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Monday, July 1, 2013

Feminist ideology gone mad, is the reason for their failing support.

It's ironic isn't it, if your a man and romantically attracted to a woman your an oppressive patriarch...
First of all I don't think feminism will ever understand the true meaning of the word patriarch, it's just a word that popped up in their minds one day and they decided it was something they could twist to benefit their ideology. Whatever that might be.
A patriarch is an old leader of a family, village or community.That is what it means to a lot of people in the old countries, and even here. It has nothing to do with subjugating women, on the contrary, a patriarch was the person you went to, to resolve family disputes, someone you looked up to, a role model for a stable family, to seek wisdom and someone the kids would run to every time they visited, in other words Grandpa.
To pervert the meaning to benefit a twisted ideology is insulting to the Elders.
Patriarchy is "not" degrading to women, on the contrary, since when one visits the Patriarch of the family, the Matriarch is there also. Both go hand in hand with each other. My Grandparents where the Patriarch and Matriarch of our family, and both respected, and loved, and listened too in time of family crisis..

Grandpa...The Patriarch.

Grandma...The Matriarch
 Patriarchs and Matriarchs does encourage monogamy, I ..... hope so, we depend on monogamy to survive as a race, as a society, and for economic stability.
Everything we have, everything we are, depends on the stability of a society and the backbone of it is...the family. A man and a woman, getting together, respecting each other and having children is the only way the human race can survive, it is the safety net for all other choices people make in life. A stable nation ensures the rights of everyone. The minorities depend on a stable majority to ensure their rights, to attack this majority is self defeating.
We see now, unless one is blind, that feminism and their thrust to change the nature of things has deeply affected our way of life, they are in schools, social programs, bureaucracy, and we are going, if we are not there already there, broke. So, as a family, how is that working out for ya, notice the rebellious nature of our teens is worse now than ever...suicide on the rise, teen pregnancy, state dependency...
You can run a government with borrowing, but eventually, it has to fall. Buying votes with taxpayers money is the norm for elections these days. It is no longer about policies, but attacking those who you do not agree with. The cost of an election is getting to a point where we can't afford it anymore, or looks like the elite are buying their way to power, just like Roman emperors and senators did before it's fall. And if you are an honest person trying to get elected, if they do not agree with you, they will find something to demonize you, with the help of a conformist media.
The other silly argument they make is against capitalism, well, if they have a better way to run things, we are willing to listen. The way they promote is state control, in other words communism or socialism. It has been tried and proven, it does not work. Where it began, the soviet union has fallen, the Chinese and Vietnamese have adopted a capitalist economy, and those who still linger in socialism are not doing so well, state control of an economy never works out...never.

Feminism has attacked anyone and anything; if we do not bow to them, we are on their radar, they actually claim they speak for all women, yet the Internet is full of women who do not agree with them. Their site will claim half of women identify themselves as feminists, but that to is an exaggeration and it is a desperate act to counter what the young ladies now think of feminism, that it is divisive and man hating, and that is the feminists fault, you can't go around attacking some women's son, husband, father, brother, without receive a backlash for it. They have even began to attack women who decide to be stay at home mom's as slaves to they husbands, which in itself, nowadays is a pretty insulting claim. And what will happen when they are done with all those, who will they put their sites on? Minorities, they have done it in the past. When an organisation is based in negative policies towards one group, they do not stop there, they just pick on someone else.
Here is a perfect example of the exaggeration of feminist support...A feminist site that quotes a poll whose source is....lake research for ms. magazine. Who did they ask? their readers? I am not surprised at the results.
Below, are links to feminists who are confused about the path the young are taking. totally contradictory to what this site claims.

Gender equality does not depend on feminism, and if I may, it also does not depend on some men's sites which keep on referring to "women this, women that", it is not all women who are doing this, it is feminists, big difference. Don't get me wrong, the mrm is an important factor in showing the ladies we are not what feminists describe us as and also important to point out how they describe their sons, husbands, fathers, in the name of all women.
The union of men and women is the only way to defeat and retire feminism to the history books.
We, men, do not want to be the other side of feminism, to be angry and vengeful. We use to support them, but they went rogue when they saw us as the enemy.
Because of their hateful demeanor, and their failing support, which they have brought on upon themselves, the young ladies of today are refusing this ideology, they are our daughters, our nieces, our wives. The same women we support to achieve the best they can be, without stepping on anyone and with experience and hard work, not because of entitlements.
Feminists today are panicking because the young no longer want to be identified as feminists, they try to understand why, but refuse to look at themselves as the reason, and that is why the movement is loosing supporters every year.

Only one in seven women would call themselves a feminist

Why are women scared to call themselves feminists?

Why is 'feminism' such a tough badge to wear?

Why Don’t Teen Girls Identify as Feminists?

I found many sites of feminists who are at a lost why young girls no longer want to be associated with feminism, you can read they are confused. They refuse to admit they went too far, to recognize that every time they say men are bad,  controlling and rapists, they are talking about the men in these ladies lives.
An ideology that is based on division, never ends up on the right side of history, the right of the individual must be respected, whether that individual is male or female. It is together we changed the world for the better, and we have a ways to go, but we are getting there, feminism is a stick in the wheel and we have to take it out, if we are to advance to a better life without hate and division.

And of course if you do not bow to them, they will find a way to accuse you of supporting the rape culture....
The last resort of a doomed ideology.

Someone show me the rape culture in Canada????? Where the hell is it????

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Anonymous said...

If you think rape culture is real,you are a delusional feminist.