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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lanark county report, turning the tables on feminists.

Next court date for Theobald set

The next court date for a Perth woman awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to child pornography charges is set for July 8.

33 year-old Bridget Theobald, pleaded guilty last July to possessing and making available child pornography.

Theobald was arrested after an online investigation in September 2011.

She was also charged with accessing child pornography at that time, but has not yet entered a plea on that charge.
Perth is in Lanark county, the same place which feminists tried, and still trying to demonize men, every chance they get.
The local feminists, support sites such as the one below....The step it up campaign...I know one of the local Women's shelter supports this site since it's director has spoken in the past on behalf of the "10 steps" which includes the "men are rapist" remark in the #2 of the ten step program, there is other sites that puts them in direct support for the step it up campaign. The local legal clinic does a lot of  legal work for them, do they support such a statement? shouldn't they demand this statement about men be taken down...and local businesses who support organisations such as the women's shelter, could say a lot about such a statement, since men are a big part of their revenue...
On that site you can plainly see, "Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment".
It is a plain and simple message, it does not mention the few individuals who might do this, it says, "MEN", which by definition is, "all men". This is a hate message.

The point of all this? Simple...What if the tables were turned?
What if we would say, because of an individual's action; Taking the above story into account.
"Recognize that female power is upheld by pedophilia and child pornography"
I guaranty feminists would be up in arms about a site with such a statement, so, why do they think it's OK for them to do it to the male population of Lanark county and the province of Ontario. Is this the "shame game", because if it is, it's not working.

Actually, it is counter productive to demonize half the population of Ontario.
In my opinion, when these people, feminists, or whatever they want to call themselves, align themselves with such a statement, they reduce their worth in our society, demonizing half the population is by all means, counter-productive, there are men in municipal, provincial and federal politics that surely are insulted by this kind of, description of their position. I doubt in this day and age, that men attain or uphold power through rape and sexual harassment, they would not last long if they did, and most of them have good intentions in serving the people who vote for them, as do women who themselves have men in their lives.
Trying to make a difference in our society, whether its against domestic violence, (performed by men and women) child pornography,or any kind of violence, one reduces their power to make changes by alienating a segment of society, namely half the population, MEN.
It looks to me, they are more interested in the politics of division, than to help out.

As for me and why I dislike anything feminist, it began as a personal issue, because they made it personal and when I researched, I found what they did to me, they did openly to any man who landed in their cross hairs.
I was polite, diplomatic, understanding full well who I was dealing with, I asked, no begged, "do not put my underage daughter on welfare", she has a great future ahead of her and she is going through a rebellious stage. 
They did it anyway, I asked the director of said shelter, "could you please help", sent the proper information to plead my case, I got visits and threatened by her girlfriends from the local opp. Even they admitted my emails were polite.
So, the conclusion I got from this experience was, they did it because I was the father, I raised her by myself, showing fathers are has good as mom's. I was a man, so the all men bad theory does seem to apply, someone told me they went as far as falsely declaring an emergency lock down of the local shelter, saying I was coming over....As if.....
My daughter was used as a statistic, and when they were done, they thew her out to the wolves, here is a welfare check, thanks for coming.

As we can see, they can't be picky, a selection process would limit their funding? 
So, she's saying they accept all, even the ones who's story of abuse is not true, because if they didn't it would reduce their funding???

So, what the hell am I suppose to think, that they did this out of the goodness of their heart? From where I'm sitting, it was a simple decision, he's a man, he's bad, he is going to eventually react violently and we can then shut him up...
Didn't exactly go that way. The first mistake them made was, their "entrenched" belief that all men are violent,
and we all react like a baboon whose fruit was just stolen. (lol)

The second mistake was underestimating how far parents, in this case father, would go to protect their child and to explain to them, "their mistakes". They might be use to dealing with a few violent "individuals" but they better learn real quick, that men are not all angry baboons with animal instincts, and we have had just about enough of their crap...

This is my definition of a feminist, twisted hateful people who have an inferiority complex.

We, men and women of Lanark county and of the province of Ontario, whether we'd be politicians, cops, soldiers, workers, spiritual, demand that this disgusting statement be taken down and deleted.
"We do not hold power through rape and sexual harassment" and to have this on any site which promotes the end of violence is insulting not only to us, but to real victims and all people of Ontario..

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