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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What the....Decriminalize prostitution, keep criminal penalties against clients???

I would say you have to laugh at the stupidity but in reality it's nothing to laugh about?
OTTAWA -- "A coalition of groups says it will urge the Supreme Court of Canada to decriminalize the work of female sex workers, while keeping the criminal penalties against pimps and clients"

Let's see if I get this right, the prostitutes will be able to sell themselves, usually for their "drug" addiction, but if a man buys their "services" he will go to jail?
And everybody is ok with this?????

"The group argues that men are the main benefactors of the sex industry -- as pimps, customers and brothel owners."
Ok the pimp thing is probably true, though there was a situation in ottawa that showed young girls were pimping out other girls, the customer thing also, but from what I read, women also buy those services, as for the brothel owners been men...what the hell do you call this????
Kristin Davis
Xaviera Hollander
Sally Stanford
Deborah Jean Palfrey
Polly Adler
Heidi Fleiss
taken from this site.
Oh ya! Women who own and run brothels are not called pimps but madams. I guess that makes a difference...to some...

Either way, another... women victims, men bad......story.

In my opinion, no parents wants this, the majority of hookers (most of them young girls) do it for their addiction, this law would further keep them in that circle...Help to take them off the streets is a better solution, not some law that would keep them there.

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