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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Are false accusations against men becoming a media talking point? The winds of change?

Amazingly enough, and talking from personal experience, this also happens in Lanark county Ontario...
The "I said so, that's all you need to know", is an easy way to get revenge against any man. .
To tell you the truth I was pleasantly surprised this article even made it on a website...There was a time when the feminists had so much power that no one would of dared to print an exposer like this.
False accusations of rape has now become the main tool for radical feminists to increase their self worth and power not the mention their inflated salaries...They have been loosing support year after year, and they are too dumb to figure out, they not only pissed off half the population, namely men, but are loosing women, with their false accusations and demonization of the sons of mothers.
Feminists are not known to be the smartest cookie in the jar.


Anonymous said...

Ya,when people speak up,the truth comes out....

"Your silence is important-Feminists demand it"


The Native Canadian said...

right on..the more we push the more politicians will have to change thing.

Anonymous said...

I am in the process of writing a letter for my m.p. (ndp) on why people who promote false allegation's need to be punished.

She said she would present it in legislature.