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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ontario Lawyer speaks about flawed domestic violence inquests and fraudulent women's shelter community groups

Interesting argument..in my experiences...totally true.
Exposing lies, fraud, and false accusations....One step at a time....

It is nice to see some lawyers are now starting to tell the truth about what is really going on...It is bad enough been a man in Ontario is dangerous to ones health, but the fraud, the false accusations, out of revenge, is so out of control, that even some lawyers, not all, will co-operate with clients they know are lying...just to get paid.
Talking from personal experience, I  have no doubts anymore about the reality of how the system is been abused, and it is always for money and vengeance.
The horror stories which exposes fraud, lies, false accusation, is something that one would never expect from an advance society like the one we have here, but it does happen, and when men tells you they are been falsely accused, take it from me...it is true.

More on this story of personal vengeance, greed and false accusations which border on the stupid and ridiculous coming soon.
"Everyone involved will be exposed" whatever the cost.
Sometimes a man is be pushed so far, that he decides he has nothing to loose anymore.
And justice can be well served thanks to the Internet....

"Free speech" in a LEGAL framework means not prosecuting people for their statements (as long as it is non threatening or deceitful)..."free speech" outside of a legal environment can also mean open and vigorous conversation and debate.

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