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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Empower justice, not feminists.

I always try to stay away from referring to feminism as women, because it is not women who do this as a whole, it is feminists, and by now we all know the difference between women and feminism. Women speak for all, we can see this online and on youtube, some are more anti feminist than any man could ever be. Feminism on the other hand is a hate group bent on promoting, not women, but themselves as feminists to by-pass hard work and be "appointed" to higher places or jobs.
These type of twisted policies have been around before, Nazi Germany was the embodiment of the separation policy, if you were German, you were ahead of everyone else, especially if you were Jewish. These policies are still around today, maybe not as extreme or open, but they are there. For instance if your a Kurd in Turkey, you are chosen second after a Turk, if your if your a Muslim in Europe, you are chosen second after the citizen of that nation, but we don't have to look at the rest of the world, let's look in our own back yard.
We had the slavery years, the "your not a recognized person" era, which was Women, Blacks, Natives, so on.
We have come a long way since then, but the practice is still there, though not as extensive or visible.
I guaranty that many minorities will tell you they have been in a situation where they were pass along for another in the workplace, or were badly treated in a store or restaurant, or simply given a dirty look. It is not something the majority of us do, but it is still there.
It is a practice most of us find disgusting, it is not something we would do, those who do it are racists or whatever and they prevent the evolution of our society towards a just and happy place where everyone would sing...kumbaya...Right?(ok,such a world does not exist but were trying)

Soooooo, why are we letting feminists practice this policies, which we so abhor; towards men and boys?????????? What the hell is the difference between them and let's say...the Nazis in the mid 1930's?
The policy is the same.
 Feminists want 40% of women in the board rooms, some western state have even passed laws to that effect, but where is this 40% when it comes to, soldiering, policing, firefighters, construction workers, even sports, what they are saying by not applying their 40% in those fields is that men are better at it....but that is gender bias is it not? Where is their famous equality argument with these ones???
Let's see 40% on the battlefield, or are they saying men or boys, since the average age in any war is 19, are expendable. I don't think any woman would agree that a nation would be safer if 40% or them were on the front line or would they wish to be, because they know men are better suited for war, not that we want to be.
What about policing, let 2 women walk into a street gangs hangout, see how that turns out, imagine a 40% female population at a police station, there are definite situations where men are better suited.
What about sports, why isn't there 40% of women competing with men in the 100 meter run, or the long jump of boxing?
So, if they're preaching 40% of women should be only in specific areas, but not in others, then they admit themselves that there is certain things they cannot do, and is better suited to men.
Which in itself makes them no better than those they say are against them. Therefore feminism is an hypocritical organisation bent on self promotion not justice.
With all due respect, there are also thing women can do we cannot. So I am not advocating that one is better than the other, just that if we want to be recognized as equals, we must also recognize our differences.
Women have to speak up against feminism for the simple reason, if they want to get up that ladder into the board room, it should not be because they are women, but because they have been recognized as been capable and experienced. Instead of people in the board room looking at her and resenting the fact she is there because her sexual organs are on the inside, she would have respect because she deserves it with the hard work she did. Hey, we men do recognize and respect hard work....
Gender based gifts should be given at xmass, birthdays or special occasions and anniversaries, and I do believe it is just a matter of time before the feminists attack that one too.
One does not empower one group over another, because then we leave someone behind, one empowers justice, so that everyone is recognized for their worth, this is a lesson we pass down to our kids and they learn from us that we are all part of each other and dependent on one another for a better world, instead of hate speeches and preferential treatment because of someones gender.
If I may...one thing feminists are incapable of understanding, because they never experienced it, or refuse to open their hearts, is that "men" love women, we think they are a balance to our masculinity, and recognize their femininity as been a strength not a weakness, we die in wars for them and we die young working our asses off, we open doors, pull a chair, provide, protect and love...This should not give someone a license to be a white knight, everyone must be responsible for their actions, whatever the gender, but it is something we want to do...
And you know what, women love us for it and do the same in their own "equal" way for us.....
Therefore in my opinion, feminism, is a danger not only to men, but to families, kids and women.

The other thing that bothers me and no one has taken up yet is wars, the lowly feminist will always say men start wars, this is a half truth, men did not start ww1, or ww2, only half did, the other half fought them because they were not given a choice, fighting for freedom is not starting a war, it is defending peace.
To say all men start wars is nothing more than disrespectful bullshit, from people with an inferiority complex. Who in their right mind would think someone on the battlefield actually wants to be there....
It was better to go to war, a while back, than staying at home comfy in our niche, not caring anything about anyone else freedom, than to be caught lifting our hands and yelling  out....zieg heil...
Half of us do not start wars, neither do we want them, we just finish them when it is imposed on us....
Because we were not given a choice.

Anyway, as I have said on many  occasions, anti feminism is not a man only fight, women are taking exception to their hateful messages also...
This "woman" makes a great argument against feminism and what it really represent...she does preach the goodness of Islam at the end but the argument is sound.

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