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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breastfeeding baby.

A breastfeeding mother at a pizza restaurant got the surprise of her life when she received a free pizza and a kind note on her receipt from a waitress. 

I say bravo for the mom and thumbs up for the waitress...
Promoting natural things in life is one of the most important aspect of a stable society, breastfeeding promotes good health for babies and the bond between mother father and child is enforced.
There is nothing in this world which would destroy those who thrive on destruction faster, than natural law.
Also, this is a stay at home mom, she and others like her are demonized by feminists as slaves to their husbands...
A stay at home mom is not a slave, on the contrary, it takes strength and courage to give your time for another, especially a child, kids who grow up with a parent at home, usually mom, grow to be more responsible towards themselves and others.
Antoher thing, since radical feminists always say, men are born potential abusers, they accuse mothers of raising such boys, because reality shows in our society, most men were raised by,,,yes...mom.
So let's hear it for nature.

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