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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Canadian Centre for Men and Families Campaign Underway

The Canadian Association for Equality has launched  our most ambitious project to date:

The mission of the Canadian Center for Men and Families is to establish a space in Toronto that will provide services, research, outreach and public education on all aspects of issues related to boys, fathers, men and families through a network of community groups across the country dedicated to creating a better future for our sons and daughters through mutual understanding and compassion. To make this a reality, we need your help!
National Post's Barbara Kay amongst many others Support the Canadian Center for Men and Families

There are many thing we can support to make life better for all, this is definitely one of them.
There has been inequality for half our population,  males, because of politics and controlled policies to promote only one side.
If we are to force the government to acknowledge that there is a need for this, not only for one side, which by now we all know is been used by the corrupt for political and funding purposes, then we have to make all effort to point out, they are making a "political" mistake in not supporting equality....
Please show all your support for those in need; men and boys also suffer violence and abuse, to shove this aside simply because someone said "they are only men" is empowering them to continue these inequalities.

Post it, blog it, send it to friends, remind politicians, if they love their jobs, they better take this seriously.
After all, we also vote, pay taxes and provide them with a posh retirement.

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