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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lanark county report...A new psychological disorder created by local feminists. PVS.

A new psychological disorder, rampant in our society has been created by the lowly feminist. PVS.
What is so sad about this is people (mostly vulnerable women) who need to regain their strength, their self confidence are pushed to believe they will be victimized for the rest of their lives.
They are used for political, financial and statistical purposes, and those who can make a difference just sit there and let old hate filled feminists continue to do it...
PVS also involves children, and these always end up on the bottom scale of society, used by unscrupulous people to increase statistics and welfare roles, ending up with emotional instability, and the cost is a generation lost.
Women's Shelters are the main proponent of this new disorder, the reason they do it, is to keep their inflated salaries, their twisted false statistics, increase their funding by adding the same victims year after year.
I do not agree that only hate filled anti men feministas should be the only ones guarding and counseling those who have been victimized. Male counselors should be added to any women's shelters, in order to show, what happened to them is not the result of men, but the act of an individual. (Oh God, we can't have that, it would show men to be caring, totally opposite of what feminists describes us to be.)sarcasm...
But in any shelter site, such as this, the 10 steps link, which refers to statistics from 1999, 14 years ago, so here are some from 2013, bet they do not put them in their statistics.
When they have "recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment", they demonize the very segment of our society, namely men, that could make a difference. I remember reading where they say, "we don't have men in the shelters because it would scare the victims"; Bull-cookies, it is important for someone to regain their strength by realizing what happened to them was not because of men, but because of an individual. When a woman broke 2 of my ribs with an ashtray, I did not blame all women, it was the act of an individual, I never for one minute entertained the idea of been afraid of all the ladies. When they point out all men, they keep the victim scared for years if not a lifetime and dependent on them, that way they can keep her into their statistics for next years funding. That is called using victims for financial purposes and that is disgusting.
PVS is a strong policy of the local shelter here, false accusations for custody of children and to be put on the top of the list for emergency aid, victims compensation is also used as a source for revenge against men with the help of the local legal clinic, (whether true or false, all files or accusations sent to this victims compensation by the shelter is handled by this "legal clinic"). Rebellious teens are also used for funding against parents, and if one dares to fight back, you have a nightmare on your hands, so one better be of strong character.
Oh, but they can't be to picky, after all, all accusations, false or otherwise guarantees funding...
Where does the falsely accused fit in all this? Well, as you can see, he is a source for funding.

In lanark county, parents are in a fight for the future of their children, I have talked to many heartbroken parents, some told me their kids where put on welfare by been "coached" to use the word abused, cops who told parents they were wrong, in front of their own kids, promoting even more problems between parent and child, (whatever happened to, if you treat your parents that way again, i'll put you in  jail, worked when I was a kid and gave a chance for the teen to think about what they were doing, it could avoid crime, drug use and unwanted pregnancies),(To be fair, I talked to some police officers who themselves believed we were going in the wrong direction when it come to teens, and told me the system tied their hands) housing filled with teenage mothers, kids doomed to be on the system generation after generation, shelter targeting teen girls to shore up their statistics, even some schools co-operating with the social programs against parents.
Under these condition, children in Lanark have no chances, it adds to despair and dependency, suicidal thoughts because they no longer know who to go to for advice & wisdom and in the long run, it is going to bite us all in the ass, if we let this continue.

So, PVS, permanent victim syndrome, is a tool used to promote job growth, lawyers get paid even if the story is false, shelters get a continuous flow of victims for their funding and salaries, welfare has to hire more workers, housing also has to hire more and more people, teen help organisations like open doors, children's aid society, so on, so on....
I just find it to be a really sick way to promote job growth.....

Destroying families, just to get at the male figure the way feminists always push on us, will destroy a nation, it is...inevitable. The family is the glue that keeps a nation strong, no other organisation can claim that right, history is full of idiots who thought they could change the way of things according to their ideals...the end results were, shall we say, a little unwanted.
When things fall apart, there is always someone who will offer a quick fix, and when they are given power....well...Robespierre, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao....
If we don't fight for our families, we forfeit our nation, it's as simple as that.

And if anyone wants to kiss soviet style ass...
In the 1920's, the soviet government tried to destroy the traditional family, saying it was too... bourgeois.
In 1936, due to what was starting to be increasingly apparent, that a failed society was imminent, they reintroduce laws to strengthen family traditions, this in turn re-enforced the nation..just in time for the 1940's.

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