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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby Chloe, found in a dumpster, now the most sought-after child in Texas

A baby girl doctors have named Chloe is receiving an outpouring of love and attention – a far cry from the way she was discovered on February 19, wrapped in a plastic bag and abandoned in a dumpster near an apartment complex outside Houston.

A woman walking her dog noticed a plastic Wall-Mart bag moving as she passed the dumpster and proceeded to investigate. Inside she found a baby girl.
Chloe was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital, where doctors concluded she was just a few days old. Her picture hit the television screens and melted the hearts of those deep in the heart of Texas.

Soon, groups of strangers began e-mailing and calling to find out more about the adoption process.

“The little bundle of beauty may have had a pretty ugly start to life but now packs of people want to become her parents”.

My opinion...how can any parent or human for that matter, actually do this and live with themselves.

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Karen said...

So sad, poor baby, hope she finds a good mommy and daddy, she deserves it.