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Saturday, June 29, 2013

When Canadian social programs go shopping for clients in schools.

Iqaluit mother angry after social worker questioned son
Says child was scared to attend school following questions about parents

It's not enough they can destroy families at will, now they are going shopping to increase their clientele and their self worth in local schools.
To actually go to a school, ask children if their parents drink alcohol or smoke pot is a disturbing path they seem to have adopted. First of all, they don't have the right to question children without a parent present, and second, they are behaving as if they have overtaken the rights of parents.
Its not the first time this has happened in Canada, in my opinion the most corrupt segment of the state is it's bureaucracy, and to some degree the school system.
In the St. Catherine region of Ontario a few years ago, a school official openly bragged that they(schools) "co-parent with us".
And in America they also have problem with those who want to overtake parental rights.

Social programs can put a young girl on welfare and without parental consent. and in my investigation, this can happen to single mom's or single dads, they do not discriminate, usually the single parent been their main target,
Case in point, underage girl living with father is lured by an unscrupulous person attached to local shelter, tell said rebellious teen she can have her own place, which coincidentally she has a rooming house, they only thing she has to do is go to local women's shelter, claim abuse and she can get welfare. Welfare by law has to call parent, parent says no, but it does not matter, they just have to put the word abuse and an underage girl is thrown to the wolves and on her own.
Second case, young girl lives at her mom's, gets pregnant at 16, mom insists she continue school, but teen is lured to local welfare office, they have to call parent, parent says no, so worker suggests teen use the word abuse, so they can by-pass parent's wishes.

In all these cases, it shows one thing, they have no respect for family rights, and the more they do it, most of the time under the radar, the more there will be teen pregnancy, drug abuse, parental alienation, welfare dependency, so on so on...This in turn gets worse and worse, to a point were the social programs, which are supposed to help, not be run as a business or a way to increase political power, need more and more funds, promoting false statistics, pressure is put on these programs. The more people on the system the more money they need, and once they have taken that road, it is impossible to return to the original mandate, to help, they become so addicted to their ideals that it is like a drug, they cannot stop.
Since there is a department in governments for everything under the sun, there should be one for families, where parents can go to, and have a say, reverse decisions made by social programs and the power to expose and punish those who use kids for false statistics in order to receive more funds.(won't hold my breath on that one)

I will never agree with such policies, the family, must and should be the primary concern for any nation, this is were morality, hard work and respect for ones self is learned. So far, since they have stuck their ugly noses into our personal affairs, we have a lost generation, and this generation are the folks we will depend on in 20 years to run the people's business. Raised by the state, is never a good idea.

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