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Sunday, June 9, 2013

When feminists attack...women.

Remember ladies, when this fool says:
if your not a feminist your a bigot
if your not a feminist your a second class citizen
if your not a feminist your in support of subordination of women
if your not a feminist your not equal
She is talking about you!!!
Only 20% of women consider themselves feminist and falling, so she is demonizing 80% of you.

Now she also talks about our daughters, or hers, but the reason why these feminists are so scared these days is because "our daughters" do not follow the line anymore...
She tries to explain in other countries girls are exploited, this is true, but, she should not compare countries like Afghanistan. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia to ours.,.. she wants to fight them and yell out feminism, here is a suggestion.... go there...
Our daughters. here, have all the rights everyone else has, including been a stay at home mom, the ones that keep on been demonized for it...by feminists.
In the past couple of years, many sites and organisations of men and women have exploded unto the scene, feminists have a fight on their hands and are loosing ground, they are so lost at what to do next, that they are now calling women who do not follow them....BIGOTS.
Personally, I do not "allow" feminist to victimize my daughters and granddaughter, they have the right to be who they want to be...
And I certainly do not like the idea of old hags calling them bigots...
So..Welcome to our world, they have been doing it to us for decades, looks like if your a woman and your not a feminist, your going to be demonized...
Feminist did not give women the vote, we all fought for it, we men wanted it for our wives and daughters, and remember, it was the few in power we fought against, not each other.
Fathers do not want their daughters to be barefoot, in the kitchen, pregnant, washing dishes...
We want them to be whom they choose to be, and they have all our love and support for it, including paying for university.
Is it me or are feminist getting dumber by the day?

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