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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Do Women Molest Children More Than Men?

A well put together point of view from the Patriot dad"s weblog...
I don't really know if it is so, in my honest opinion, it is more like 50, 50, either way, it should be zero, after all, we are talking about children here...
In my research, I found that the idea this does not exist, perpetrated by feminists, is a way to hide the problem and concentrate more on manipulating facts to keep their fading power. But the more they do it, the more we will expose who they really are, a hate group who doesn't care much about the truth, hides reality and sentences children who are preyed upon by female pedophiles to child abuse...

The "all men bad, women are always the victim, women do not molest children" policy is their fall from grace,  if they ever had it...feminism was defeated when they tried to demonize all men, while forgetting we have...mothers and by-passing the rights and existence of children.. for the taste of power. The viciousness of their attacks and hatred is out in the open, it is difficult not to see it, you would have to be an ostriches with your head in the sand not to. True they are still dangerous, we have a ways to go still when we see the day they will be eradicated, and have some politicians listening to them or should I say "using" them to add more controlling laws, but the opposition is not only coming from the MRM, but also from the younger generation of ladies who think of them as bitter hateful old ninnies who have no man of their own and only cats to go home too.
The hag AKA the feminist.

The backlash against radical left wing male hating feminism has begun!

What the hags infesting our society did not realize is every time they hack at a man, they hack at a woman's father, husband, and sons. The idiocy and low brow intellect of these women with an inferiority complex, and that's all it is, is showing it's ugly face not only towards men, but to women. They are loosing support and their demise is only a matter of time. Their stupidity goes hand in hand with their ugliness of heart.
Take Harriet Harman: Britain’s most deluded woman, who is behind her, pushing her to try for the labor party's leadership in England, yes...her husband, A MAN....
If this wasn't so sad, it would be funny.
Ironic isn't it, I thought feminists didn't need a man, but in this case, this feminist is were she is because her husband pushes her, poor little lost girl, can't do things on her own...Jezz, this is the irony of all irony isn't it?
The backlash doesn't end there, in Britain, a new political party is about to be formed, though I do not support a man only party, because it would fall directly into what I am against and be seen as reverse sexism, it should concentrate on bringing together men and women against anything feminist. There is more than enough people out there, male and female, who are disgusted by the constant attacks on anything male. Any dehumanization for political and self adoration purposes, vs a segment of our society has produce a decadent and failing system, thus fathers and mothers have come to realize this.
Too many of our children are without the strength and wisdom of a fathers love, resulting in drug abuse, teen pregnancy, increase crimes, lack of respect for the elderly and themselves. Too many are without education and a will to work hard, and working hard is not a sin as some would want us to believe, it ensures a prosperous nation and safeguards the future of our social programs, to care for those who came before us and those who need our help.
But as the social system is set up now, it has been taken over by the corrupt hag, aka feminists, and used to enforce their twisted idealism against families.
As for Britain, been so close to Sweden and seeing were that feminist controlled country is going, (eliminating any reference to sex identity for boys and girls for instance), I think they want no part of it.
And who in their right mind would.
The end of the radical feminist is on it's way, it does not mean the end of the right for everyone, male and female to be the best they can be, after all, mothers and fathers do not want their daughters to be barefoot, in the kitchen, pregnant, "obeying" to their husbands, that is the message of a twisted mind with an inferiority complex, who has had a bad experience in life and tries to avenge herself by attacking anything she hates instead of making things better.
I have put up many "quotes" from so called prominent hags, all of them hate men, and tries to "impose" their will on others, without realizing, mothers raise sons, just as well as fathers, and an attack on one, insults the other.
We are all better than this, and haggish behavior will no longer be tolerated.
Here is a message to the old self hating, low intellect hag aka feminist, with an inferiority complex, when you took on the husband, father and son, you took on our mothers, our wives and our daughters, you never stood a chance in hell to achieve your policies of hate as a way to enhance you twisted and demented idealism.
So, go back under the barrel you came from and leave us alone, continue and we will get stronger every time you open your yap...

Stop abuse and violence by women against women.

You'll never see this in a woman's shelter, or hear feminists talk about it.
It is important to give a voice to those who have none !

This blog believes in gender equality...all kinds of equality, unlike some people..

An honest feminist....Why I hate men...

Why I hate men...I admit it...
Two thumbs up for rage against the man-chine...
at least she is honest gotta give her that, and we all love honest people....
Especially feminist honesty...lol.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The evil people do...105 kids rescued from prostitution rings

It was the largest law enforcement action focused on children forced into sexual slavery, officials said.

WASHINGTON -- The FBI announced Monday the arrests of 159 people and recovery of 105 children involved in child prostitution rings across the country.

The 76-city sweep, conducted in the past three days, represents the largest such law enforcement action focused on children forced into sexual slavery, federal authorities said.

Assistant FBI Director Ron Hosko, head of the bureau's criminal division, said the children ranged from 13 to 17 years old. The youngest of the victims was allegedly being offered up by her father, who also was allegedly involved in videotaping his daughter's sexual encounters.

"We have victims whose new normal is sexual abuse,'' Hosko said. "We are trying to take this crime out of the shadows and put a spotlight on it.

Hosko said the children, generally recruited from foster care or group homes, were being offered up on Internet sites, at truck stops, casinos and street corners.

In many cases, Hosko said, the children "don't see any avenues of escape'' from their handlers.

A 17-year-old girl was rescued Saturday night from an Econolodge Hotel, where she was being held against her will and beaten.

A 911 call led police to a home where they rescued two 17-year-old girls who were being assaulted and forced into prostitution. Genessee County sheriff's deputies responded and rushed the girls out of the home.

"Child prostitution remains a persistent threat to children across the world."
I wonder how many in powerful position will be found to be part of this evil?
Our society in the western world has become extremely immoral, teaching sex ed to kids does not protect them but opens a whole Pandora's box of possible abuse...when some go around saying possessing kiddy porn should not be a crime, or call it inter-generational intimacy, it offers an excuse to those who would take advantage of our children, an avenue to trying to legalize what is the most abhorrent crime in any society.
As for pushing the gay lifestyle openly as they did, that also opened a dangerous path to the twisted who consider pedophilia as a sexual orientation just like been gay, which I disagree.
If they don't want the two to be seen as been closely align, then a strong commitment has to be made right now, declaring once and for all, protecting gay rights does not open the door to protecting the rights of perverse sexual desires...and that children are not on the table...

If they do not have the balls to take the proper steps to ensure the safety of our children, then they should move aside, because there is a limit to what fathers and real men will put up with, the defense of our families doe not depend on the state, even though they would like to think so, if this goes too far, if they cannot protect the most innocent and keep on concentrating on what is more politically safe, then "we will impose justice", replace them and establish a new society.

As for the "feminists", slut walk? patriarchy? war on women? Were are they when it comes to the safety of children? Adults "never" come first, before our kids, this is why they are loosing support.
As I have said before, were I live (lanark county ontario) they are promoting a memorial to women (adults) who have fallen to crime...Yet, never anything about children falling to crime. Always women first does not work, there is a more pressing problem and when we "destroy this most evil of crimes", "pedophilia", then we can talk about how you are so oppressed..
Men and women do not abuse each other, we are here to protect children first, that is our main reason of existence, feminists and their manginas have screwed up the priority of life so much that we actually have twisted people defending pedophilia, and that is a recipe for disaster, no society can survive under those circumstances, no matter how secure the ruling elite think they are.

I have seen discussions on reddit, frankly it creeped me out,
Is pedophilia just a sexual orientation?
Should we be more understanding of pedophilia?
I think pedophilia should be considered the same as any sexual fetish.


The "let's be understanding of these....." was openly talked about, as if it was normal to some...shit, we are talking about children here....come on!!!!

How can any normal person even entertain the idea that this might be explainable..
I don't know if it's because I am older, but I do believe we are heading down the crapper as a society.

With all due respect to reddit, they do try to find and get rid of pedophile subreddits... but as I said, what really freaked me out are those who try to "explain it" or find an excuse for it.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Is it possible to stop violence against all men? Yes, but...


Erin Pizzey posted on her site:
 PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE : I agree with angry harry we all need to support an action to stop all violence to men. Of course women and children also need support, For the last forty years men have had no support at all.

Stop Violence Against Men
It's about time that we tried to stop violence against men.

This article supported by Erin Pizzey makes a good point, it's fine to stop violence against children and women but how can any kind of violence stop, if violence against men is not addressed?
Whether in crime, home, wars, men in history have been the main recipient of violence, so why isn't there any effort to stop it?
We know feminists wont talk about it because they need individuals to be the bad guys in order to keep their posh little lives and their inflated self importance, they always point to the few "bad individuals", to attack the segment of society that ensures their very freedom. They actually thrive on violence, without it, they would not have any reason to exist. And that is what I always point to...feminist hypocrisy...

Or is it that as a whole, those who have power need a portion of men to stay men?
I mean, an army of manginas could not defend their "democracy" could they?
If we were to stay in the realistic view of the world, it's not safe out there. Wars, uprising, terrorism, revolutions, crime, all of which by the way some women also take part in, they need a good chunk of "men" to be willing to be shot at, cut up, shredded, blown apart, to make sure the "ruling elite" keep their positions.
And in order the keep this, they must make sure, men are willing and able to go through extreme violence to stop it, so it does take a good portion of us to stay as men, and be willing to die and impose violence on those who would bring it to our shores...
Does anyone really believe, we would be safer,                                    
                                                                        if he becomes .........................this thing??
Not fu...ing likely....

So in other words, what we are dealing with is massive hypocrisy, from those who promote the demonization of men, those who attack men for been men, those who pass laws to control men....
Because if it wasn't for men, they would not exist. We assure people such as this the freedom to say really stupid idiotic things, even against us…

I think weak minded people are jealous of the few who guarantees freedom, we can war against evil and we can cherish those around us, all at the same time, something they could never have the courage to do.
Ironic isn't it????
Stopping violence against men is just as important as stopping violence against children and women, because it is men who are the major beneficiary of violence. How can any of this stop, if half the population is overlooked.
 But, as I said, we are dealing with giant massive hidden hypocrisy also...

How can we have this...

If "men" are not willing and able to go through this...
Or are they stupid enough to think we enjoy it......

Here is an idea, instead of calling all men violent, why don't they learn to appreciate what men have gone through for the freedom and love of family, why don't they all understand that an attack on men is an attack on all, and defending the rights of men to live in peace is defending the rights of all...
It is men who ensures peace, certainly not the feminist and her mangina.

Here is another idea, when a crime is committed, when a foreign invader comes knocking, why don't they wave the pink flag of a non violent society, they can yell out loud, "it's OK  we do not believe in violence here", that way they can all sing kumbaya together...
see how that works out...
Someday, someone will have the balls to say;
"Shut the f... up you stupid feminist hag, take your mangina with you, go home and pet your cats....Take a look at what they have been through before you talk, how would you like to be a man, under these conditions".

An excelent point about the wage gap myth...

If I may add, as she said, men choose higher fields that pay higher wages, like engeneering and computer science, let's not forget, this field is also open to...women...
Women tend to choose social science more, it pays less, but...let's not forget, there are also men who work in this field....
So, where is the wage gap????
You want to make more money, choose a different field than women's studies...simple !
Wages are therefore based on the work we do, not our gender...
I am a welder by trade, worked on buildings, bridges, even under water...
Do I think a waitress should make the same as me, not likely, the dangers of heights, working with steel, and not to mention the noxious fumes I inhaled which gave me terrible neurological problems was part of the job.
I got danger pay and high wages because working 20, 30 or 50 stories high is a hell of a lot dangerous than waitressing, (not that I am demeaning the work), but there is a difference.
So, according to twisted statistics put forward by feminists and their manginas, they will put both together and use it to say there is a wage gap, and that is deliberate deceit.
Therefore, what can we deduce from the feminists argument on the wage gap...that's right...it's...bullshit.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Have consensual sex and still risk a rape charge..

A man could be convicted of rape even if the woman agreed to have sex
This story is particularly disturbing, since there are condoms or birth control, but this "judge" redefines what rape is by his own personal standards. Or he got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning....
This is pretty f,,,in creepy, imagine someone decides you did not live up to their standards or accidentally falls pregnant..We have seen "some" individuals use to system to get revenge, get even, get free money, or simply wake up the next morning with regret...For whatever reason, you could be in deep shit, simply for been a man, and be dragged all over the place for what you where lead to believe was consensual.
Since having sex is usually private, who would be there to dispute what she says...
"I told him to stop before he climaxed but he didn't..." under those circumstances. your screwed.
Now could this be reversed? not in your lifetime....this is a ridiculously stupid law that targets men only...

Feminism media...the hypocrisy of a closed in world.

Although we're in the 21st century,
as far as the media goes, women are still valued almost entirely for their looks
and men for their talents, connections and money.
We see this in advertising, the sexier the woman, the more profit is made.
The more power a man expresses, the more profit is made...
that is the hypocrisy of the media, they say one thing but advertise another.

Feminism was supposed to be about equality,
but the reality is it wants to cherry pick the good stuff - without doing the work.
In fact they are actively promoted and protected over men.
However it is tough, it's not fun and games, it requires many skills.

So feminism has become a parody of what it set out to achieve.
Assertive feminists are now mere sexist hypocrites,
saying that they need men like fish need bicycles;
while happily living out of a guy's wallet as if it were a right,
then complaining we oppress them.

Unfortunately some men are too soft with feminists,
their white knight personality extends way beyond the opening of doors.
If all the ass kissing were removed,
feminists would soon realize how much they need men,
like fish needs... water.
Those around them are just too weak to bring it to their attention.

This is a simple issue to address.
Just treat feminists like men, equal to men that is, but offer ladies chivalry.
Ladies enjoy chivalry and don't find it sexist at all.
Do that and it becomes a win-win situation.

Got this from the telegraph, can't find the link, but I thought it was a good point.
I did switch women to feminists, and a couple of other words.
I do not believe our women, "real women" are like this
or subscribe as a whole to the feminist ideology anymore.
Weak minded people who depend on others to find their strength do, but those who are "secure" no longer accept this hate-filled group of cat lovers with an inferiority complex as their representatives.

Baby Chloe, found in a dumpster, now the most sought-after child in Texas

A baby girl doctors have named Chloe is receiving an outpouring of love and attention – a far cry from the way she was discovered on February 19, wrapped in a plastic bag and abandoned in a dumpster near an apartment complex outside Houston.

A woman walking her dog noticed a plastic Wall-Mart bag moving as she passed the dumpster and proceeded to investigate. Inside she found a baby girl.
Chloe was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital, where doctors concluded she was just a few days old. Her picture hit the television screens and melted the hearts of those deep in the heart of Texas.

Soon, groups of strangers began e-mailing and calling to find out more about the adoption process.

“The little bundle of beauty may have had a pretty ugly start to life but now packs of people want to become her parents”.

My opinion...how can any parent or human for that matter, actually do this and live with themselves.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feminists getting extremely desperate...sends herself comment, gets caught through I.P. address.

Feminist sends self: disturbing comment....IP adreess traces back to her...

A University of Wyoming Police Department investigation into a sexual, potentially threatening online comment traced the IP address to the computer from which the comment was allegedly made, according to court documents.
The user who posted the comment, an affidavit filed in Second Judicial Circuit Court states, was Meghan Lanker-Simons.
Simons, a former UW student, was originally believed to be the post’s target.
The charge stems from campus police’s probe in April into the graphic comment posted to the UW Crushes Facebook page.
The comment targeted Lanker-Simons, describing her as “that chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time.”
“One night with me and she’s gonna be a good Republican (expletive),” according to the post.
An employee told police the IP address was traced to a computer named “ElComputerdeMeg,” according to the affidavit. The employee, the court documents state, also found information regarding the computer’s user.
“The user logged into the computer at the time was meghanm, or Meghan Michelena, also known as Meghan Lanker-Simons,” the affidavit states.
Simon s’ attorneys filed several motions at the end of June, including one to suppress evidence seized during a search warrant.

This does not surprise me one bit, a similar situation happened here, when a local shelter faked a lock down to make someone look bad...the only thing he wanted to do is prevent his underage daughter from been put on welfare. But as we now know, women's shelter, especially here in lanark county anyway, use teenage girls to pad their yearly statistics of abuse, but I do believe putting teenage rebellion as a reason of abuse in order to increase funding is going a little over the edge...Hence this man's ongoing battle with said shelter, until the director resigns...

The radical feminist will use anything to try to hold on to their power, like described above.
That is why no one should trust any person who declares themselves to be feminists, they are on the defensive against men, women, stars, singers, and a lot of others who have now realize the true nature of their idealism. To destroy the family because there is a father involved...

Suggestion, no matter how secure you feel battling these cat lovers, always be aware, as we can see, of what they're capable of, do not underestimate your opponent, especially when you have them on the defensive...
Outside of the false rape accusations been prevalent in today's society, supported and backed by feminists, this will be their next form of attack, against individuals, and men's right sites...
Always remember...they started this, we are just defending what is rightfully ours...to be ourselves and not to be judge by the actions of a few individuals...

Are false accusations against men becoming a media talking point? The winds of change?

Amazingly enough, and talking from personal experience, this also happens in Lanark county Ontario...
The "I said so, that's all you need to know", is an easy way to get revenge against any man. .
To tell you the truth I was pleasantly surprised this article even made it on a website...There was a time when the feminists had so much power that no one would of dared to print an exposer like this.
False accusations of rape has now become the main tool for radical feminists to increase their self worth and power not the mention their inflated salaries...They have been loosing support year after year, and they are too dumb to figure out, they not only pissed off half the population, namely men, but are loosing women, with their false accusations and demonization of the sons of mothers.
Feminists are not known to be the smartest cookie in the jar.

Friday, July 26, 2013

In a Zombie apocalypse, Brains are important.

You know your in trouble when even a zombie doesn't want you...lol

Lesson to my feminist friends, Respect is earned, not given.

So tell me, am I supposed to respect this?
 or this....
You don't see men's rights or women outside the feminist movement using kids in this manner....
The lack of respect radical feminists have for themselves, women and for children will be their downfall...

Respect, honor, trust is never given, it is earned....Feminists have been screeching about the mra's, mrm, how they are anti women, so on...this as we know is bullshit...

Men are your brothers, fathers, husbands and sons...why the hell would we want you ladies in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant...

You are our sisters, mothers, wives and daughters, we want you to be what you want to be, not what others dictate what you should be...
If you want to be at work, or a stay at home mom, as you know you have the support of the men in your lives, and those around you....

Those who do not agree with this philosophy, feminists or otherwise are "individuals" outside the circle of manhood and womanhood, who are confused about their places in this world...They are not us, men and women, they are the very few who thrive on division for self power and inflated salaries...and suffer from an inferiority complex that would choke a hippo...

Their primary concern is division... we keep on fighting each other, they stay in the middle fueling the fire for personal benefits...with some of the most ridiculous arguments imaginable.

Their worse nightmare is when we, men and women speak with one voice, for the betterment of future generations, and we can see on the web, not only men's, but women's sites popping up saying, "ENOUGH".
The anti feminists sites have overtaken pro feminist sites for one simple reason, division never win in the long run, it might take us time to recognize the damages been done by those who dislike even themselves, but in the long term, their policy and idealism is destructive, and we all know it. 
It is not hard to see, look at the confusion they have caused with our children, suicide amongst teens is up...teen pregnancy is up...teen drug and alcohol abuse is up...teen crime is up...they no longer see parents as the go too guy to seek wisdom...thanks to division and the watering down of family rights by the second unelected government, (i.e. the bureaucracy and social programs).

It is either, we do thing, fix them, together, 

Or we give what has always been ours, family, to those who need division to justify their inflated salaries at our expense.
Remember who depends on the strength of mom and dad to be united against the forces of division, it is not about us, we do not inherit this world from the past, but borrow it from the future...our kids.
Life is simple for us, we either leave our children a better world than we had, or we let outside forces take away what wasn't theirs to take in the first place, the security of Family unity and love...
If children are to learn respect, honor and trust, they surely will not learn it from feminists since they do not have those qualities...and for us as adults to earn the respect of our children, we must show that we have this for ourselves, we must also show honor in our behavior and trust amongst each other, only then will kids see, that this way is better for themselves.

The number one serial killer in the world...could now be a woman.

Prosecutors said Dr. Virginia Soares de Souza and her medical team administered muscle relaxing drugs to patients, then reduced their oxygen supply, causing them to die of asphyxia at the Evangelical Hospital in the southern city of Curitiba, Brazil. Investigators suspect she may have committed as many as 300 murders, which could make this women the number 1 serial killer of all time.

But then again we have....
Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed...
Elizabeth Bathory Portrait.jpg
She was a countess in the Kingdom of Hungary. She has been labelled the most prolific female serial killer in history and is remembered as the "Blood Countess," though the precise number of victims is debated.

She was accused with 4 other collaborators of torturing and killing hundreds of girls, with some witnesses attributing to her over 650 victims, though they were only convicted for 80 murders.

Due to her rank, Elizabeth herself was not tried or convicted.

Anti Feminists blog list on tumblr.

Noticed anti feminists sites, whether run by women or men, are overtaking pro feminist sites on the web...
Established politicians better wake up....and smell who has the most votes and stop pandering to those who divide and destroy families. Otherwise, we will start voting and replacing them with those who offer an "equal" view of a country without hate.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taking feminist quotes and reversing them...not pretty is it?

Let's start with feminist quotes...Pretty disgusting in itself....

I feel that "man-hating" is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.  - Robin Morgan

To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo. - Valerie Solanas.

I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.  - Andrea Dworkin

Rape is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear - Susan Brownmiller

In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent. - Catharine MacKinnon

The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race. - Sally Miller Gearhart

Recognize that Male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment - '
Step it up! Campaign. Ontario women's shelters

Now , reverse the quotes.

Credit to womenagainstfeminism

 I feel that “woman-hating" is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them

To call a woman an animal is to flatter her; she’s a machine, a walking blow up doll.

I want to see a woman beaten to a bloody pulp with a boot shoved in her mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig

Rape is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all women keep all men in a state of fear

In a matriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because men, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.

The proportion of women must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.

Recognize that female power is attain through sexual advances and false rape accusations.

So what is the difference, well men or mra never said this, we are not that cruel...I think of my daughters and it actually creeps me out just reading it.
Imagine for one minute if we did, feminist knickers would fall off in flames, they would scream thunder from their mouth and fart lightning.

So, I always ask myself, what makes them so special that they can say this about those who guaranty their freedoms.

Maybe they would rather take their message to these guys, see what happens...

They have it great here and still they complain, nothing in life is perfect, but considering what others go through we live in a paradise which they would give anything to have themselves.
The feminist should be sent for one week to these places so they can experience for themselves what it is to be living in fear....When they spit out their venom, they should keep in mind the women who are really abused outside their posh little world and realize, its not pretty out there, what they have here is paradise compare to them...If they are so brave, why aren't they over there preaching the good nature of feminism????

I live in Ontario, we also have these little piece of crap spewing out of local feminists, especially from women's shelters...
Are they that stupid and dumb that they can't realize this type of crap, invites resentment, from male cops, male politicians who funds them, women with son's and husbands.
Or do they actually believe men in Ontario hold power through rape and sexual harassment?

Actually it is a shaming plow to get more money....and it's not working anymore.

Lanark county report, turning the tables on feminists.

Next court date for Theobald set

The next court date for a Perth woman awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to child pornography charges is set for July 8.

33 year-old Bridget Theobald, pleaded guilty last July to possessing and making available child pornography.

Theobald was arrested after an online investigation in September 2011.

She was also charged with accessing child pornography at that time, but has not yet entered a plea on that charge.
Perth is in Lanark county, the same place which feminists tried, and still trying to demonize men, every chance they get.
The local feminists, support sites such as the one below....The step it up campaign...I know one of the local Women's shelter supports this site since it's director has spoken in the past on behalf of the "10 steps" which includes the "men are rapist" remark in the #2 of the ten step program, there is other sites that puts them in direct support for the step it up campaign. The local legal clinic does a lot of  legal work for them, do they support such a statement? shouldn't they demand this statement about men be taken down...and local businesses who support organisations such as the women's shelter, could say a lot about such a statement, since men are a big part of their revenue...
On that site you can plainly see, "Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment".
It is a plain and simple message, it does not mention the few individuals who might do this, it says, "MEN", which by definition is, "all men". This is a hate message.

The point of all this? Simple...What if the tables were turned?
What if we would say, because of an individual's action; Taking the above story into account.
"Recognize that female power is upheld by pedophilia and child pornography"
I guaranty feminists would be up in arms about a site with such a statement, so, why do they think it's OK for them to do it to the male population of Lanark county and the province of Ontario. Is this the "shame game", because if it is, it's not working.

Actually, it is counter productive to demonize half the population of Ontario.
In my opinion, when these people, feminists, or whatever they want to call themselves, align themselves with such a statement, they reduce their worth in our society, demonizing half the population is by all means, counter-productive, there are men in municipal, provincial and federal politics that surely are insulted by this kind of, description of their position. I doubt in this day and age, that men attain or uphold power through rape and sexual harassment, they would not last long if they did, and most of them have good intentions in serving the people who vote for them, as do women who themselves have men in their lives.
Trying to make a difference in our society, whether its against domestic violence, (performed by men and women) child pornography,or any kind of violence, one reduces their power to make changes by alienating a segment of society, namely half the population, MEN.
It looks to me, they are more interested in the politics of division, than to help out.

As for me and why I dislike anything feminist, it began as a personal issue, because they made it personal and when I researched, I found what they did to me, they did openly to any man who landed in their cross hairs.
I was polite, diplomatic, understanding full well who I was dealing with, I asked, no begged, "do not put my underage daughter on welfare", she has a great future ahead of her and she is going through a rebellious stage. 
They did it anyway, I asked the director of said shelter, "could you please help", sent the proper information to plead my case, I got visits and threatened by her girlfriends from the local opp. Even they admitted my emails were polite.
So, the conclusion I got from this experience was, they did it because I was the father, I raised her by myself, showing fathers are has good as mom's. I was a man, so the all men bad theory does seem to apply, someone told me they went as far as falsely declaring an emergency lock down of the local shelter, saying I was coming over....As if.....
My daughter was used as a statistic, and when they were done, they thew her out to the wolves, here is a welfare check, thanks for coming.

As we can see, they can't be picky, a selection process would limit their funding? 
So, she's saying they accept all, even the ones who's story of abuse is not true, because if they didn't it would reduce their funding???

So, what the hell am I suppose to think, that they did this out of the goodness of their heart? From where I'm sitting, it was a simple decision, he's a man, he's bad, he is going to eventually react violently and we can then shut him up...
Didn't exactly go that way. The first mistake them made was, their "entrenched" belief that all men are violent,
and we all react like a baboon whose fruit was just stolen. (lol)

The second mistake was underestimating how far parents, in this case father, would go to protect their child and to explain to them, "their mistakes". They might be use to dealing with a few violent "individuals" but they better learn real quick, that men are not all angry baboons with animal instincts, and we have had just about enough of their crap...

This is my definition of a feminist, twisted hateful people who have an inferiority complex.

We, men and women of Lanark county and of the province of Ontario, whether we'd be politicians, cops, soldiers, workers, spiritual, demand that this disgusting statement be taken down and deleted.
"We do not hold power through rape and sexual harassment" and to have this on any site which promotes the end of violence is insulting not only to us, but to real victims and all people of Ontario..

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Are some feminists starting to get it? Don't hold your breath just yet !

This was on a leading feminist site....
Notice they said rapists, not men can stop rape...
Are they starting to get it? Only time will tell...
True there is a woman on the corner, referring to only women are raped,
but it's a start and let's push them more to include all rapists even female rapists.

Story originated from; Exposing feminism

Re-post; tvo's the agenda and company, now describing "all fathers" as selfish and deadbeats?

When I was watching this, I had to go online and watch it over and over again to make sure it was what I heard...sure enough.
I have heard some pretty disgusting things feminists say to describe men, but this takes the cake. We as fathers, work our asses off to make sure our families have what they need, a secure home, good food, clean clothes, toys, and even a few things our kids don't need but want anyway.
Throughout history, this is what we did and do to this day, and now, feminists, their manginas, and everyone else who say nothing about their attacks on anything man, want to take that away also...I don't think so....
For the sake of me, I cannot find anything good about anyone who claims to be a feminist, they are so stuck in their dislike of men, it borders on hatred, and ironically, they depend on us to make sure they have the freedom to say such bullshit.
When I raised my kids, they had everything, it made me happy to see them happy, as a matter of fact, someone made a statement on my daughters birthday once, "what do you buy a kid who has everything".
I as all fathers dedicate our lives to our families, if mom wants to work, so be it, if she wants to be a stay at home mom, so much the better, we come home and the money we make goes to them, yet, for some reason, we can't even get that...from lowly feminists. What was said in the video was an outright lie, and for tvo to "allow" this to be said, without debate, was irresponsible...
TVO contact
The Agenda facebook
steve paikin  twitter
Mr. Paikin has a reputation for being exceptionally even-keeled.
Paikin makes over a quarter million a year, he supposedly likes everyone,(ya right), and allows such a disturbing comment, without backup for said study to go unchallenged? I don't know the man, and don't care to, but if he considers himself a unbiased impartial journalist, he is delusional. We know know were tvo, the agenda, and paikin stands on the rights of fathers...they don't matter, only feminist lies count.
I want to see this "study" that says fathers spend their money on themselves, otherwise, another feminist promoted lie was spewed out there...
Not putting a link to the full interview with sally armstrong because I do not offer free advertisement to anti male, anti-father tv programs...if you want to see it, it is on youtube.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Racialism (feminism, communism, fascism, etc) "Before we can assume power we must corrupt".

"Remember, left wing radicals hate religious and traditional families. The overriding goal of radicalism is a central government with total control over the populace. For this to be achieved, the people MUST accept the STATE as the ultimate power over their lives. Since spiritual people believe that the Creator is the ultimate authority – and families, the parents, teachers of morality and self reliance, for radicalism to succeed, spirituality and families must be stamped out, destroyed, invalidated, etc."
A slow death is their aim. Deaths will increase and persecutions as well.

They begin to invade the country as a virus infects a body. Like the plague it engulfs the whole land and laments over a nation's weakness.  These creatures twist the words freedom into the freedom to do every vice and evil they can conceive. It turns everything upside down. Good is bad, bad is good. Men become women. Women become men. Those who cannot be perverted are given comforts and toys that can distract them. Souls become empty and they reach out for anything that gives them temporary peace.
There are people who can see the sinister change. They see the rising tide of violence. They see how families are being destroyed. The sane are considered insane. The foolish are praised as philosophers. So called justice releases from prison, murderers, rapists and child molesters back into the public to kill rape and sexually assault children. Good people watch in horror on TV, it’s like a cat toying with a mouse before it's killed

Radicals always point at people who cry out “something is wrong”. The trick is to accuse their innocent opponent of the illegal activity they themselves are involved in.

Radicals are the bully in school who first throws a rock and then immediately blame others for doing it. It's the radical’s way. Blame others for being a bully when this is the policy they themselves have adopted .

Before Napoleon, there was corruption, so was before lenin and hitler...It never ends well when we, good people look the other way and let the corrupt have their way because it does not concern us, until it is too late.
Then your children ask, Daddy, where were you when freedom died....What do we say? It was not my business at the time? I had other things to worry about? 

Lanark county report...A new psychological disorder created by local feminists. PVS.

A new psychological disorder, rampant in our society has been created by the lowly feminist. PVS.
What is so sad about this is people (mostly vulnerable women) who need to regain their strength, their self confidence are pushed to believe they will be victimized for the rest of their lives.
They are used for political, financial and statistical purposes, and those who can make a difference just sit there and let old hate filled feminists continue to do it...
PVS also involves children, and these always end up on the bottom scale of society, used by unscrupulous people to increase statistics and welfare roles, ending up with emotional instability, and the cost is a generation lost.
Women's Shelters are the main proponent of this new disorder, the reason they do it, is to keep their inflated salaries, their twisted false statistics, increase their funding by adding the same victims year after year.
I do not agree that only hate filled anti men feministas should be the only ones guarding and counseling those who have been victimized. Male counselors should be added to any women's shelters, in order to show, what happened to them is not the result of men, but the act of an individual. (Oh God, we can't have that, it would show men to be caring, totally opposite of what feminists describes us to be.)sarcasm...
But in any shelter site, such as this, the 10 steps link, which refers to statistics from 1999, 14 years ago, so here are some from 2013, bet they do not put them in their statistics.
When they have "recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment", they demonize the very segment of our society, namely men, that could make a difference. I remember reading where they say, "we don't have men in the shelters because it would scare the victims"; Bull-cookies, it is important for someone to regain their strength by realizing what happened to them was not because of men, but because of an individual. When a woman broke 2 of my ribs with an ashtray, I did not blame all women, it was the act of an individual, I never for one minute entertained the idea of been afraid of all the ladies. When they point out all men, they keep the victim scared for years if not a lifetime and dependent on them, that way they can keep her into their statistics for next years funding. That is called using victims for financial purposes and that is disgusting.
PVS is a strong policy of the local shelter here, false accusations for custody of children and to be put on the top of the list for emergency aid, victims compensation is also used as a source for revenge against men with the help of the local legal clinic, (whether true or false, all files or accusations sent to this victims compensation by the shelter is handled by this "legal clinic"). Rebellious teens are also used for funding against parents, and if one dares to fight back, you have a nightmare on your hands, so one better be of strong character.
Oh, but they can't be to picky, after all, all accusations, false or otherwise guarantees funding...
Where does the falsely accused fit in all this? Well, as you can see, he is a source for funding.

In lanark county, parents are in a fight for the future of their children, I have talked to many heartbroken parents, some told me their kids where put on welfare by been "coached" to use the word abused, cops who told parents they were wrong, in front of their own kids, promoting even more problems between parent and child, (whatever happened to, if you treat your parents that way again, i'll put you in  jail, worked when I was a kid and gave a chance for the teen to think about what they were doing, it could avoid crime, drug use and unwanted pregnancies),(To be fair, I talked to some police officers who themselves believed we were going in the wrong direction when it come to teens, and told me the system tied their hands) housing filled with teenage mothers, kids doomed to be on the system generation after generation, shelter targeting teen girls to shore up their statistics, even some schools co-operating with the social programs against parents.
Under these condition, children in Lanark have no chances, it adds to despair and dependency, suicidal thoughts because they no longer know who to go to for advice & wisdom and in the long run, it is going to bite us all in the ass, if we let this continue.

So, PVS, permanent victim syndrome, is a tool used to promote job growth, lawyers get paid even if the story is false, shelters get a continuous flow of victims for their funding and salaries, welfare has to hire more workers, housing also has to hire more and more people, teen help organisations like open doors, children's aid society, so on, so on....
I just find it to be a really sick way to promote job growth.....

Destroying families, just to get at the male figure the way feminists always push on us, will destroy a nation, it is...inevitable. The family is the glue that keeps a nation strong, no other organisation can claim that right, history is full of idiots who thought they could change the way of things according to their ideals...the end results were, shall we say, a little unwanted.
When things fall apart, there is always someone who will offer a quick fix, and when they are given power....well...Robespierre, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao....
If we don't fight for our families, we forfeit our nation, it's as simple as that.

And if anyone wants to kiss soviet style ass...
In the 1920's, the soviet government tried to destroy the traditional family, saying it was too... bourgeois.
In 1936, due to what was starting to be increasingly apparent, that a failed society was imminent, they reintroduce laws to strengthen family traditions, this in turn re-enforced the nation..just in time for the 1940's.

Monday, July 22, 2013

False rape accuser gets tackled in the end.

Brian Banks’ FALSE Rape Accuser Ordered To Pay $2.6M
To make it sweeter, B. Banks just signed with the Atlanta falcons.
There is a lesson here, looks like the free ride to false accusations against men is starting to be not so free after all, "and those who make such accusations better worry about their financial well being".
Hopefully we well see more and more of these reversal of fortunes.
Personally, since she must of had a lawyer, he or she should  be sued also. Just to make sure, that taking a case for a pay day, which they know to be a false accusations,  will no longer be tolerated.

Lanark county report, a lesson for feminists in pushing people too far.

The feminists want or push the idea of been equal to men, well sometimes you get what you ask for. Though most men do not subscribe to the idea of physically beating an unruly person, either be another man of woman, there is a point where if you do push too far, action will be taken, as this young lady found out for herself.
She spit, slapped another men, tried to entice a fight, and no one took her up on it, what they did oblige her with is to be treated as any other person would be if they got out of hand and she got thrown on her ass, off the train. (notice, once off the train she played the victim?)
There is a point where men find themselves pushed to a limit they can no longer accept, and most of us have reached that limit. If feminists, or little girls who where thought by lowly feminists in their women's studies want to be treated in any other way than a woman, then we will give them what they want...No more white knight in shining armor when you act like a twit.
As for the rest of us, men and women, we will accept our place in the circle of life, to be treated with dignity, and we will go on, as for the rest of them who think they can be someone else, well, good luck with that.
Women love to be treated as women, feminists, who have a chip on their shoulder do not...
They thought they could do anything to me where I live and they found out...no white knight here....
We can fight back, and guess what, it does not have to be violent, we have other alternative, as my feminists found out in lanark county ontario.

As for you ladies, it's not just men they try to demonize when they go power hungry, it is also other women, so we are not saying they only pick on us, these feminists with an inferiority complex with pick on you too...

Conquering the Mean Girls at Work
Remember, these people, feminists and mangina are "not" looking after your best interest, they are looking after "their" best interest, at all of our expense.
Feminists are often miserable and insecure. They need to pick on other women simply to feel strong as they are not capable of being confident and standing strong alone.

It is getting really stupid out there, as we can read in this little conversation...entitled to ask for a date???we don't have that right???and if we do, it's sexual harassment??? How the hell can the human race survive this CRAP...lol.
Ugly guys should be...arrested, for asking for a date????
This is what "stupidity" (feminism) looks like, or has become.