapists, are all women false accusers, we "men" do not subscribe to that opinion, so why are we all judged to be rapists, murderers and pervs just because of the actions of the few or the one?

Men and women have been through shit, death and happy times together, "we" build this world, not the chosen few, we have always stood side by side, a "few individuals" does not and should never represent the whole, it is divisive and destructive. We see our children suffering because of it, increase drug abuse, suicide, crime, homelessness, teen pregnancy, welfare dependency as a way of life now becoming generational. This is happening because we let a few hateful, low self esteemed individuals with an inferiority complex dictate to us how we should behave inside and out of the family circle, we were doing just fine without them, and we will do just fine when they are long gone and buried in the graveyard of history, recognized as one of the worse mistakes of all bad mistakes we ever made.

You have family problems, go to the Matriarchs and Patriarchs of your family, ask for advice, make them feel still needed, their wisdom will be rewarding.


Asmita said...

the difference between men and women is there, but we have the same wishes, the same needs,how can we stay away from each other,feminists is hate and division.

Gina Marcello said...

I am Sicilian,my Grandparents lived in Capaci Sicily,small town outside of Palermo,we were always told to rispettare il patriarca e matriarca, they are part of the structure of the family and they are the foundation of what keeps us together, not appart.We still live by those rules,passed down to the children, even here,what I dont understand is why these women who seem to hate even themselves would disrespect our traditions,they dont seem to know what it really means.Thank you for explaining it.

BlackWolf said...

So true Asmita.

BlackWolf said...

Grazie Gina,e benvenuto.
We all need our Elders, some of us call them Patriarchs and Matriarchs, we have that in our family as well.

Jean-Francois said...

Im french, quebecois, i live around little italy in montreal,though we do not use the word patriarch i have heard the italians use it on many occasion to talk about their grandparents, especially those who come from the old countries,les feminist are wrong about using it for their own little games.