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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The backlash against radical left wing male hating feminism has begun!

What the hags infesting our society did not realize is every time they hack at a man, they hack at a woman's father, husband, and sons. The idiocy and low brow intellect of these women with an inferiority complex, and that's all it is, is showing it's ugly face not only towards men, but to women. They are loosing support and their demise is only a matter of time. Their stupidity goes hand in hand with their ugliness of heart.
Take Harriet Harman: Britain’s most deluded woman, who is behind her, pushing her to try for the labor party's leadership in England, yes...her husband, A MAN....
If this wasn't so sad, it would be funny.
Ironic isn't it, I thought feminists didn't need a man, but in this case, this feminist is were she is because her husband pushes her, poor little lost girl, can't do things on her own...Jezz, this is the irony of all irony isn't it?
The backlash doesn't end there, in Britain, a new political party is about to be formed, though I do not support a man only party, because it would fall directly into what I am against and be seen as reverse sexism, it should concentrate on bringing together men and women against anything feminist. There is more than enough people out there, male and female, who are disgusted by the constant attacks on anything male. Any dehumanization for political and self adoration purposes, vs a segment of our society has produce a decadent and failing system, thus fathers and mothers have come to realize this.
Too many of our children are without the strength and wisdom of a fathers love, resulting in drug abuse, teen pregnancy, increase crimes, lack of respect for the elderly and themselves. Too many are without education and a will to work hard, and working hard is not a sin as some would want us to believe, it ensures a prosperous nation and safeguards the future of our social programs, to care for those who came before us and those who need our help.
But as the social system is set up now, it has been taken over by the corrupt hag, aka feminists, and used to enforce their twisted idealism against families.
As for Britain, been so close to Sweden and seeing were that feminist controlled country is going, (eliminating any reference to sex identity for boys and girls for instance), I think they want no part of it.
And who in their right mind would.
The end of the radical feminist is on it's way, it does not mean the end of the right for everyone, male and female to be the best they can be, after all, mothers and fathers do not want their daughters to be barefoot, in the kitchen, pregnant, "obeying" to their husbands, that is the message of a twisted mind with an inferiority complex, who has had a bad experience in life and tries to avenge herself by attacking anything she hates instead of making things better.
I have put up many "quotes" from so called prominent hags, all of them hate men, and tries to "impose" their will on others, without realizing, mothers raise sons, just as well as fathers, and an attack on one, insults the other.
We are all better than this, and haggish behavior will no longer be tolerated.
Here is a message to the old self hating, low intellect hag aka feminist, with an inferiority complex, when you took on the husband, father and son, you took on our mothers, our wives and our daughters, you never stood a chance in hell to achieve your policies of hate as a way to enhance you twisted and demented idealism.
So, go back under the barrel you came from and leave us alone, continue and we will get stronger every time you open your yap...

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Anonymous said...

Here here! Tar and feather them i say.....