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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lanark county report, a lesson for feminists in pushing people too far.

The feminists want or push the idea of been equal to men, well sometimes you get what you ask for. Though most men do not subscribe to the idea of physically beating an unruly person, either be another man of woman, there is a point where if you do push too far, action will be taken, as this young lady found out for herself.
She spit, slapped another men, tried to entice a fight, and no one took her up on it, what they did oblige her with is to be treated as any other person would be if they got out of hand and she got thrown on her ass, off the train. (notice, once off the train she played the victim?)
There is a point where men find themselves pushed to a limit they can no longer accept, and most of us have reached that limit. If feminists, or little girls who where thought by lowly feminists in their women's studies want to be treated in any other way than a woman, then we will give them what they want...No more white knight in shining armor when you act like a twit.
As for the rest of us, men and women, we will accept our place in the circle of life, to be treated with dignity, and we will go on, as for the rest of them who think they can be someone else, well, good luck with that.
Women love to be treated as women, feminists, who have a chip on their shoulder do not...
They thought they could do anything to me where I live and they found out...no white knight here....
We can fight back, and guess what, it does not have to be violent, we have other alternative, as my feminists found out in lanark county ontario.

As for you ladies, it's not just men they try to demonize when they go power hungry, it is also other women, so we are not saying they only pick on us, these feminists with an inferiority complex with pick on you too...

Conquering the Mean Girls at Work
Remember, these people, feminists and mangina are "not" looking after your best interest, they are looking after "their" best interest, at all of our expense.
Feminists are often miserable and insecure. They need to pick on other women simply to feel strong as they are not capable of being confident and standing strong alone.

It is getting really stupid out there, as we can read in this little conversation...entitled to ask for a date???we don't have that right???and if we do, it's sexual harassment??? How the hell can the human race survive this CRAP...lol.
Ugly guys should be...arrested, for asking for a date????
This is what "stupidity" (feminism) looks like, or has become.


Anonymous said...

Are f'n kidding me?

She filed a police report because someone asked her out?

Poor guy will never ask a girl out for a date again.


BlackWolf said...

it is getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Gonna need a lot of cat's.