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Monday, July 15, 2013

Israel; Women’s groups want to cancel law charging women with rape!

I and so many of us promote the reality that men do not rape women, so I am not going to  play the same game feminists do to advance themselves in power and money and say all women rape...
A very small percentage of individuals do...
If we are to eliminate the feminist hate movement and their minions, and re-establish the family as the primary force to raise, educate and chose when our kids are ready for the world, then we have to stand together, men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters.

That said;
A recent article in the Jerusalem post reported that women's group in Israel were trying to cancel a law that would charge women with rape, stating that, as we all know from feminist talking point, women cannot rape.
Well, to the people of Israel, we have the same talking points coming from drooling low self esteem feminists with an inferiority complex here also...
Just show them this little piece of reality......
Female sex offenders...

This site promotes gender equality..


Allison said...

lol,gender equality
I love it

Karen said...

funny as hell, thats why we love your page,a little of everything in a language we speak.
glad your back, lanark needs a reasonable voice against those lefties.Welfare should not be a way of life.To have a good world men and women need to work together not against each other.